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  1. Doubt IG would be around in rabge 1 for bodyguard to trigger. Wont work on Z95 since theyd have to be higher pilot skill
  2. What do you think about this list? What would you change? Have in mind i only (will) own 1 copy of each expansion 100 points IG88-C (45) Aggressor (36), Push the Limit (3), Advanced Sensors (3), Inertial Dampeners (1), Autothrusters (2) Prince Xizor (31) Binayre Pirate (12) x 2
  3. Wayland games says Expected to ship on 27-FEB-15.
  4. Nitratas

    S&V 22/01/15

    it doesnt say any date for me when i click the link, just that they are in stock what the heck
  5. Nitratas

    S&V 22/01/15

    they're listing Pre-orders as in stock.
  6. Dont know what happened there but at the immediate time of restock most UK game stores (wayland, firestorm) had like 50-60 firesprays and like 5 falcons. Was wondering whether ffg intentionally made so few falcons or all of them were distributed to preorderers. Well at least i finally bought my slave I. And theres still plenty in stock on those stores if you want hehe
  7. you cant perform free evade given by isard if you have stress token, can you?
  8. I got into this game 2 or 3 months ago myself and never looked back. I'd say if you're a fan of star wars absolutely go for it
  9. Sure, because ships that fire 360, able to have 2 evades doesnt require any maneuvering was the real spirit of the game edit: should have made the small text more visible
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