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  1. I'm an x-wing player and naturally, i compare both games. In x-wing you plan your moves before activation phase so theres not much thinking while activating. You also control an average of 3-4 units (unless you play swarms). In Imperial assault you have 5-6 activations - each with possibly multiple units. In addition, situation changes immensely between each activation so you have to plan during and after each of your opponent activations. This takes a lot of time. X-wing is a lot faster game and has a round time of 70-75 minutes while imperial assault has 55 minutes. Where's the logic in that? I hate finishing a tournament match after 3 rounds when full game takes usually around 7-8
  2. Yup. Both Imperial assault and Armada are also super dry on annoucements/previews.
  3. Exactly that. I'm feeling the same when building deck for mercs - there are some autoincludes for me like Dirty Trick and named cards, then goes the usual set of zeroes and thats it. Im always left with fair amount of points and no worthy cards to spend them on
  4. I see you would like to bring interceptors but they really, really want autothrusters. Unless there are no turrets in your meta, you are going to be very disappointed in interceptors without autothrusters. With all the Dash/TLT lists around this is a very valuable card. Phantom + Decimator or Phantom + miniswarm i would go with one of these with what you have. P.S. Rebel captive and engine upgrade would do good for deci+phantom list
  5. So much for balance... The only possible way i see this 4way skirmish being played is super casual with agreements not to use r2d2
  6. Hired guns are also cheap good fillers to run objectives and mess with opponents target priority
  7. Care to elaborate? Did i miss something?
  8. Both of the new maps (cantina and stormtrooper ones) require quite a lot of interaction to get points from objectives so unless you can kill your oponent really quick you are going to lose alot of points from ignoring objectives
  9. Tried Core + Dengar + eTuskens + Trandos Couldnt possibly manage to use Dengar to its full potential (if he has any?) Hes pretty slow and has low accuracy (3-4 to be safe) so if he gets into battle theres almost no way he can hide/run away so dies very fast. Core + HK + eNexu + eTuskens Was pretty fun but suffers from lack of hitpoints Tried something else cant remember. Will have to try Core + eTuskes + eTuskens + trandos sometime in the future too
  10. Stealth Tactics command card states: Use while defending to add 1 white die to your defense pool. When am i able to use this card? Do i have to use this card before rolling the dice and add the white one before rolling? OR can i use the card after seeing what i rolled and try to fix it with the extra white die provided by stealth tactics? It's essentially still 'while defending" is it not?
  11. Sounds great, will have to try this out
  12. Will it be more suitable for two or four players i wonder? Our gaming groups are already into Imperial assault skirmish and x-wing so theres no real interest and drive for another 2player game. However, if it plays best with four, it could be interesting teamwork game against each other 2vs2
  13. If we're a thinking about the same scenario..... R2 card works UNTIL start of next round and you check for control AT the start of the round
  14. Inquisitor and Rudor look like they will be alot of fun. I dont understand the hype about the generics though.. they are basically A-wings, are they not?
  15. I think controlling 3 heroes singlehandedly might get too overwhelming near the end when each hero has lots of abilities and items bought - would be too hard to follow for 3 separate heros
  16. IMO they are just OK but just because of their red+yellow combo. Comparing to elites they are losing 1 movement, 1 innate accuracy and priority target ability which all combine to a big loss in effectiveness for just 2 points. Edit: for 5 points though i think they should be fine, cant thing of anything better to fill the 5 point role for that particular list
  17. Elite snowtroopers were a major letdown for me - lack of reroll and surge for +2 dmg and a focus from last stand really hurt their damage output - they were doing an average of 1-2 damage on black die figures. Would choose elite stormies over snowies anytime P.S. was running 1 elite stormies and 1 elite snowies in a weiss list. It miiiiigh be a good idea to try including 2 groups of snowies and try to overwhelm your opponent with healing possibilities but still, if they cant put out enough damage thats no good
  18. Unless you thought its another paperjunk or catalog and threw them out That would be unfortunate.
  19. You're on the right track here. Boba Fett is hard to take down, but he can't do it on his own. Focus support from Gideon Argus and C-3P0 are a good start. After that you're looking for bodies to run objectives and contest terminals. Again, you picked out the best answer: Hired Guns. From there, it's just about the best value per point. And that takes us right to Trandoshan Hunters. Boba Fett, Trandoshan Hunters x2, Hired Guns x2, Gideon Argus, C-3P0, Temporary Alliance is a good list. A little Strain shenanigans, a few HP/cost efficient troops, and a few low cost objective runners/interference models to go with Fett. The worst thing about this list is that its 41 pts. I've been trying so hard to come up with something for those 21 points myself preparing for tournament but nothing looks good enough
  20. So has anyone tried Dengar? Can he live up to his points?
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