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  1. this thread would be so much better with some pictures!
  2. If this is the same plastic they used for kylo/rey starters the answer is - oh my god no. It damages your dice over time - scratches off the protective layer of varnish and then the paint itself. Terrible idea
  3. Not excited about this set so far at all. Will have to see how it turns out on the actual table
  4. If this is true this is not what i expected. Maz or Poe have to receive a direct errata or it stays busted as it is
  5. Yes but its dice we're talking about. They are supposed to be bumping into each other while rolling, arent they. The only movement they get in the storage bags is when i re-do my decks once in 1-2 weeks. That is nothing compared to the bumping they get when playing
  6. Storing in a big bag (no movement in there so zero wear/tear). Carrying them in a cloth dicebag. Playing on neoprene (mousepad) game mats everytime. Only one of the scratches (the topmost one) is from my fingernail testing. Edit: Yes, at the beginning only small bruises were visible - i guess those were just on the lacquer. But when it wears down and the picture gets too close to the surface its a bye bye Edit:Edit: In the picture it can be seen - i tried to apply some acrylic gloss varnish and at least provide some protection for the printed picture but it was no use
  7. After a few game nights i noticed that my Kylo dice started to take heavy damage. It appears that the "protective" layer / lacquer has wore down and the printed picture became vulnerable. I can literally rub it off with my fingernail. Makes me worry about the quality of the dice and the longevity of them - looks like a pretty *** investment if the quality cant last a few months of playing. And i dont think caressing them like little babies is a solution
  8. Hello, just need a quick clarification - if i resolve holocrons special to get my force throw out, pay one resource to roll it in the pool and it rolls a special - can i immediatly resolve it as in "im still resolving all of my specials" ? Thanks
  9. is it me or Mothma looks too CGI? not a fan
  10. I might be wrong but i think only 5 cards were give out in total? If its true i think the price is reasonable enough.
  11. Thanks for the elaborate explanation that clears it up. My first language is not English but we do play the game in English version. These sorts of long sentences sometimes make it harder to understand it 100%
  12. The ability looks ambiguous to me - its just one sentece so its not clear whether: - You can play any weapon from discard pile. If it has 'thermal' in the title its cost is reduced by 1. - You can only play weapons that have "thermal' in the title - in addition their cost is reduced by 1.
  13. Faq is a must already with all the ambiguous stuff that's coming with SoR - imagina the complexity of various combos in next releases.
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