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  1. Whole tile, not a square. The whole physical tile you take to construct a map if you see what i mean
  2. Negative. The annoyance was not with the model, but with endless focus spam. RE-read post. Fight fire with fire.
  3. Lol. You are the same guy that was crying about rebel troopers being OP some time ago. Yeah. I think this game is not for you
  4. It's a shame how Dengar falls flat comparing him to Bossk for just 1 point difference
  5. Bossk: 8 Points 10 HP | Speed 4 | White die defense | Red+Green attack Innate: 1 block, +2 damage, +2 acuracy Surge: Pierce 2 Special Action: In...... Fire: Choose a space within 3 spaces and in your line of sight. Then, roll 1 green die. Each figure on or adjacent to that space suffers damage equal to the damage results and strain equal to the surge results. Regenerate: At the end of each round recover 2 dmg and discard all harmful conditions. So, what do you think? Seems to me like one hell of a unit for 8 points
  6. Check their twitter. I quote So, #XWing fans, bad news: Wave 8 won't be out until mid-march. We forgot to update the article (written forever ago). We know, we know.
  7. Im sure this would help alot of figures but im also wondering if it wouldnt make some of those uniques too powerful/annoying. Leia/Luke/Boba healing twice would suck. Their regeneration is powerful as it is already. Also this change would mean RGC and Vader could perform Brutality and an attack afterwards. Would wreck anything
  8. Seems like a personal issue to me. If you keep throwing your figures into the line of sight of all 6 troopers no wonder they die. Anyone (nearly) would die.
  9. The biggest question is if they do the Rebels series will the heroes be the rebel characters which there is 6 of which is almost another core set or will they be allies the player can earn. In which case 3-6 expansion packs. There were at least couple of interviews with the designers where they stated that their goal is to make new heroes with their own new stories that you create through gameplay. Not reliving already existing heroes and their stories.
  10. Yep, it will die fast when focused in a midst of battle. 2 squads of elite troopers to take 9 VP - sir yes sir. At 9 points im naturally comparing survivability of bantha to a squad of elite stormies or rebel troops who can be reinforced or 1 of the units can be left somewhere safe in the back protecting their 9 points (or heck, run away with 8 movement points). Bantha seems like pretty easy 9 points for your opponent. On the other hand, if you manage to use it effectively to hide 2 of your elite HK behind it in a narrow bottleneck that seems like a death zone for your opponent
  11. MoV often decides who goes into top cut and who doesnt. How could you randomize such thing?
  12. I dont know, 1 white dice with a 1/6 chance of dodge can be really annoying if your opponent is luckier than average. 2 white dice with a chance of 1/3 totally negating your attacks.... that just sounds annoying an non-fun
  13. At least we are still waiting for something, unlike armada guys :-D
  14. I think beast tamer will be super effective card on elite nexu and wampas.
  15. Have for trade from Imperial Assault: AA Elite Stormtroopers AA Elite Rebel Troopers AA AT-ST (From 2015 regionals) AA Elite Trandoshans 5x Terminal tokens (2015 regionals) Have from X-Wing: 10x Shield tokens (2015 regionals) Blue frosted range ruler from 2016 store kit Want: AA Bantha rider from 2016 store kit Neutral Mission tokens from 2016 store kit IA promo dice X-wing promo dice (any)
  16. Focused Boba with rebel support with Temporary Alliance (mainly Gideon + something else from rebels) can get the job done fairly well. Hes fast and pretty hard to kill if you play hit and run with him.
  17. If you dont have rebel high command but are good at grabbing terminals (at least one) thats an average of 2 cards per round. So you draw 3 at the start of the game, 2 at the end of round 1, 2 at the end of round 2 (well and 2 at the end of round 3 but that doesnt matter if you dont start round 4) So that's effectively 7 cards and possibly 9 if you draw Planning. If you manage to grab more terminals or play 4 rounds thats basically the whole deck.
  18. Training grounds are even worse. Although i cannot lie, Kuat was my least favorite map and its staying for the longest period of time now
  19. AFAIK MoV doesn't apply in Imperial Asssault tournament rules. SoS does. Nice to hear that you had a great day. I'm loving the variety of lists in this store championship season!
  20. I tried to remove paint from my bomber once. The end of it was when brake fluid just melted the model
  21. Time limit is a must, agree, but i feel 55 minutes is a bit too low for this game. More intense games only manage to fit 2-3 rounds in the time limit and the game is often decided by a couple of bad/good dice rolls. (the shorter the game - the more impact dice have)
  22. Most people have 4+ copies of it, though. I prefer the C3-P0 strategy, disseminating hard-to-get cards among the players dedicated enough to pay for/attend tournaments. IB-88C is a weird as hell choice too, but I guess it indirectly confirms that they plan to support the game for years to come! If you assume alternating Emp/Reb/Scum alt pilots, no fall kits, and occasional diversions instead of just relentlessly putting out IGs we'll see at least 4 years before ABD get covered! Challenge Coin is great. I hate rolling for init but it's a tough road to win one from a SC. And medals are dumb, give me something useable. Ion tokens are super handy but I'll stick with my AP ones. Maaan those coins are heavy...I mean it. You can damage table (or hands) tossing that coin
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