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  1. OP is completely right and that is not a bad thing at all. Tournaments however can be structured to facilitate skillful playing. Quick example: an entry fee of $15 will allow the organizers to provide the decks to be played with and those decks can be rotated between players or auctioned using Chains as currency. And these are only two options that will eliminate power decks and bring skill and tactical play to the front. Had to remind myself that this is not a game for deckbuilders to justify why the above is a good thing.
  2. A point everybody seems to be missing over the price is the fact that this is the first Starter Box of a card game FFG releases in a long time that doesn't require you to buy it 3 times. Once this settled in I am perfectly happy to support this trend. EDIT: Just noticed above that a similar idea has been stated. However, I want to reinforce the statement for obvious reasons.
  3. Will wait and see the general vibe the game generates in the community and if it appeals to my tastes, a starter. Then if it is my kind of game I will add 8-10 decks to play with my wife and friends. Given that there are other games out there that are also good, this will keep me occupied for a long time.
  4. Just a friendly reminder - there is no obligation to buy anything, the games we play are our own personal choice. The whole design of the game came from the desire to simulate Sealed format and the thrill of playing the best this turn, right now. Also the same principles for chaining that get bashed right now are designed to counter power creeping. As of banning - I haven't seen if there was a direct statement from FFG about that already so I can't say anything about it.
  5. Not entirely the answer to the topic as it was already given in detail but I wanted to mention that losing or damaging a card might not be the end of that deck. Considering the immense logistic difficulties that the printer had already faced to print an infinite amount of completely different card sheets I would assume that the studio is well prepared to put together large batches of whatever card combination is needed, both front and back of the card. Therefore by sending an inquiry about the damaged card along with the deck ID, it would not be so difficult to maintain a list of cards for replacement and print them in batches. Sending them afterwards though may be a bit more difficult.
  6. There are numerous situations where you may find discarding those cards the best choice. The main reason is that you not only play the cards of the chosen house from your hand, you can use the cards already on the table ONLY from the chosen house (as per the current rulebook). Therefore, if you have 3 creatures and an artifact in play from the same house and only 1 or 2 cards of that house in hand, you might want to ditch them both. This means that half of that house is now out of your deck and when you fill your hand to 6, you have a very good chance to draw a lot of cards (4+) of another house, for an explosive next turn. Meanwhile, you have 3-4 actions with the cards already in play. I would call that a good tempo play. The other reason is you might be cycling your deck for a specific house that will beat the current board state of your opponent. The list can go on and on. The common decision standpoint in all of those scenarios, including but not limited to discarding, is risk versus reward and I think this will be the strongest feature of the game. We will see.
  7. Just to chime in - I have sorted my player cards in 17 plastic bags, roughly 30% larger than the cards: Four for the Heroes of each sphere Three per sphere, separating the Allies, Events and Attachments&Side Quests into different bags. Additionally all the cards in each bag are arranged by cost (which is extremely important when pulling a deck together) One for all of the Neutral cards, arranged like this - Gandalf (of course), Allies, Events, Attachments, Side Quests, also by cost. I started my collection on a later stage of the game, so Progressive style is not my thing and these 17 bags work wonders. Without the sleeves a deck done in RingsDB is compiled in less than 5 minutes. Separating the heroes has also helped me when deciding what new Fellowship to make when playing with my wife.
  8. Without any professional backup for my words I can add that WotC can safely file a lawsuit should FFG remake a game of "programming specialists" "hacking" into "systems" protected by "cybershields"... which is basically the core of Netrunner. This comes after a quick search on the Internet about similar cases and the DaVinci Editrice SRL (publisher of Bang!) vs. Yoka Games and their US distributor, ZiKo Games, LLC came out. Here is the source: http://strebecklaw.com/court-rules-favor-cloned-tabletop-game-no-protection-us-copyright-law/ Seems ZiKo Games won in court only because they changed the entire theme of the game regardless of outright stealing (yes, for me it is an idea theft and I dislike that, to avoid stronger words) most of the game mechanics. Quoting the article “Unlike a book or movie plot, the rules and procedures, including the winning conditions, that make up a card-game system of play do not themselves produce the artistic or literary content that is the hallmark of protectable expression. The undisputed summary judgment evidence shows that Bang!’s characters, roles, and interactions are not substantially similar to those in LOTK. The aspects of the roles, characters, and interactions that are similar are not expressive, and aspects that are expressive are not substantially similar." In short game mechanics are not protected but the roles and interactions forming the basis of the game are. The very idea of a person breaking the software security of a server to access some data in it forms the artistic content that can be disputed at court. The important part is it is not granted that WotC would win such a case but the tension and problems a continuation of Netrunner using a different name would bring will be even worse than simply pulling the plug of the game. However a ninja (runner) passing a series of locked doors (ice) and traps while evading guards (sysops) to steal information/kill important person (accessing an agenda) or just spying on the imperial court (running R&D) should do nicely - game mechanics are intact, artistic flavor set in L5R in this instance is different enough. Again I am in no way a lawyer so any or all of the above might be irrelevant. Just felt like sharing what I see is an answer to the topic.
  9. Strangely enough, the forum never notified me that there was a message here, so I am answering an year late. Sorry for that. The traditional approach for me is to get a few cities, get a bit of gold, get some stronger units and destroy all of the 1-gold cards in my deck. This has never worked for me in the Cataclysm as a solo elf. They just start really slow and don't have anything to help them early on to accelerate. Never won a single solo Cataclysm like that. Not once. That is why I asked if someone managed to pull it off this way. It has been an year now so I don't remember it perfectly, but what worked for me and led me to the first solo elf victory was a second turn double pillage and nothing else. I manage to kill off one of the archers to attrition die, leaving me with 5 cards in hand and 4 cards in deck. The second turn I destroy two cards, and the next turn I keep on playing Pillage until my deck is destroyed and I have only 1 or 2 cards in hand. Don't remember exactly what those cards were, but I think the second turn I buy 1 Sorceresses, then I buy a second on the next turn, destroy everything and use them to get a 3 gold card. Then I play the Pillage again, destroy the other Pillage (as I have only 2 Pillages and a 3-gold in my deck at that point) and draw the 3-gold again, which I used to buy another Sorc and an Archer. Next turn I play that 3-gold again for another sorc, draw it with the Pillage, destroying the archer, and use the double sorc and the Stronghold to buy another 3-gold. From there I get the second Pillage again and use the 6-gold I draw every turn to buy a Pegasus and an Archer every turn, so I can constantly play the Pegasus and destroy the archer. The trick is to never be afraid to destroy even a Pegasus with the Pillage as long as you keep drawing your gold. You should be able to bring your deck to 3 Pegasus, two 3-gold cards and one or two Pillages by turn 4, also using those Pegasi to get all the Strongholds and at least one city. All this time I just ignore the event deck, as even the Holy War doesn't really stop this 2-3 card deck strategy. Once you have the 3 Pegasus on turn 4, with double 3-gold, you are pretty much set to get your Mythic and some canon fodder against the attrition. I have had turns where I have played 4 or 5 Pillages, constantly cycling them until everything else is gone. From turn 5 onward, it is a bit of a catch-up race to remove what you have ignored the previous rounds, but with the constant draw from the Pegasi you should have no problems beating up to 2 event cards per turn. When the Plague of Vermin comes out, do not hesitate to destroy your expensive cards and repeat the above cycle to get everything back. Same with the Rages and Riots, just blow those cities and get them back next turn. Tried that 4 times, failed only once due to really bad luck with the draw. It was a weird idea and feeling to destroy all of your cards and have no units and only 3 cards in the deck total, but it proved exactly what the elves needed for the early game and a proof that their cheap units are absolutely situational and mediocre at best. Which is a shame as they are so cool EDIT: Yes, I have the expansion and those Leonx are good, but they never managed to win me a game the traditional way. However, they went into my deck once I was set with the Pegasi so I had a constant stream of card draw.
  10. First thing's first, the War Machine will add only 1 strength to the Digging Machine as the ability reads "give 1 strength to EACH OTHER unit". It omits the War machine itself so if you have no other units in this battle, it will yield only 1 additional strength. However, the Digging machine can discard two gold cards, so a single Digging machine can give up to 6 additional strength. The combo you describe is ok, it gives a total of 13 strength from two units that cost a total of 11 and you destroy an additional 3-gold card. In other words, you are gaining 13 strength for 14 gold investment, so I wouldn't say it is broken or that powerful. Humans for example can go pretty easy over 12 early in the game for a 1:1 strength:gold ratio, and they will do it consistently unlike the combination you describe, which would require at least a turn to reset, not to mention the destruction of a valuable 3-Gold card. TL;DR - the combo you describe is valid per the rulebook, the total strength gain is lower than you wrote, and it is definitely not that overpowered compared to things other factions can pull off.
  11. Just to say really quick that if we look at a conceptual algorithm for how this process would be implemented in a program code, when Throngs of Unfaithful targets the bottom card of the deck (an indexed database) will return that the needed card is indexed as 1. Then, when Ered Luin Miner tries to check for Response trigger, it will ask for the card on index 1, where it will find the Miner and the trigger condition will be fulfilled. TL,DR: The Response will trigger. "Top" and "Bottom" are just pointers.
  12. It might depend on which faction you are playing as some of them require more time to setup and Cataclysm is unrelenting. Personally I play little Rune Age lately as I feel it needs more content, but still enjoy to crack it out for 4 players. For cooperative game nothing beats Lord of the Rings LCG which I play with my girlfriend. It might be expensive, but it is worth it.
  13. It is also damage on enemies in the staging area by the difference Willpower - Threat for one questing. And there you have it - if Aragorn arrives with the Rohirrim and you slap him with the Sword that was broken, the charge may wipe the board clean. I say it is a pretty **** good representation of enemies being overrun by cavalry. Keep in mind that the Campaign card is not shown and it might have additional bonuses for Aragorn and/or Rohan, like bonus stats for the player controlling him, +1 Willpower for all Rohan characters once you reach Stage 4 etc. This scenario's design is godlike.
  14. Honestly I don't think that more races are needed. But a 5 and 6 player support would be beyond awesome, as well as some additions to the current races - either a new unit, or some Reward-like cards that give boosts in various ways. Such an expansion I would buy straight away. If there has to be a new faction, some sea-creatures would fit perfectly and provide a nice alternative (haven't played Descent so can't say exactly).
  15. If limited to 1 per deck it won't be such an interesting option in my opinion, not to mention that you can get extra copies via Message from Elrond. Otherwise that is the general way a restriction should be apllied to prevent abuse. Besides the design opportunity, I am not that fascinated about such an effect - there are plenty other interesting ideas regarding attachment manipulations that are still untouched and will provide more interesting options - changing attachments between characters, attachments that are really strong, but when used gain resource token and their effect is reduced for every token on them (they are slowly breaking), attachments that automatically enter play when drawn or are discarded if there is no eligible target (which will lead to interesting deck building choices), or even positive attachments intended for the encounter deck (Elf-stone is actually such an attachment - gives a minor bonus to the location in exchange for a powerful effect) - how about giving that orc a sword to boost his attack by 2, but when he is defeated you reduce your threat by 5 or increase the engagmenet cost of other enemies (because enemies have seen your might and are more considerate to fight you). Those are ideas just quickly assembled and they all seem more interesting than triggering an effect a second time. Beside the Herugrim idea, I like that a lot (but Tactics Eowyn actually makes this a bit redundant ).
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