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  1. Have 2 sets of 2015 regionals dice (marble ones) Want 2 sets of 2016 regionals dice (white clear ones)
  2. oh wow, Shyla and Vinto look so much fun for skirmish
  3. Kind of a long shot but i'm looking for 2 sets of white 2016 x-wing regional dice. Have 2 sets of pearl ones for trade
  4. Looks like 3 hull and 3 shields though?
  5. Have a pretty much complete collection of IA promo cards for trade (only missing regionals c3po and the rare trandoshans from adepticon). List below. Cant even remember where all of those come from, only for the rare ones. WIlling to give away whole collection for a serious offer Darth Vader (worlds 2015) Chewbacca AT-ST (regionals 2015) Han Solo (nationals 2015) IG-88 Royal Guard (double sided regular/elite) Luke Skywalker Trandoshan Hunter (elite) (common one) Stormtrooper (elite) Bantha Rider Rebel Trooper (elite) Dengar Looking for: 2 sets of damage tokens activation tokens initiative token promo dice
  6. If you are building a FCS firepower beast B is the way to go. If you are thinking about PTL and Adv Sensors combo, i guess C might be ok. Anyway, if im taking only 1 IG it's going to be B
  7. Have for trade: 1x BB-8 promo card from System Open Series 2016 2x PAPER double sided TIE/fo & T-70 X-Wing promo card from System Open Series 2016 1x PLASTIC double sided TIE/fo & T-70 X-Wing promo card from System Open Series 2016 Looking for: 2 sets of damage tokens for Imperial Assault Activation tokens for Imperial Assault Initiative token for Imperial Assault new white x-wing regional dice
  8. Hey, Have a 2016 store champ range ruler (frosted blue) for trade Looking for full a-wing expansion
  9. Nice. Prince xizor (3) - stealth device (+1), cloaking device (+2), range 3 (+1), obstacle (+1). If im right that should be 8
  10. HK droids. was impressed because i didnt expect them to be that good when they were announced
  11. Pretty disappointed. If not for the dice, this would totally look like a store championship kit
  12. Would be cool to have a few just for the tournaments but it seems like a big hassle switching them around for every tournament (assuming you dont play the same list for every tourny). Buying them for every ship... ugh...well thats worth like 2-3 waves of xwing or 3-4 great boardgames.
  13. True. You have a point there. But i, personally, would not risk not taking it because there might be a situation where getting initiative would get you a win. The card saved me too many times Especially when the selection of effective cards for 0 cost is pretty limited
  14. What would be the reasoning NOT to take it? it seems like an auto include since begining of time. There are so many times that you really want to start first and finish somethung off before it finishes you or runs away If your oponent doesnt draw negation or take initiative himself you have it for round 2 and 3
  15. I always take initiative, rally, fleet footed and planning for my zeroes.
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