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  1. Hey guys, I'm interested in playing an online (via skype/roll20) campaign of DH, and was wondering if anyone was organising a group or had a group organised willing to let me in. Please shoot me a message and let me know. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys. Anybody Australian/Oceania based looking for a new player/campaign? I'm keen to give DH a go. Hit me up if there's anyone interested.
  3. But the extermination of life in one fell swoop is probably enough to give birth to a powerful new daemon, one possibly willing to empower the champion that caused it's being.
  4. There's a few examples In the black crusade book. Or instructions on how to do it. Are you the loyalist pigs us heretics will be fighting?;D
  5. Fair enough. I really appreciate the concept. It helps when explaining things to the players. Any other ideas on this?
  6. Does anybody do this? If so, how? I can't justify with myself why a space marine, who's just been shot with a plasma gun/melts gun would still have just as much armour in that body part as before. Would anybody know how to work this? Or know where to find something addressing this issue?
  7. Looking for a group to play in over skype/roll20. Have two players interested (including myself), I think if we could find another 2 members, including someone interested in GMing, we should be alright. PM message me if your in Aus/a nearby time zone (for ease of organising times) and we'll see what we can work up.
  8. I'm in the same boat. Already GMing, want to play for once. I'll throw a line out and see what I snag.
  9. Same here. Super keen for a game. Please contact me anyone that's currently taking on players.
  10. Night Lords start unaligned, however feel free to dabble in the use of their power, just never worship them. Night Lords take from the weak, and the believers of chaos, are weak. Use of their powers though, is different. It's easy to justify 'worship' of any of the gods. Even Konrad Curze had foresight, which many night lord sorcerers aspire too, so that justify's Tzeentch worship/sorcerer role. Nurgle is the god of despair, he would undoubtedly favour a Night Lords antics who demanded his favour. Slaanesh is the god of experience, and although you only relish one particular experience, he would love your extremism and addiction too it. Khorne also, is simple enough, more blood and murder would justify him fine. Just don't (in game) worship them. As above, your primary goal should be to create fear, this doesn't mean saying 'boo' to every NPC, but you should intimidate your way around and create he occasional horror scene for lulz. If your in a combat situation, you should be the demo/hunter guy. Creating traps, rigging things to explode, especially things like power generators, communications arrays, ammo dumps, gene-seed storage, leaving scenes of carnage, such as eyeless corpses, flayed bodies or other various torture things. Which, in addition, should be your characters standard hobby, having a torture victim or two. I love the night lords. Have always wanted to play one. Be careful of that fear rating though, you may drive NOCs away/insane upon meeting them.
  11. Just based on this forum, I also would like to find a game. I'm an aussie, so anyone around a similar time zone would be preferred.
  12. I'd like to make a simple note, the base chaos gods emotions. Lust - Slaanesh. Lust in all forms mind you, for the purest knowledge, feeling, someone else's possessions or a mate. Just lusting for things. Hope - Tzeentch. Hope is change. Hope is a desire for more. Whilst it's not exactly an emotion, it's certainly something that every mortal feels. Rage/Anger - Khorne, clearly. I think the martial aspect of Khorne has been discussed enough. It is the thrill of a military campaign played to perfection, a warriors pride and honour becoming the best of him, twisting him, as chaos does. Despair or Fear - Nurgle. He is despair. Humanity fears disease. To conquer your fears, deal with them moreso. To conquer death, become it. Become immune to it. Every human is afraid of something. Nurgle will help you relieve that fear. Moth most powerful of emotions.
  13. Problem is, snuff seems to be the mundane, flesh walkers, hoarders of gear and treasure, gluttonous fat lords and champions, charismatic corruptors of men and Xenos alike, proud and arrogant warrior kings. All mundane. I guess im looking for different ideas. I know skinwalkers are common enough cults in chaos (imagining Slaaneshi/Khornate cults), but I enjoyed reading about the idea of the man who wears outrageous outfits made of anything/everything. Think beyond our confines of murder, desires of the flesh and gluttony my friends! Help me with ideas as I am lazy and otherwise occupied currently!;D + sharing ideas between us can only benefit our groups.
  14. Switching the orders there seems interesting. >.<
  15. So, without going into too much detail for the younger audiences... What do you think constitutes as 'debauched, sickening and otherwise abhorrent' as per Slaaneshi worshipping is concerned. To me, much of the acts that games worship comes out with seems pretty tame. Flaying and skin wearing is pretty brutal, but either I'm jaded to it, or it's just not exciting enough. Then you have the pirate prince campaign in the Tome of Excess, but even then, nothing is excessive to the point of revulsion. It's just extravagant. Please hit me with your ideas. Pain and fear mongering ring seem the mundane of Slaaneshi worship. Without going into detail on the public forums, for the children of course...
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