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  1. Thank you. That seems weird though, i didnt really expect for them to be actually carried around
  2. Could you please post a clarification in my thread for this? https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/197628-reprogrammed-new-tournament-skirmish-mission/
  3. Hello, i'm not sure i completely understand the wording of Reprogrammed skirmish mission from stormtrooper pack. It says you can 'retrieve' a remote token to replace it to your own colour token so it means that its reprogrammed then and belongs to you. However, rules reference guide pg 22 tells that 'retrieve' action makes you carry the token with you. So the question is - when you do the retrieve action do you change it to your colour and carry it around (meaning you only drop it and make it available for your oponent when the figure dies) or is it supposed to mean that you just replace it with your colour and keep it in place as it was (makes sense a bit more for me - carrying a remote doesnt sound like a great idea but the rules wording is weird there) thanks
  4. The last time (first time too) i played it we put all three tokens (1red+2 blue) on our own deployment cards face down so only you know which one of your deployment cards is red - so you try to deceive your oponent.
  5. Tryind to decide what this is better for - good 31 point arc dodger loving to stay at range 3 or cheap missile carrier like awing or z95
  6. Kihraxz says NO WAY it is decent, really and XXXXX even without astromechs are already more powerful. arguement seems invalid Care to elaborate please? Yes, X-wing has 3-2 instead of 4-1 for hulls/shield, but i think that kihraxz dial is better just because of those 1 turns and two different K-turns. Is there anything else that im missing?
  7. What about this? I think some support from rebels could be useful. Focused Boba is beast, second focus could go for dengar to help inflict those negatives or trandoshans Boba Fett Dengar ▪ Temporary Alliance ▪ Gideon Argus ▪ C-3PO Trandoshan Hunter Trandoshan Hunter
  8. Limiting to 2 groups doesnt change the fact that they are still overpowered for their cost. It would only make every (competitive) imperial list bring 2 RG+2 officers and fill the rest 20 points with something else (imo). Yes it was a drastical change but it was really needed. Especially while its still a new game like Rick said
  9. Im really disappointed with their new/old damage deck incosistency. At first the 'new damage deck only' idea was a brilliant one - it was well reasoned, new damage deck is supposed to be THE new balanced thing. But few weeks later they change their mind again... Felt like unstable girlfriends really Would also like weekly announcements/articles. News spam one month and then drought for two following months doesnt feel right. Would really prefer at least small articles weekly - at least i would have something to wait/expect for every week. And there would also be something to discuss every week. Edit: HA, really similar to ViscerothSWG opinion
  10. It's called the "Global Shipping Program". Sellers don't have to be part of it. To ship one card to my address, it would cost me 17.04 US$ (12.15$ Shipping & 4.89$ import charge). Sometimes there is no import charge. Cost from a seller that doesn't use the program for another card is 5.80 US$. If I can find the new cards with a seller that doesn't use this program, cost will be fine. Yup the global shipping program is total BS. To my address in Europe its always around 30$ which is ridiculous, cards, tokens, boxes, you name it - all at 30$ shipping. What i try to do is message the seller and try to arrange a non-programme shipping since it actually costs around two bucks to ship cards
  11. Elite sabs still look pretty powerful and can ditch fair amount of damage when focused, i think they will still be worth 7 points. Luke is still effective, leia seems like she will be a great addition too...Cutting the chace - i agree with Boba Rick that rebels might be the new power. However, im hoping for more prevalent empire and scum lists - vader, rgc, kayn somos, boba and trandoshans, hired guns, all look like a decent choice when we dont have to compare them with old royal guards
  12. Hello, so after reading the new tournament rules i wanted a clarification because it seems that now it explicitly says the half big ship value is calculated for MOV but not for determining the winner "When calculating Margin of Victory (see “Margin of Victory” below), each player receives half the total squad point value (rounded down) of each enemy large ship whose combined total hull and shields" So imagine situation: time ends and at the end of a match you have a super dash (58pt) with 1 hull left and your opponent has alive corran horn (42pt) left. According to previous edition of tournament rules corran horn player would win with a MOV of 113 am i right? (Destroyed 29+42 and lost 58) According to recent faq dash player would win but how would MOV be calculated? the difference for winner would be -13 negative so would winner get 87 MOV and the loser 113?
  13. The way they did this looks really extreme (changing text in the card itself) but it was a really needed change. I hope they never come to this situation in xwing
  14. Welcome change really. I just hope this had proper playtesting so these units dont become totally obsolete Allowing printouts for these seems like a good idea until they come up with something regarding this issue
  15. The abilities seem great and well suited for him but (unfortunately again) i have to agree its way overpriced. Of course, we haven't seen him in the field yet but as i see it now hes not worth the 7 points. Seriously, they cant continue with this random efficiency/point ratio system if they want to climb from from this guards/sabateurs mess
  16. Love the ability to stun. Although it could be a bit hard to get it through with those dice with no +dmg for surges. Cant ask for much for 2 points though
  17. Posted this in IA forums also but it doesnt seem like it gets much activity. Really looking for Imperial Assault Chewbacca Alt Art and Stun tokens from winter kits. Have these for trade - 5 focus tokens (imperial assault), ATST alt art from regionals, lots of terminal tokens from regionals x-wing scum boba from regionals
  18. Really looking for Chewbacca Alt Art and Stun tokens from winter kits. Have these for trade - 5 focus tokens, ATST alt art from regionals, lots of terminal tokens from regionals x-wing scum boba from regionals also
  19. Im sure they will get to Imperial Assault but im not a fan of the art there. Ezra has this weird face and dumb smile like Dash on x-wing promo card. Hera and Sabine faces have very "soft' and girly fetures on series and here they look like men
  20. No, we have many models right now which could be interesting if the Guards would be chopped down to fit the average cost efficiency. Well we're almost at 4-5th wave so they could have already made new units on par with the royal guads or rebel sabateurs by wave 3 or 4 at least. Instead - almost all of them are (and look like from previews) cost inefficient. There are some exceptions of course, boba is great but others are just meh. Take wookie warriors for example - pretty new unit from wave 3, same cost as RG, 4 move, no reach, no stun, no surge to +2 dmg. Clearly the surge abilities are worse and green dice has lower chance to generate one. No innate way to generate focus (paying 2 more points for the overpriced attachment is nonsense too) 3 more hitpoints dont justify that IMO They really need to come up with the system how to evaluete cost efficiency. The game is great but it seriously has some problems with units points costing
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