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  1. There should only be a couple of DLC you can buy - most of them are unlocked by buying the expansions and adding them to your collection.
  2. The skills system looks like it might be similar to Tales of the Arabian Nights, whereby each skill you have unlocks narrative possibilities. I'm all over this, if it can have greater depth than TotAN it should be fantastic. I can see each adventure having limited replayability, but I would imagine they would be releasing new adventures fairly often (ish). (thinking about when the last update for Road to Legend was!)
  3. Ah thanks, I misread that as the "nothing" and "secret room" card. It's a shame that you have to replay the tutorial to check this stuff as its not detailed in the downloadable instructions.
  4. As far as I can remember, it said to refresh as you pack up the map tiles etc from previous quest. I would have thought as per Kaisho's post above, that damage from travelling events is held over for the quest you're travelling to.
  5. Hi everyone! Does anyone know how you are supposed to apply the "treasure chest" search card? As it doesn't seem to have an option to manually add the item you find from it into your inventory. Unless i missed the instruction to remove that from the deck along with the "nothing" card. Other than that 9yo daughter and I are having great fun, having played the tutorial and just begun exploring the first side quest! (only caveat is one of my characters is the warden, and literally three of her powers have "no effect", couldn't they just be repurposed to mitigate some of the random events that pop up?)
  6. Tbh I was quite surprised at how easily digestible the rules were, and I'm NOT a fan of this dual rulebook system. So much better than the Imperial Assault rules.
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