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  1. Thanks for follow-up. I think we got p.1 squared away. As for Grossly Infection" - i understand the sequence of events but it's still weird to place a disease on your player when your intention is to move midfield disease token somewhere else. I guess, Upgrade can be best use if currently there's no token i in midfield and for some reason you want to place it (the one you can put with your move) somewhere else. Still, very situational usage, i'd say.
  2. 1. How about this from the rule bookp.16: Abilities Based On Winning or Losing Some card abilities only resolve when a manager’s team wins or loses a matchup. At tournaments, the winner and the runner-up are both considered winners. Managers who collect the “LOSE!” payout are considered losers. If a manager is alone at a highlight or a tournament, he is considered the winner. I think that means that runner-up being considered a winner will trigger the ability to gain fans on "Best players in the league " card, right? 2. So then mechanic works like this - you have disease token at midfield, you place another player there, get the token first, then realize your "when played" ability for placing another token at midfield and then play Team Upgrade of moving that token to another match-up? What good does it make? Not a great upgrade in that case - it can only work in favor of the team then if the player with disease ability is played to a match-up without token, then he places token at midfield and moves it to another match-up (if he think it's better that way) I can't see how it can be played at the match-up where disease token is already at midfield though i bet the intention of the Upgrade is exactly that. I am confused.
  3. 1. OK, so in a 3 manager game we had only 2 committed to Blood Bowl tourney. As i get it from the rules the manager finished 2nd still gets runner-up payout - correct? Then the question arise - i had a staff upgrade that reads : Scoreboard phase. Each time you win a matchup with at least 1 friendly star player without Freebooter ability gain 2 fans. I read in rules p.16 i believe that runner-up is considered a winner as well. So do i get 2 fans as my only player there was a star player (not Freebooter)? O i should not as i did not win the tournament in this case (or in any case) as i had nobody as a loser and the only other manager - winner - obviously had more Star power than me? 2. Also Team Upgrade for Disease team that can move disease token from midfield to any other match-up works before all other skilled/abilities resolved for committed player? (as usually, you use Team Upgrade after all that). In this particular case team commits a player to a match-up with decease token at midfield with intention to move it to another one - so Team Upgrade applies first OR a player has to put decease token on himself first? Then if He has decease ability as well - he can put another decease token at midfield and THEN play Team Upgrade and move it to another match-up. But that does not sound right to me game/strategy-wise. You have to take -1 before moving another another -1 somewhere else - not a great Upgrade if any.
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