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  1. Do you still feel this way now? My feelings haven't changed. I wish and hope we had more, but I can understand FFG release and "no-talk outside official announcements" policy. Not saying it's a situation I like but we can't do anything so why worry. Meanwhile, the blog is back to life with new content: - Last week I posted two articles about Special Scenarios (Parts 1 and 2) and today I went finally back to battle reports with From the Battlefield 28 - Vampire Counts vs Orcs. Enjoy!
  2. There's never been any official statement by GW or anyone else that the release of AoS would put an end to anything related to the "old" Warhammer brand, and I suspect there will never be. Quite the contrary, licensed games set in the Warhammer World continue to be produced. Since AoS was released last summer we had Warhammer: Vermintide, Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game and the upcoming Total War: Warhammer so, while there are a lot of valid arguments for the lack of support for Warhammer: Diskwars, the "AoS has stuffed it all up" argument is not one of them, imho.
  3. Official is when FFG announces it officially on its official website. Until then it's unofficial. And with no proof is just speculation.
  4. For other games they discontinued (Warhammer: Invasion, Tannhäuser) they did just that. Moreover they announced the end of the line while announcing the release of the final expansion. We don't have any reason to think it would be different for Warhammer: Diskwars when it will be discontinued, which at the moment is not. As MechaBri.Zilla wrote somewhere else (sorry man, can't remember where), many made the mistake to consider Warhammer: Diskwars akin to a Living Card Game (or to X-Wing) and drew the erroneous conclusion that it would receive the same amount of support those kind of games have, with frequent expansions and such. Well, this isn't going to happen. Maybe it would have happened if it had a more vibrant competitive scene, but FFG found it didn't and decided to cut the support for tournament play. That's it. But no support for tournament play doesn't mean no more Diskwars, just that we'll have to wait. We'll have new expansions when the new expansions come out. No sooner, no later.
  5. It is at least another proof that the "GW will force FFG to ditch anything related to the old Warhammer setting because of Age of Sigmar" fear was senseless. As a big fan of the old Warhammer Quest, I'm going to keep an eye on this game for sure... meanwhile I'm continuing to wait for new Diskwars expansions despite all the (useless IMHO) doom and gloom.
  6. Alas, not yet... that's why I never posted an article about the special scenarios (I don't want to discuss something I don't know about), but I'm going to. I promise. Thanks for all yout support for this great game. I really like how the mechanics hit you while you play and you get a lot of cool moments. Simple question, would you really recommend buying more than one copy of the core set and or each expansions? A second core set gives you quite a lot of options in term of duplicate disks and opens up a bunch of army building possibilities so if you enjoy the game and like the customization aspect then yes, a second core is IMHO a good investment, especially if you like to play with 3-regiment armies. Moreover if you play with a single core set you'll have access to just a single copy of each command card, thus if both players wish to use the same card you have either to proxy it or to come up with a way to decide who gets it. What is important is that you don't need a second copy of the core to enjoy the game, and if you want some extra options, better get the expansions first (which by reading your message I believe you already have). Speaking about the expansions, I'd say here's little gain in buying a second copy of each expansion, unless you plan to play with really big armies, or you really want a second Zombie Dragon, Runic Cannon or Flame Cannon, so my opinion is they aren't a must. A third core set is possibly too much. Yes, you'll gain some extra disks but unless you are planning to play specific armies they will rarely see the battlefield in triple copy. The solution in our gaming group was that everyone got his own copy of the core set and the expansions, so we could play what we wanted with anybody, and if needed, we could borrow disks from the other players to fill our rosters. I don't know how much is feasible with your group, but for us, it worked.
  7. Alas, not yet... that's why I never posted an article about the special scenarios (I don't want to discuss something I don't know about), but I'm going to. I promise.
  8. The Troll is back from the summer holidays with some new goodies for you: First of all, we have the Skaven lore article, followed as always by a sample army list featuring the devuous ratmen supporting a Chaos regiment. Also, for all my Italian friends, I have finally got my hands on the localized copies of the two expansions, and I took the time to translate the article describing the new keywords.
  9. I hope Warhammer Diskwars will continue to receive some kind of support. Not much, at least to flesh out the four remaining armies (and for the sake of completeness give each of the four core armies a terrain element wiht a dedicated special rule, like the Dwarf Forge or the Garden of Morr). I hope the reason we haven't seen any new content for Warhammer: Diskwars in one year is to be ascribed solely to FFG sales evaluations and release policies. If, based on the lack of appeal of competive play, FFG decided to slow down the release of new Warhammer: Diskwars in order to dedicate themselves to products they find more profitable I can say I'm fine with that. I'm not happy, of course, but I can at least understand the reason why. I hope (though I find it really unlikely) that, if Warhammer: Diskwars will not be discontinued, FFG won't include any of the Age of Sigmar stuff. Pseudo-Space Marines with big hammers? Not in my Warhammer, thanks. I fear, though, that FFG will discontinue the Warhammer: Diskwars line because it won't be related to the "official" Warhammer anymore. If that would be the case, I will be really sad. I don't know the details of the license agreement between FFG and GW, but to me it seems really dumb if FFG accepted a license through which they would be able to make a Warhammer-based game knowing they had a time limit after which they had to discontinue the line because of the new Warhammer. Still, GW is known for its monopolistic view and its... "unfriendly" behavior against any potential competitor, so I will not be surprised if that's the reason we won't be having any more Warhammer: Diskwars products (which is, by the way, an event that may happen as likely as it won't: we sitll have no proof either for or against it).
  10. Cool, but you forgot to add it to the From the Battlefield page. Whoops... right... just saw it now Anyway, the Troll's finally back in business, introducing you the lore of the Dark Elves, and a sample Dark Elf/Orc army.
  11. From the Battlefield 25: Chaos vs Empire/Lizardmen is here.
  12. New posts online. I began to delve into the lore of the four "less developed" (for now, let's hope) factions, starting with the Lizardmen. And, as an added boon, here's a sample Lizardmen army list.
  13. In light of the new Q&A session, I posted an update to the Wisdom of the Old Ones page of the blog. As it turned out I misinterpreted a couple of rules, I made updates to the following posts: - Pinning - Also in Italian - On Engagements and Scrums - New Disks Keywords (Hammer & Hold and Legions of Darkness) Also, the new Q&A collection is available in the the Links and Resources page of the blog. An updated version of the Army Reference Sheets will follow.
  14. And here I am, back again. Inspection went very smoothly and I'm still alive and with a job Let's celebrate with a new article: here's to you the final (for now) installment of the Warhammer: Diskwars Units and Hero Roles review, covering the four "lesser" races. Allow me to thank Jedhead for his great job!
  15. The Troll's back with another battle report: From the Battlefield 24 - Empire/High Elves vs Vampire Counts. I don't know how much I'll be able to write in the next days as I have a big inspection at work at the end of the month. Hopefully I will be able to at least post the final Units and Hero roles article, but if you don't have any news from me, don't worry, I'll be back soon!
  16. New White Tower article is up: The Vampire Counts of Sylvania. Enjoy.
  17. As I'm also working at the Italian version of my Blog I begun to translate the Mustering the Troops section. The Italian translation of the Empire and Chaos starter armies is online.
  18. Here's another battle report: From the Battlefield, issue 23: Dark Elves/Orcs vs Dwarfs.
  19. And I'm back again (sorry for the long delay) with another instalment of Units and Hero Roles in Warhammer: Diskwars by Jedhead. This time we talk about Dwarfs.
  20. Here's the fourth installment of the "Roles in Warhammer: Diskwars" army analysis: Chaos Also I'm almost over with the Italian translation of the Drill section. I've completed the Army Building and the Terrain articles.
  21. And here's a chance to see my latest army list in actual play... not the tightest of games for sure, but still fun anyway.
  22. New article up: Unit and Hero Roles in Warhammer: Diskwars - the High Elves.
  23. Here's a new article from Jedhead: Unit and Hero Roles in Warhammer: Diskwars - the Orcs. Enjoy.
  24. While waiting for the next article in the "Roles in Warhammer: Diskwars" series I was able to sneak in another lore article. This time about the High Elves.
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