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  1. Pulled 2 legendary quadjumpers o.O Anyone wanna trade
  2. Super smooth trade with OneDumbPunk85 +1 for him!
  3. Thank you. It's a bit harder to understand the importance of word the in some cases (when it's not your main language).
  4. Hey just a quick question. Does Fenn Rau extra dice only come from the opposing ship (the one attacking Fenn or the one that Fenn attacks) at range one OR any opponent ship at range one?
  5. Reading the new section again it makes me think - isnt points calculation now done at the end of the match? I mean you dont actually "score" the points for killing stuff during the game, only for the objectives you complete. Then at the end of the match you calculate the points for figures that are on their deployment cards (Dead) and add points you gained for objectives.
  6. Basically looking to trade away my Imperial Assault promos for some xwing stuff: Have: 1 Blue Translucent Dice 1 Black Translucent Dice 2 Green Translucent Dice 2 White Translucent Dice 7 Activation Tokens (2015 Nationals, black ones) 2 Full Sets of Orange Damage Tokens (2016 Nationals) (1 set includes 3x 5dmg, 3x 3dmg and 5x 1dmg tokens) Looking for: X-Wing promo dice (any, but mostly preferrable the 2017 sparkly ones) Destiny Booster Packs or PM with your offers
  7. Have two sets of white translucent dice from early 2016 regionals (6 red + 6 green). Looking for the new sparkly ones
  8. Nevermind about the worlds dice i guess Looking for red and yellow translucent dice set. Have 2016 Nationals Score dial for trade
  9. Could anyone post a 'real' photo of this years prizes please?
  10. Hey you cant receive any messages. Do you have worlds dice? I may have an offer
  11. Any chance anyone doesnt want their world's dice set? i would gladly give 2 sets of 2016 regional ones (white) for those.
  12. Thanks. Sounds nice, cant wait to try him out
  13. Can someone confirm if this statement in the article is true? (Below). I though you could only make one attack during youe activation, no matter what. Unless you had the assault ability. "Although you’re restricted to only spending one of your actions to attack each round, Heroic does not cost an action, bypassing this restriction and inviting you to make two attacks per round, if you choose."
  14. Still have a couple of sets of 2015 regional dice (marble) for trade. Looking for 2016 regional dice (white)
  15. Would like to know this myself - is it worth buying 2 of each starter set?
  16. I have these two cards for trade: AA Boba Fett (POLISH) (2016 nationals) AA Rebel Sabateurs (POLISH) Looking for English versions of both cards. Willing to add some of these to make the trade more favorable: 5x Elite Trandoshan Hunters 2x Rebel Troopers 1x Dengar 1x Bantha ALSO I know it's a long shot but im looking for 2015 Worlds dice Would be willing to combine any of these: 2016 Nationals Acrylic VP Dial 2016 Nationals Damage Tokens Black/Blue/White/Green Regionals dice (2 of each)
  17. Havent read all of the pages yet but wanted to ask which one happens first - snap shot or defender getting evade from x7 title?
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