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  1. hhhmmmm....I guess I see the words 'aid' and 'assist' as having the same meaning. It would still be significantly beneficial to have extra successes turn into Boosts. Say you get 3 Successes and 1 Advantage on a roll, now all of a sudden you can give somebody 3 Boost to their Check as opposed to 1 (if you were to turn that Advantage into a Boost). This seems pretty significant to me.
  2. Thanks for all the input, guys! The way that makes the most sense to me so far is for every additional success to pass a boost die on to the next person. That way its still really helpful, but not so much so that the other people in the part don't have to worry about being stealthy at all!
  3. When a PC makes a successful Stealth check and generates additional successes I understand they can use these successes to aid another character that is infiltrating at the same time. So here is my question. Does this mean the character can give an assist (skilled or otherwise) to the other character, or does it mean that other character gets an automatic Success and doesn't even have to roll a Stealth Check?
  4. I would head to rpol. Just make sure you let your GM know you may need a little help with learning the system. PbP is a rather slow process, so hang in there and only expect maybe 1 post/day in a fast paced game. But on the upside, it gives you more time to really think about what you want to do and be a bit more creative. It should help you understand the rules better and you can always take a couple minutes to look things up and figure it out before you post
  5. We were discussing it here and have come to the conclusion of... We wouldn't count cybernetics as they aren't natural and can be replaced. So we are just looking at your 3 Brawn plus Dedication to bring you to 4 Brawn. We can liken it to a naturally strong person that works out. Now say this person is gruesomely injured and will never be as strong as he used to be, so his brawn drops to 3, BUT he can still take a hit like he used to so his soak value wouldn't change. If he was to get injured again, it would be a different story, but in this particular case I would say it would just negate his dedication bonus, leaving his wounds and soak intact.
  6. I have a player that is a Jawa in one of my games. He is hillarious, but I think the main appeal for the man behind the jawa is just to run around and yell 'Utinni!'. I don't get it, but I have a lot of fun with him. I can usually find some excuse to make his life miserable because of his smell, or by giving him parasites. Dirty little critters...He is a great sport, btw. I'm sure we all have a character in mind that we would love to run where others will look at us and go, 'WTF???' To each his own
  7. I save all kinds of notes on my computer. I have files for locations (and what services are available there), story ideas, PC notes(inclulding obligations and how to incorporate them into the story), anything interesting I need to remember about what happened in a certain session, NPC notes, and of course I have the adventure they are currently running and usually another file reminding me what is going on behind the scenes. I also have a notebook handy for anything I think of when I don't have my computer handy. This usually ends up being small encounter ideas or story hooks that I thought of while I was trying to sleep (this game has NOT helped my insomnia). I don't have a very fluid system, but it works for me. There is a method to my madness. The more I GM, the more my resource files grow! I am also pretty new to the GMing thing so I'm interested to hear if anybody else has something they do to help themselves be more organized
  8. Just so you are aware, this weapon has already been created. It is in the 'Dangerous Covenents' Supplement as a Vamblade. Prax Arms S-1 Vamblade Skill; Brawl Damage;+1 Crit; 3 Range; Engaged Encumbrance; 2 HP; 1 Price; 500 Rarity; 4 Special; Defensive 1 It can be wielded as a single weapon, but if two are purchased and it is wielded as a pair the wrist blades gain the Sunder and Accurate 1 weapon qualities. These qualities still apply even if the blades are not wielded using the two weapon combat rules to gain an additional hit. Vamblades can not deal damage to a targets strain threshold. I know your player rolled to create it, so you may want to take these base states and then just make it more awesome!
  9. In my opinion, the game is designed to have characters specialize. That's why you work as a team. Not every encounter should involve the whole group. As a GM, part of our job is to create different situations to highlight the different talents of the characters. Not everybody is going to be good at everything, just like real life. So encounters (whether they be social or combat oriented) are geared toward certain PCs. Now, that's not to say you can't add some fun things in so other characters can involve themselves if they so choose. Give the Pilot a bulldozer to run people over with. Wait, is that an access panel that the slicer can rig and close the blast doors? Doctor, are you safely tucked behind something so you can patch us up when we get the crap beat out of us? Then they can help, while the majority of the NPCs focus is on the big guy kicking the tar out of them. Above all else, make sure you give the little guys some sort of cover behind which they can hide! Out of sight, out of mind and then they won't die! Even if they aren't good at combat, they know they will be able to do something else later in the game.
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