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  1. 1 minute ago, Kieransi said:

    You might want to consider not storing them in a bag... the wear on that dice looks like typical scratches from things bumping each other in a bag. Interestingly, even metal coins are no longer considered "mint" or "near mint" condition once they've been stored in a bag, due to this sort of thing. 

    That being said, you are still right that the game pieces are relatively low-quality. Honestly, $3 for a pack seems a little bit of a rip-off, given the dice and cards all fall under the category "cheap plastic stuff made in China."

    Yes but its dice we're talking about. They are supposed to be bumping into each other while rolling, arent they. The only movement they get in the storage bags is when i re-do my decks once in 1-2 weeks. That is nothing compared to the bumping they get when playing

  2. Storing in a big bag (no movement in there so zero wear/tear). Carrying them in a cloth dicebag. Playing on neoprene (mousepad) game mats everytime. 
    Only one of the scratches (the topmost one) is from my fingernail testing.

    Edit: Yes, at the beginning only small bruises were visible - i guess those were just on the lacquer. But when it wears down and the picture gets too close to the surface its a bye bye

    Edit:Edit: In the picture it can be seen - i tried to apply some acrylic gloss varnish and at least provide some protection for the printed picture but it was no use

  3. After a few game nights i noticed that my Kylo dice started to take heavy damage. It appears that the "protective" layer / lacquer has wore down and the  printed picture became vulnerable. I can literally rub it off with my fingernail. 

    Makes me worry about the quality of the dice and the longevity of them - looks like a pretty *** investment if the quality cant last a few months of playing. And i dont think caressing them like little babies is a solution



  4. 2 hours ago, dpb1298 said:

    Same thing happened to MM. FFG said they had fixed supply, they were wrong. No surprises here for us pessimists, but I'm sure the white knight defenders are pissed. Oh well, maybe they'll run another printing after this one sells out. I really don't want scalpers to ruin this game, but with people trying to sell Sabine promos for $1,000 on Ebay, I guess it's inevitable.

    Link to idiot on Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Star-Wars-Destiny-Sabine-Wren-Extended-Art-Celebration-Exclusive-/172637352451?hash=item2831fcf203:g:kQsAAOSwSypY-pD0

    I might be wrong but i think only 5 cards were give out in total? If its true i think the price is reasonable enough.


  5. 3 hours ago, Xindell said:

    I don't see anything ambiguous about that ability.  The commas break the sentence into 3 distinct parts.  Part 1 (when)  "Before you activate this character," this defines when you may use the ability. - comma

    Part 2 (ability) "you may play a weapon from your discard pile on her," this defines what the ability is. - comma

    Part 3 (additional effect) "decreasing its cost by 1 if it has the word "Thermal" in its title."  See how the last portion defines an extra function of the ability, along with when you can use it, with no further sentence breaks?  Based on the structure of this sentence, the Thermal qualifier only applies to the last section.  If that was part of the requirement to play the weapon in the first place, the Thermal qualifier would've needed to be part of the 2nd portion of the sentence, or the entire sentence structure would've needed to be different.

    To be fair, I am not an English teacher, but I am married to one.  :D


    Thanks for the elaborate explanation that clears it up. My first language is not English but we do play the game in English version. These sorts of long sentences sometimes make it harder to understand it 100%

  6. 17 minutes ago, SWO Daddy said:

    You're right...I apparently can't add!  Probably too much bourbon.  So yeah, by the numbers, about right, if not a little better than average.

    ah! i was secretly expecting they increased amount of legendaries in the box

  7. 59 minutes ago, SWO Daddy said:

    I was a little too late signing up for an event in Socal and as a "wait list" dude that didn't get in.  That said, I couldn't help myself and bought 9 boosters off Ebay at an inflated, but not insane price.  Pulled a Palpatine and Riot Patrol Baton as my only two legendaries (below average), however, I did end up with 42 out of 45 cards being "unique".  I can't complain pulling the Palp, and only 3 duplicates across 9 boosters isn't bad.  I've got my fix, and will quietly await the general release...

    Out of curiosity - how come 2 legendaries are below average from 9 boosters? AFAIK its 6 legendaries per 36 in the box so 1/6

  8. Have a bunch of promos from the prelaunch event for trade:
    3x Kylos shuttle
    3x Overkill
    2x Death troopers

    Also have these for trade:
    Launch Bay

    Chirrut Imwe


    Looking for:
    Most of legendary characters or upgrades (old/new)
    Asajj Ventress

    I'm open for other offers of value

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