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  1. I dont think its a good idea, brobots sloop/k-turn alot so expertise will be shut off on many turns. Not worth 4pts imho.
  2. I'm pretty excited to see Rebels making a comeback with BOMBS. Who would have thought we would be seeing this a couple waves ago.
  3. There's no point in running Han without engine. He needs ro play like an arc-dodger. You're much better off with Rey in that case.
  4. Minor one, but yeah. Being able to put actions onto ships that got blocked is an NPE, given that blocking ships to deny them actions is a core part of the gameplay. It's part of the reason Defenders are so irritating, because even if you play *perfectly* against them, they still end up with an evade token. Mindlink can be the same. Yeah, this is a very good point. Action economy you can't interrupt with good play is certainly an NPE. Personally I also think stacking action economy benefits in general is the #1 problem in the game's mechanics. I dont think its a problem per se, but i do believe it has created a group of ships that has gotten left behind because they cant replicate the insane action economy that some other ships/list get, effectively rendering them inferior. These days 3attack+1action (which used to be the baseline for 'good' attacks) is considered sub par and will rarely (if ever) punch through ships with heavy action economy and/or other ways of dice modification (Palp). At the same time, some ships have vastly superior offense as well (4attack + 2 modifiers is getting more and more common).
  5. It's not just TLTs though. Han has a hard time making up his 60ish points these days since his 2-3hits rarely get through tokenstackers backed up by at and/or Palp. And it's not like Defenders even care alot about taking 1dmg (as opposed to Soontir/Inqui). Ive played Han extensively and he just doesnt pack enough offensive punch relative to his point cost. Expertise helps a bit, but it's not enough.
  6. I really like that you mention accessability here. That was actually something else Davey said in the interview I quoted earlier when talking about triple jumps, mentioning that it was a squad that newer players literally might not have any skill or idea to deal with it, whereas the x7 Defenders are tough, but you are "still playing X-Wing" against them. But is this even an argument? I dont think x7 is anything close to as unbalanced as triple scouts were. The game overall is in a pretty good place right now if you ask me, it's just that something always has to be on top. And for now that is x7, therefore the discussions.
  7. Yeah Chief, you may uh.... may want to rethink who you say that to. Yes, it's of course a typo. Offense ON swarms, as in 'against' them. Should have been clear from the context as I'm talking about damage mitigation all this time. Thanks for the correction, but not really what I meant. Judging by your post count you haven't been here long (either that or you just really really decided to lurk until now) so you may be unaware of this, but if Bio is known for only one thing, its his thorough knowledge of the Defender. He writes threads and articles about them, has been flying and advocating for their use for ages, and has starred in numerous podcasts to discuss them. Calling any input he has on them "irrelevant" is a good way to make people not take your opinion seriously. Just thought you should know that. On a more general note, I honestly think it's funny that the Defender was panned as DOA for ages. The high cost was one problem (you pay nearly as much for a PS 1 ship that relied on green dice as you would pay for a pilot like Ten Numb). But now that it has received a title that, let's face it, makes the ship into the anti-starfighter terror it was always designed to be, people just complain about how strong it is. In all my games with, against, or observing Defenders both pre and post Imperial Veterans, their biggest weaknesses are the same ones that most Imperial Aces are: focused fire and bad luck. This game has been finding ways to exploit both of those since Soontir Fel and PtL hit the table. So yeah, to echo a statement expressed earlier in this thread, yeah sure your Corran/Dash netlist doesn't push enough damage through with its 2.5 attacks per round. Boo freakin' hoo. I've seen two Blue Squadron Bs with HLC and FCS rip an x7 to pieces in two rounds just by controlling their approach with a modicum of forethought (they both opened up at R3, then one moved aggressively to block and the other took his R1, focused, TLed attack) and that was only a portion of their list. It’s all in the approach man. And yes Bio really knows his Defenders (would never want to face him in a tournament if he used them). The moral of the story is this. When going against defenders you must do 1 or more of the folowing.1. Outfly them. If you nail that approach defenders have a hard time recovering. 2. Mess with thier dice. Things like Zuckuss and Crackshot can annoy Defenders to no end. 3. Guaranteed damage. Bombs (backed with Sabine) are really good against them. Especially Connor Nets and Cluster Mines. 4. Homing Missiles. Plenty of people can carry these bad boys effectively (GSVs, KWings, TAPs, Chmiped Z-95s and Bossk isn't bad either). If you can back it up with Crackshot, even better. But the gist of it is this. The tools are there. They have always been there. But they have to be used. If you don't use the tools at your disposal you won't beat much of anything. These are arguments are rather weak because most of these points apply to anything (slightly) overpowered that has been in the game before. You could "outfly" contracted scouts or pre-nerf Phantoms but it doesnt mean they were balanced, right?
  8. Good points, in fact i hadnt considered that. But defenders arent very good at clearing stress the following turn so it's somewhat balanced (save for Ryad who is very good). To me the only frustating part about x7 is that it's not interactive for the opponent, meaning he cant do anything to deny the token. It's close to balanced as it is, i prefer x7 by a landslide over the contracted scout meta that we had before. Another "easy" fix would be to just swap the point costs of the titles (D gets -2 or just move x7 to 0).
  9. Good points. May i add: 4. The evade token from x7 should be a free action. Still makes the title awesome but allows more counters like stress.
  10. What's your reasoning for saying Predator is clearly better aside from that it helps you miss? Gunner and Han gives you 4 attempts at damage and Expertise gives you a focus on each of the 4 rolls. There's definitely pros and cons to each but this discussion is about how it's not a clear choice anymore. Mathematically Expertise is superior to Predator on Han w Gunner and without. But its also a point more expensive and shuts down when stressed, so it seems fairly balanced. Pretty easy to check here: http://xwingcalculator.x10host.com/diceuilm.html
  11. Yes Experiste is great on Old Han. It's pretty serious damage buff over Predator.However, he is so chubby it's hard to pair him with something effective these days. Poe is not enough of an offensive threat @37pts max. Norra dies way too fast. Miranda is missing all her bombs and shenanigans. Really it's just one trick pony Jake if you want a decent tier 2 build. That's Han's real drawback (and why he wont return to tier1 anytime soon).
  12. Rebel Han likes this for sure (higher average damage than with Predator using his native re rolls), but i'm not sure this brings him back into the meta. He is still way too expensive for what he does nowadays. Plus rebels are hurting for decent wingmates in the mid to upper 30s range (save for Norra, but she dies too fast without Biggs).
  13. I am 94% sure heroes is not legal for worlds Oh, my bad.
  14. What I generally don't understand is why you would play a falcon if all your abilities are hedging on having ships 'in arc'. That's literally the opposite of how you (used to play) a falcon effectively. I get that Rey is quite the jointer, but she's still not efficient given her huge point cost (usually up to 59pts). And out of arc she is quite a lot weaker than dash or han. I'd like to see how lists with Rey play to win in major tournaments. Very interested to see how it does at world's.
  15. I think this is true in general, with the exception of glittercrack bots. If the bots roll two or more hits you can't just allow one damage through because whoops it's two and also here's the other Aggressor's shot and suddenly you're down to two hp and really can't allow one damage through (unless you're only in one arc and plan to run scared after that). Which is not to say I think it's an unwinnable matchup or anything, just that Aggressors have a pretty decent shot at jousting the Defenders down, with the shuttle or wingman play being the big variable there. Having played against crack-bots a fair bit, I think you still let one damage through. Crack Shot is going to happen, no sense in trying to block that first shot only to have the second shot come back at you when you're down some tokens and Crack Shot is still a possibility. Sure you only have 2hp left on a Defender, but you've traded hit points on one of your ships for position and removal of the bots' expendables, while you have two untouched ships and one that will still take work to kill. This is a manageable scenario. Ive played this matchup quite a bit acutally. 2Brobots vs 3defenders (or 2+Palp) the defenders are going to win almost every time. That 4k gives bots fits.
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