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  1. So, I'm not sure how active this section of the forum still is, but I'm a big fan of Dark Heresy and I'm planning to take my players through a pretty big campaign, converting basically much all of the old 1st edition pre-written stuff into 2nd edition and chaining it together with a number of things I've written as glue and as a final act to the campaign tying everything together. The primary antagonist of my campaign is going to be the Serrated Query, with some extensive fleshing out and expansion since there's a lot of hints dropped in Purge the Unclean, but not much in the way of concrete information. I have an idea for a way to make it work, but it could cause complications and I'd like to avoid that. See below for details. --SPOILERS AHEAD FOR BASICALLY ALL OF DARK HERESY-- General order of adventures I'm running: Edge of Darkness Illuminations Rejoice That You Are True Maggots In the Meat Baron Hopes Dead Cities House of Dust and Ash Tattered Fates Dead Stars From this point I'm going to have a series of finale adventures I write to bring the party into conflict directly with the Serrated Query and Eloeholth the Faceless (I'm going to be editing Haarlock's legacy so that the SQ is trying to manipulate the party into leading them to much of what Haarlock has) So based on the Eloeholth information given in Purge the Unclean, I am planning to make him the overall antagonist and final big bad. I haven't decided how much of the "silversmith of Prospero/stole the face of a Harlequin" stuff I really want to use but I like the idea of him being an ancient, very powerful human who is well versed in sorcery and xenotech. My main problem has been that while I have no trouble foreshadowing the Serrated Query and keeping them involved throughout everything, I don't want to leave Eloeholth to be an act 3 villain out of nowhere. And so, my idea - Silas Marr is Eloeholth. The Acolytes ping his radar by disrupting the Serrated Query throughout Purge the Unclean, and then the party learns the name Eloeholth in Baron Hopes and gets access to the Harlequin handout from Purge to bait that particular hook for later. Then as Dead Cities happens, I'm going to reconfigure Spectre Cell 17 into Acolytes of Silas Marr sent to investigate the Haarlock connection, and Marr secretly hopes they will eliminate the PCs in the process and he can chalk killing them up to "miscommunication between Inquisitors." If instead, the PCs kill Cell 17, he comes forward, surprisingly circumspect, and uses the same "miscommunication" excuse to sweep it under the rug, provided the PCs Inquisitor loans the PCs to him to finish the task Cell 17 was supposed to do next - The House of Dust and Ash with one of the players taking the role of the Scion of Haarlock (though they will not know this, and Marr actually might). Key point here is that Marr wants the Greyskin Psalter and if obtained by the PCs he will take it as it relates to several of his "pending cases." In fact he just wants to use it to get at Haarlock's stuff in Dead Stars. Post House of Dust and Ash I want to run a short homebrew adventure of the PCs and their Inquisitor actually getting captured by the Pilgrims of Hayte and give them a chance to maybe figure out that the Serrated Query somehow sold them out. In fact this is Marr deciding they've served their purpose and can politely go die now with all their Serrated Query knowledge. He will in fact be very annoyed when the Pilgrims notice the Scion of Haarlock in the party and bring them all to Quaddis instead. Tattered Fates I actually plan as the death of the PCs Inquisitor in place of Karkalla, and otherwise am pretty much planning to run as is, with the addition of some extra clues to help them get to Mara. So after a much too long explanation I want to ask: Does Marr as Eloeholth make any sense as I've presented it? Does this cause problems later on if I want to run Apostasy Gambit (which I haven't read yet) before the final showdown with Eloeholth/Marr? Or are there any other problems with this setup I haven't noticed yet?
  2. This is just my first set of ideas upon reading your question, so I may be back later with more fully fleshed out ideas, but here goes: 1. Personally, I'd rather not make the player roll multiple times to chart the course. I would ask the player how they were going to prepare for doing it, and adjust difficulty down from a set point. For something this difficult, maybe a Daunting roll with a good number of Challenge dice thrown in there to account for the possibility of flying right through a supernova or something. If the player wants to prepare by using hyperspace probe droids (I'd honestly just use the basic probe droids for this since we've seen them travel through hyperspace in Empire) then maybe it gets easier and loses a few difficulty dice. Prep work and research done to prepare for the charting of the course would also downgrade the check. Using a ship specifically prepared for scouting or with an upgraded navigational suite might net the player some boost dice. Ultimately I'd say that it can take as long as the player wants, but the more time, effort, and money expended should make the check correspondingly easier or less dangerous. I'd argue for Astrogation here but if a player made a good case for using Knowledge (Outer Rim) or Knowledge (Core Worlds) I might be inclined to let them use their knowledge to make the Astrogation check a little easier.. 2. Charting a shortcut would likely be easier (at least at my table) than charting a whole new course. I'd still make it at least a Hard check and probably wouldn't have it shave all that much time off the route (it's still a long distance to cover, even with a shortcut). I may also make it harder depending on what kind of ship the player wants to be able to use the shortcut. Larger ships might have a harder time skirting the gravitational pull of different stellar phenomenon and the like. An X-Wing is probably going to be able to use a lot more shortcuts than a Star Destroyer. 3. Oh yeah! Definitely. I love the creativity your players are showing with their approach to this. I'd argue that in general the publicly known hyperspace route is probably the one with the best average speed and safety. So alternate routes might be faster and more dangerous, slower and safer, or just awkward to use but which will get you around known customs checkpoints or the like. Like I said, I may have more ideas later if you're interested but I hope this is enough to get you started on your own ideas!
  3. I'm a bit late to the party here but I did want to chime in and say that O66 helped really get me integrated into FFGs system (I may have listened to the entire backlog of stuff since they switched back while I was just starting). And I actually got my first taste of audio editing doing a listener bit for them (I think it was called What a Piece of Junk and focused on spaceships) back before Ben asked me and Joshua to join on with Tales. I actually kinda wish I'd done more (it was a blast and Chris was really awesome about it.) I moved apartments in the middle of all of it and it kinda messed up my whole recording plan. Anyway I just wanted to give my two cents (plus a thanks/shout out to Chris, Dave, and Phil!). Also it's always cool to hear people are listening to Tales. I sometimes forget (subconsciously at least) that other people hear it. Cheers!
  4. Inspired by the tumblr blog D&D Out of Context, I've created a place where Star Wars fans can share their favorite quotes and stories. If you've got something to share, submit it at: http://www.starwarsoutofcontext.tumblr.com Hope it brings laughs and good fun!
  5. Inspired by the tumblr blog D&D Out of Context, I've created a place where Star Wars fans can share their favorite quotes and stories. If you've got something to share, submit it at: http://www.starwarsoutofcontext.tumblr.com Hope it brings laughs and good fun!
  6. Inspired by the tumblr blog D&D Out of Context, I've created a place where Star Wars fans can share their favorite quotes and stories. If you've got something to share, submit it at: http://www.starwarsoutofcontext.tumblr.com Hope it brings laughs and good fun!
  7. Aw, man! I can't believe I missed this. I just got into the game a week ago and I live on Lookout Mountain. Does Game On have more events like this at all planned?
  8. I haven't got my hands on that pack yet, but I'm planning on it, and it may take over a slot in my deck once I have it. Thanks for your input!
  9. Hi all, I just got into the Star Wars LCG this past week and it's seriously got its hooks in me. I've been building decks and trying to pick up the strategy (I've never played a card game like this before). I'm hoping to start playing at my FLGS soon bit until then I've just been playing casually with friends using my cards. I must admit I'm still pretty bad, but I'm eager to improve. So that said I have two main questions: 1. What's the best way to improve between games? I always come away from a game with a little bit of new understanding, but between games are there things I can do to improve? 2. Would you mind pointing out holes in my current decks (below) and maybe suggesting some changes? I'm new enough that I can't see the holes that seem obvious to other people but I am eager to practice (I'm not normally a competitive person but I kinda want to get up to competition level and try my hand at a tournament). My current main decks are: DS: Navy Affiliation 2x Imperial Command 2x The Endor Gambit 2x Kuat Reinforcements 2x Defense Protocol 2x Overwhelming Numbers (Escort Carriers) (Wanted to sub Endor our for Black Squadron but Overwhelming is Navy Only and I need that more than Black Squadron) LS: Smugglers Affiliated 2x Hero's Journey 2x In You Must Go 2x Heroes and Legends (is that a restricted set? I couldn't find an answer) 2x Secrets of Yavin 4 2x Questionable Contacts. These are my main two and they've worked fairly well for the week since I got into this against my friends but that means next to nothing in the scheme of things. I'd appreciate any help or analysis or criticism, anything I can use to learn. If you're really up to do deck analysis you could also tell me where the flaws are in my rebel off-deck I made for fun: Jedi Affiliation 2x Deep Commitments 2x Fleeing the Empire 2x Mobilizing the Squadrons 2x The Defense of Yavin 4 2x Draw Their Fire I haven't tested this one much but my general idea is using shields in combo with Deep Commitments shield moving/recycling ability to give a fighter swarm some survivability/get the balance my way. Anyway, thanks for reading such a horrendously long post and I'll appreciate any advice!
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