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  1. Anybody See, find, or developed any rules for the Large ships to be played, playtested in the second edition. I am wondering if there is a conversion calc we would be able to leverage if not for the small ships and apply them to the big boys. Any insight or interest would be welcome. Cheers
  2. Where does it say that not in the cards, nor the Builder, is it in the rules?
  3. What does the listening device really do?
  4. I am not sure, the spirit of a bomber is to drop, what gives the bomber the ability to launch?
  5. So you can throw it 5 Forward? or 5 Back?
  6. Before you would drop a bomb, you may place it in the play area touching you instead.
  7. If you have Finch, and trajectory sim, does that he can place a bomb anywhere 360' from the bomber at 5? (cheese): Before you would drop a bomb, you may place it in the play area touching you instead.
  8. I see it now, when you reveal a maneuver...or Action...Thank you
  9. Are bombs considered and action, primary attack or an added value to the bomber to drop, move and then fire? Please advise
  10. Thank you, so if it is not stated like the Proton Bombs, it is a free action before the move?
  11. I presume dropping a bomb is not an action or an attack Correct?
  12. Ok, if I may from the thread above: I have Han Solo, He attacks, and rolls 3 hits The Defender modifies Hans rolls with 3 evades thus Han has no hits Han then can re roll his dice pool again and misses. Han has a target lock on the target. Can Han re roll again? Lets say he does, and misses, with Luke sky walker, can he re roll again? That is a lot of rerolls??? However given the new PDF it states Modifying attack dice Attack dice may be modified after they are rolled, but before the defense dice are rolled. Attack dice can be modified in the following ways: • Spending a Focus Token: If the attacker has a focus token, he may return it to the supply to change all of his ? results to ? results. • Spending a Target Lock: If the attacker has a target lock on the defender, he may return the pair of target lock tokens to the supply to re roll one or more attack dice of his choice. Using a Card Effect: A player can modify the attack dice as instructed on a card. It is only after all the effects have been executed; then the defender rolls their defense and modifies accordingly... Please advise
  13. I I have Han in the Falcon and Luke as a Upgrade, If Han misses his Shot;Re-Rolls and misses; does Luke get to re-roll Making it 3 rolls in total
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