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  1. It is also something you use with a ranged(heavy) character as a backup weapon. Rifle drawn, he enters a room and a smelly wookiee engages him. Release rifle with repulsor hand as incidental(while still holding it in the other), apply Concussive to hairbeast and spend your maneuver to step back to short range. Wookiee does nothing useful. Next turn, if wookiee followed again spend maneuver to short range, grab rifle with repulsor hand(incidental for minor movement such as shifting position), aim, and melt face.
  2. Rpol.net is a pbp host site that has an Edge die roller, and quite a few FFG SW games running
  3. Breach1 just so happens to negate up to 10 Soak, while not putting undue penalties on those with less. Just a thought
  4. This isn't D&D where the DM is god and out to kill the PCs. It's a game; the PCs are building their characters to perform how they want, and you are facilitating that development. Let the combat monster roflstomp some minion groups onto the ground. I bet he loves it. Throw in some more so he can keep going. Split the party if needed. If the others are feeling left out, have them go for the big bad while the combat monster holds off the mooks. Or, if they are built to do other stuff, write the other stuff into the encounter, either before, during, or after the combat scene. Just make sure the Tech, the Pilot, the Medic, and the Face(you get the idea) have scenes where they, too can save the day. If the primary focus of your encounters is always combat, the ones having the most fun will be combat guys. I don't like the "penalize him by making him do other things" style in my games. Strongly encouraging your PCs through negative reinforcement is still basically railroading, even if it is just to make them build a character the way you want. Tl:dr This is a game, and everyone should be having fun. Different people have fun in different ways. Build encounters so everyone has fun, and you probably will too =)
  5. ++It's for the Emperor.++ "What does that mean. Is he gonna spit in it?." "No. It means he will make it extra good." ++Don't spit in the Emperor's burger.++ "I'll have a liter of cola."
  6. What do people tend to snack on while you are gaming? Our group usually eats fancy crackers and chips. Does anyone choose the healthier option?
  7. It can make it feel more "real" but that is a LOT of work to build and maintain, and it will rarely come into play. I would have a name/race/occupation list along with interesting quirks/accents/identifying marks and as you need someone to have backstory relevant to the plot, add it on the spot and make a note on the card. It will give you more flexibility.
  8. There is no reason it can't work. GTA2(I know, old school) had three factions per map and at the top it tracked your "Duty" for all three. The advanced missions for one group negatively affected your Duty in the two others; more so when you directly attacked them. It sounds rather awesome.
  9. +1 I bought the book, read through it cover to cover, then lent it to a friend. After a month, I got it back, and reread it. 2nd time around it filled in the gaps and was a breeze after that.
  10. It isn't "points" so much as each species lists XP. You can buy characteristics with that XP. You can also buy talents and skill ranks, but it is usually best to raise characteristics to 3 or even 4 at creation. After that they goup much more slowly.
  11. At the printers, expected for Q1 still. Hopefully it can get printed in under a month.
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