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  1. Hi, can you please list the heroes you used, their powers and equip? We managed just to do 0-3 damages per attack to Vader. I'm curious to see how you can consistently pull 6+ damage to him considering 2 black dice, one reroll, +2 defence for 2 threats. Also consider that if the Empire does not deploy for a few round, may have 24 threats for pulling out double trandoshans and some troopers to deal with.
  2. Considering Vader throws 2 black, imperial player can give him +2 defence at the cost of 2 threats and he has 1 rethrow, do you consider this a lucky feat or just the norm? I am evaluating Mak's strengths in this mission.
  3. Empire also wins at round 12. Heroes get to the last room at round 8-9 if they care to clean the way, maybe earlier but with a load of enemied behind. How can they consistently heal 20+ per round?
  4. Thank you all for your prompt reply. I agree that EotE already has some "fantasy" stuff in: swords, bows, etc. Droids may be reskinned as some kind of golems. But classes probably need a total rework. Technicians, medics, most of the fighters are related to blast weapons... I don't know, I still think that the system is great, but it requires some major rework, something more than a simple reskin to work well. @dfn thanks, I'll eagerly read that thread.
  5. Hi, I'd like to know if anyone is aware of plans to reuse the SW:EotE game system in a more generic (SciFi or fantasy) setting. After years trying dozens of game systems, I fell in love for EotE's mechanics. I'd like to reuse it in other (mostly fantasy) settings but the existing material is so tied to SW that it would require a complete rewrite. Maybe FFG is on it? Thx
  6. I'm having some tough times as imperial. The game is not hard on a specific side, a lot depends on how good the players are (and some luck).
  7. Question: how did you manage to keep your units alive? Did you avoid combat? I ask because in our typical mission, if the imperial does not deploy constantly, the map is pretty empty by round 3. Waiting 3 rounds for deploying Vader means that Vader will end up alone, in our game.
  8. The problem is if you have less units than heroes. Ex, if hero "H3" has the double token: H1, Imp1, H2, Imp2, H3, H3. Having the same hero act twice without interruption is a real punishment.
  9. I did similar mistake... At begin for 1 round I did your same error, but it did not impact the game so far. One player noticed it on the round after the mishap happened and we quickly fixed. But then, I started to remove units and getting only 1 threat point per removed stormtrooper. Soon, the map was empty as the rebels quickly dispatched my unit. Too late I discovered my mistake. :-P
  10. Hi, I'm looking for suggestions on how to make the E-Web not be a waste of 6 threats on the same round it's deployed. Sadly, I've been really disappointed by this unit (or better, by the way I am using it). Every time I've deployed it, it become the 1st target of the heroes and ended up being eliminated in 1 round. Gaarkhan in particular is my E-Web bane. He can charge (eventually positioning with strain) and finish it in 1 round, and it happened too often for my taste. Problems I've had: Maps are too small, with too many bends to make this unit really useful or with too many obstacles to hep Gaarkhan positioning in safe spots for charging. Units "protecting" it block its LOS. Heroes can just ignore it, and repositioning it it's a pain. Spaking of repositioning, if the deployment point is not a good spot for the E-Web, it's hard to move it where it can count. Officers can help, but still it's wasted rounds compared to other units. It's the most damaging-per-cost unit of the game, but its usefulness is too spotty. Sometimes it can get lucky and place a good shoot, but there are more consistent units for the same cost. Considering the sum of dice for a Stormtrooper unit, the E-Web must shoot several times to be really useful. But it can't survive a focused hero team. A team of Stormtroopers instead require more attacks to be eliminated (making 3 or 30 damage it's still an attack) So, how often do you use the E-Web? How do you position and how do you defend it? Any comments?
  11. Is the 100 credits toll per hero or global? 100 per hero seems a lot (but it costs 3 influence to imperial), instead 100 global feels weak (and I'm not sure it scales well from 4 to 2 rebel players).
  12. Question: if I want to move over a large hostile figure, can I spend my 2 actions as moves to get 2x my move points and spend them as if coming from a unique pool? Ex: to pass over 3 hostile squares with 4MP/move even if the move points from my 1st action are exhausted while moving over the figure?
  13. Honestly I think you shouldn't focus too much on the tutorial. It allows to try and begin to understand movement and actions but doesn't cover 10% of the options available during a real mission. For sure it's not a test of teams balance. After you play some missions it appears to be more similar to a mechanical playground for 2 mechanics than a shorter version of a real mission. It is more similar to those logic test puzzles based on chess pieces than 3 rounds of the real game of chess.
  14. Thank you all, it still feels a bit strange to me, but having the rebels control the door is a good explanation of what's happening.
  15. My brain is a rock, I still don't understand. Does this happen just once when closing the door, or for the entire mission? As described, is seems like a "magical door" that blocks imperials but allows heroes to move in and out... What you describe should be available to all figures adjacent to the door.
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