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  1. Not such a long wait after all!!! Excellent! Can't wait to install and try it out! Happy dice rolling, friends!
  2. I don't believe it was ever announce, just made the assumption after viewing other FFG apps that were announced for Android/Apple on the Amazon appstore now(Road to legend, SW dice, Arkham Horror, XcomTBg etc). I do admit, It was a major bummer to not have day one support for Amazon, but for the price of a mid level fire tablet nowadays, if all I have to do is wait(hopefully...) I'll do my best to be patient. It would be nice to know how long it might take to make the app functional on Amazon, or if that is even in the cards for FFG (PLEAAAAASE). It's less than ideal, but if i get that impatient, the app does work on android phones
  3. I see this isn't out on the Amazon app store yet... the sadness!!! I know these apps usually come out on iTunes and Android first, but I am holding out hope with some older apps (Road to Legend, Xcom TBG) available for DL currently through amazon. Anyone have an idea on when (if?) this might show up for us Kindle fire owners?!
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