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  1. Instead of new characters we get iconic heroes repackaged as new characters. If a character is good, well written, and offered with quality artwork it will sell, hence the success of many indie comics. Marvel and DC have inherited reboot-itis from Hollywood, trying to sell terrible ideas on name recognition. If a character is garbage, stories are poor and the dialogue is drivel, it won't matter if you call it Ironman or Ms. Marvel it will eventually fail and be cancelled.
  2. Unfortunately, I think this is all true. If Marvel and DC would cater their books more to normies, their stuff would sell. It's no mystery why their old stuff, back issues, reprints, etc. sell better. It's because it is better. There's nothing wrong with "moving forward," you really just need to understand who your audience is. Marvel and DC have forgotten that, and they don't know who their audience truly is anymore. Instead they listen to the loudest voices and try to market to that. The loudest voices don't buy comics, which has become painfully evident for everyone except Marvel and DC.
  3. Are there multiple nemesis in each hero pack? If Red Skull becomes a villain pack down the road, how does that work with heroes who have them as a nemesis? Why would Doc Ock be in the Captain America hero pack?
  4. That's a pretty good list, but I think we're more likely to see: America Chavez Squirrel Girl Hulk/Amadeus Cho Hawkeye/Kate Bishop Ironheart/Riri Williams
  5. Perhaps Disney's hands-on approach may depend largely on how successful Champions is? As they have early success perhaps Disney/Marvel may be more willing to approve more heroes and/or story lines. Do you have an opinion as to how FFG's use of Marvel IP will impact Legendary? I'm thinking back to the days when Decipher had rights for Star Wars and produced an excellent CCG for several years until the rug was pulled out from under them and the IP rights given to WoTC.
  6. Do we know if FFG has limited rights to the IP? I thought I read somewhere here that FFG may not have rights to X-Men and possibly FF, and that as a result they may not appear in the game. I'm hoping this is a false rumor. Found it here.
  7. Which iteration of Thor do you think we'll get? It looks like they are going with recent comics so my bet is Jane Foster. Maybe time release with the movie?
  8. Yeah, welcome to the discussion. You'd have to look at the locked discussion that points out how her book has been tanking for the last few years. Marvel hasn't been honest about the depressing sales of Ms. Marvel for a long time. Now you think they are being honest about why Ms. Marvel ended? The last thing in the world they want to say is "cancelled." However, that's exactly what it was. Marvel cancelled a ton of books in 2018. Ms. Marvel was just a little late to the party.
  9. Not all Muslims wear a hijab, especially in the US. Typically girls start wearing them at 15. Since Kamala is 16 in the comics, she should be wearing one if that were to be her chosen practice.
  10. Wow. Why does a discussion of a mags popularity, or lack there of, need to be construed as racist? The discussion was with regard to why Ms. Marvel was chosen to be an early expansion release for Champions. As has been pointed out by OTHER posters it is in part because she is a minority character. It was also suggested that it was because she was a popular character. My contribution to the discussion was simply pointing out that her books are not nearly as popular as Marvel claims. TBH, I'm probably the only one here who has actually read all of the Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) issues, however I understand that it's much easier for you to virtue signal by accusing others of racist attitudes than it is to examine facts.
  11. No, that's not the point. Sales are sales. For a comic's success however you need sustainable sales. School's and libraries are not going to fill their shelves with endless volumes of Ms. Marvel. After six years of purchasing Ms. Marvel trades, how many more volumes is a school or library going to purchase? You need fans invested in the comic and the character to continue to make sales. There's a reason Ms. Marvel was cancelled and went in a new direction with new writers, and here's a hint: it wasn't popularity.
  12. Headline sales like this can be misleading. It makes the reader think there is a huge number of individual fans out there buying these TPB's. The reality is Marvel has been marketing "diverse" trades like Ms. Marvel to schools and libraries. I would bet a large portion of the sales made are by those groups, rather than gotta-have-it comic fans.
  13. I'm not sure it's in FFG's best interest to avoid using MCU characters. If this is a product appealing to the masses, which I would think FFG wants to do, you would go with visual and name recognition. Comic fans will buy it regardless of which heroes are on the box, because they know them all. The general public only knows MCU. Captain Marvel is clearly an example of an MCU character who's recognition FFG is hoping to cash in on. Black Widow or Scarlet Witch might have been second choices for She-Hulk. I do prefer the She-Hulk choice to either of those however.
  14. Marvel doesn't share digital sales, we kind of just have to take their word for it. However, popularity seldom translates into cancellation. Maybe Marvel doesn't want to give us too much of a good thing?
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