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  1. Right, "hunter 1" starts you with an inspiration as does any harp. Perhaps there are others. I was all excited about a rule I thought I had missed 😃
  2. When you say "one extra" do you mean start the game with two inspiration or just one? Is there a rule that lets you start with one inspiration?
  3. It's complicated to restructure the releases, but I don't think in the way that you're thinking. When I build, I don't decide on the sphere first, I start with the hero with a strong ability for the deck theme I'm looking for and look for card combos that work well and then build the deck from there. Perhaps this method varies from player to player. With AH and MC I also start with my hero and then build out my deck as you suggest. The real problem is creating a 50 card player deck that works out of the box with three heroes. Currently, there are 9 heroes per release, divided over six expansions plus a deluxe expansion. Trying to adapt the hero pack concept is harder for LOTR, but it's not impossible. The hero packs wouldn't be all that strong, but if we're honest neither are the hero packs for MC. Goal: reduce the barrier of entry for new players making it easier for them to jump into the game without breaking the bank Option A: restructure could look something like this: 3 "hero packs" that include 50 player cards plus your three heroes 3 "scenario packs" 1 Deluxe expansion that includes six scenarios. Option B: restructure: The deluxe expansion contains all of the heroes and player cards for the entire expansion. One constructed "player deck" along with the rest of the new player cards, plus three scenarios. 6 "scenario packs"
  4. It seems most likely, as I'm sure others have speculated, that when LOTR does return, it will be rereleased in the Arkham Horror and Marvel Champions LCG format. Stand-alone heroes and scenarios. This makes it easier for new players to jump in with ready-to-play heroes that will work with a current scenario pack. This also helps new players avoid the barrier of entry trying to track down long lost expacks or nowhere-to-be-found starter sets.
  5. Just checking to see if you knew Danvers was Ms. Marvel, because you didn't mention Kamala Khan. 😃 In Civil War 2, Khan plays a villainous role (ironically a puppeteered by Danvers).
  6. Ms. Marvel was part of Civil War. She had three issues.
  7. Oh they did? I didn't realize that, as I never played descent. That does change things then if they decide to go 2e for IA. Adding app support for squad building and to maintain game balance, similar to X-wing, would certainly have its advantages in IA 2e.
  8. After listening to Team Covenant's interview with Steve Horvath, I'm beginning to see why we have such limited product for MC. With FFG layoffs pending, a saturated game market, and general uncertainty of how successful MC was going to be, they weren't willing to gamble on its success by producing a ton of product that might end up just sitting in their warehouse. The market however, is ravenous for this game and that has caught them off guard. I'm sure they have been scrambling now with the printers to get more copies into our hands. Their efforts now of course are also compounded by inevitable printing and shipping delays that will be coming from China. Let's hope for the best and that we'll get reprints sooner rather than later.
  9. FFG does like to make second editions of games, especially their board games. I wasn't a huge fan of the idea of 2e X-Wing when they announced, but it has been a huge success and really opened doors. I think a significant part of that success was the conversion kits. If FFG goes IA 2e, it's seems unlikely they will be offering conversion kits for a board game. We'll have to wait and see I guess.
  10. Honestly, a second edition sounds like reinventing the wheel. If the current game is "selling well" then really what needs to happen is to support an existing, successful product, not sell something new.
  11. Are you joking!? You just got finished saying how bad leaks are for FFG and you post the biggest leak of the year. Thanks for the post by the way, but I have to laugh at the hypocrisy just a little.
  12. As an addendum to my earlier post, I want to say that not all Rob's work is... questionable. We need to also thank Rob for creating the following heroes (to name a few):
  13. I'm not sure there's much evidence for this. Anticipation for this game seems to be very high. The biggest problem FFG has isn't leaks, it's their inability to manufacture product. Most players can't find anything but the core set, and they're lucky if they can find that. If anything, leaks build even more anticipation IMO. This is all conjecture. If people feel entitled to information, that's their problem. There's no evidence that any damage has been done to the brand that hasn't been self-inflicted by FFG itself, as mentioned above, about not producing enough product. I can only imagine how much FFG, and by extension Asmodee, are losing because they simply don't manufacture enough product. Asmodee has a supply and demand problem. Their answer is to simply jack up prices, which is a terrible response to consumer demand. Asmodee Board room: "Too many people want our product! What should we do?" Bill from accounting: "I know! Jack the prices up so less people can afford our product and therefore less people will want to buy it." Asmodee Board room: "Excellent, that's the solution!" Now for some of my own conjecture: The leaks FFG is experiencing are a symptom of a much larger problem FFG and Asmodee are dealing with. Layoffs, price gouging, and slow production are also all symptoms of poor leadership at the top. You want to stop leaks? Asmodee/FFG have to start dealing with the real problem.
  14. If this is the case, my bet is that it will be the following from Guardians of the Galaxy Hero #1 Star Lord Hero #2 Rocket Raccoon I'm guessing the remainder of the Guardians will be ally cards. Villains: Thanos, Dormammu, and (whoever that last guy on the box is that looks kind of like the Swordsman)
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