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  1. Sorry, Quick noobie questions here.... How can we double stress one enemy ship (same) with Braylen through R3-A2 and gunner? What would be the sequence? Does the ability of Nora to add a focus die actually ''use'' the TL so it is gone (I am always confuse with the ''spend'') or it stays on the targetted ship afterwards? Finally, if we attack with the Primary Arc, we cannot attack with the Aux one on the same turn right? Thank you very much!
  2. Minefields: Understand that if owned by the Imperial, the AI will not swerved. However, if overlapping (by following their manoeuvre without any modification then) do they mean that they have their action being removed as well? Thank you!!
  3. The "1XP per combat phase" should really be changed to "1XP per turn" - that was the intent. As long as you're dealing 1 or more damage to any number of targets, but getting no kills, the most XP you can earn is 1 each turn. 35mm vs. 40mm won't make much difference to the play experience. They might not match perfectly to the square outlines on the station tiles, but it's not an issue playability-wise. Am I wrong in thinking that this doesn't actually have any effect on the reilience of Elites? Ack - Legacy text! In a pre-release version of the campaign, Elite enemies gained extra hull/shields per player in addition to gaining EPTs/pilot abilities based on the squad's PS. Overall we found it too powerful, and I would rather add a second Elite at large player counts (5-6p) than further modify the stats on the existing ones. Thanks for these info armordgear 7! As for the 35mm and 40mm (because I had a very similar question and understand you are saying it should have little effect) should we use by default the 40mm delineated by the station to know if really in arc or not from our ship to see if in our arc? I guess it would be hard to have it fit perfectly. The token is really to tell us what type of emplacement it is. Am I wrong to think like this? Also, any guidance armordgear 7 on the Barrel Roll philosophy on you play mechanism (post at 09:32 PM yesterday)? Thanks for your great support and your fantastic campaign!!!! I was waiting for this since a long time.
  4. About Barrel roll for the AI…When doing so should we always (of course when we can – so no obstacles/ships in the way) by default bring the ship closest as possible to the target? Thank you!
  5. Yes, I noticed this as soon as the file was posted and talked to the guy who created the vassal extension about it. I have no idea what kind of timeline he's going to keep with updating the module. Ok, thanks for the response. As long as I know it will get updated someday, that makes me happy. Just want to confirm...This does just apply to the vassal file right? The issue is not coming from the 0.7 version Terrain (12 X 18) download? Just asking as I did got nice printout from my local store. Thanks
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