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  1. urloony

    Thoughts on the Limited Edition Starter

    Is this pre-order only direct from FFG or is it going to game stores as well?
  2. I agree, but it's equally as odd to include a starter pack and calling it a "collector's edition," with nothing unique for collectors. Serious collectors have already purchased 3 starters to have the single cards in triplicate. I suppose there will be new players that just buy into the digital edition, but FFG is likely banking on established players being their prime buyers, hence the collector's edition. On the flip side, I'm glad that they are releasing LOTR:LCG 2.0 as digital only and, for now at least, continuing the physical card game going. Instead of going the Game of Thrones 2.0 route, and now the X-Wing 2.0 route. Otherwise they are going to have a lot of players making hard exits.
  3. Is this just another money grab or just a bad omen? I know concerns about the digital prospects of this game have been expressed in the past, but now it is upon us and I can't help but think this is FFG's way of phasing out the physical card game. I know that the digital version is a different game, and we now have the release of a new expansion, but I'm wondering if we are experiencing the twilight of our beloved card game. FFG's digital release of the companion app for Imperial Assault is fantastic and greatly enhances the game. The physical game however, is still mandatory for the app to function. This is obviously not the case with the digital release of LOTR:LCG. One last minor quibble, as a veteran player and collector, it would have been nice to see some new alt art cards in the "limited collectors edition" rather than just reprints of the same old stuff in a gold box, a playmat that was released at last year's fellowship event, and some posters for $100. Is there anyone that doesn't already have the one ring?
  4. urloony

    T-47 Airspeeder Decals

    I have seen that and have wondered what their licensing situation (if any) was. This is a great idea and one I've considered. I've done custom decals before if you had a particular symbol you wanted to use, I can make decals from submitted images.
  5. urloony

    T-47 Airspeeder Decals

    These are water slide decals.
  6. urloony

    T-47 Airspeeder Decals

    Yeah the faction symbols would be great to have and offer. I have always hesitated due to potential copywrite/trademark infringement. I'd have to follow-up on that first.
  7. urloony

    T-47 Airspeeder Decals

    I haven't actually created decals for the AT-ST or Speeder Bikes. The only have decals currently for the Airspeeder and just added AT-RT (with three variations) today. If you search eBay for "star wars legion decal" you will find them! Making decals for the AT-ST and speeder bikes is something I am also considering. What is it you would like to see as a decal for those models? I put a link below to the AT-RT post here on FFG.
  8. urloony

    AT-RT Decals

    I completed my AT-RT decals and thought I would share.
  9. urloony

    T-47 Airspeeder Decals

    Decals for FFG games is something I'v been doing for awhile, specifically for Armada. I'm now adding Legion decals to the line and they are available on eBay.
  10. urloony

    T-47 Airspeeder Decals

    Thanks Ron, I'm working on some for the AT-RT and hope to share those soon too.
  11. urloony

    T-47 Airspeeder Decals

    Pics of some new decals I've been working on.
  12. So are there upgrade cards anymore or not? FFG seems to state on the one hand that upgrade cards are handled by the app, yet there are photos of upgrade cards of R2 and proton torpedoes in the FAQ. Do these conversion boxes contain an arsenal of upgrade cards as well? It seems unlikely. It sounds like we are getting $50 worth of cardboard dials and ship cards. This release has been poorly executed with not enough information.
  13. You need everything. Collectors and competitive players can count on shelling out around $300 to convert. The other issue is the model price hike. 30% price increase on small ships.
  14. urloony

    Two core sets or get the expansions?

    Thanks for the replies. It looks like two cores is the way to go. I do like the idea of alternate sculpts, but could always modify.
  15. If this has been asked and answered please direct me to the right place. Are their upgrade cards in the expansion sets that are not available in the core set with the same models? I'm debating whether or not to just get two core sets and forget about their corresponding model expansions. But if say the Stormtrooper or Rebel trooper expansions have different cards or upgrades only available in those expansions, then that would seem to be the way to go.