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  1. I stared in a very similar place for my list: Imperial Kuat Refit - Leading Shots, Boarding Troops, Strat Adviser, Avenger Victory II - Gunnery Team, Disposable Caps, Leading Shots, Jerjerrod Glad I - Ord Exp, Ext Racks, Demolisher Goz Cruiser - Comms Net Howlrunner, Valen Rudor, Cienna Ree I like hitting with 3 big ships. Choosing the Kuat reduces my boarding troops to 2 but gives me the natural blue dice on the side for Leading Shots. The Gozanti and Strat Adviser brings me up to 5 activations and having 3 scatter Aces allows me to tie up any squadron builds a little. Its not perfect, but at 394 I fluctuate between giving the VicII a Quad Turret or giving the Kuat APT or Ext Racks and ramming it up their throats. For objectives I go Most Wanted, Contested Outpost, & Solar Corona. All great for tanky ships.
  2. I'm considering the change to ISD1 but am hesitant about the loss of dice. I do like the extra 10 points to get me a Strategic Adv. and Comms Net for 5 activations. I am also hesitant about switching to Jerjerrod but I realize it's super important for 3 hard to move ships. I will give it a test run. Are we sure Valen Rudor is better than Mauler? Assuming I can activate it twice before he pops, that could be 3-4 damage per move (best case), while Valen would only protect himself for perhaps an extra turn as most people would go after Howlrunner first.
  3. LIST TOTAL 399 - Contested Outpost, Most Wanted, Solar Corona Imperial II - Motti / Boarding Troops / Leading Shots / Avenger Victory II - Gunnery Team / Disposable Caps / Leading Shots Glad I - Ordinance Exp / External Racks / Demo Goz Cruiser Howlrunner / Mauler Mithel / Cienna Ray I am worried I am trying to do too many things, and end up doing non of them overly well. Ideally, it is 3 very well built ships with a transport for activation and a few scatter squadrons to tie up any squadron balls I run up against. Problem is, I feel that I'm being out activated and not getting the first/last often enough with the Imp II or Demo. I like the look of cards like Strategic Advisors to help with that, but I can seem to find the points. Suggestions?
  4. I think one of my weakest skills in the game is picking the right 3 objectives. I just haven't gotten enough games in to know each one well enough. Victory II - Vader, Gunnery Team, Disposable Capacitors Victory II - Gunnery Teams, Disposable Capacitors Gladiator I - Ordinance Teams, External Racks, Demolisher title Quasar I - Boarding Engineers, Stronghold title Howlrunner & 3 Ties My general idea is the Quasar runs the Ties, the Gladiator punches, and the 2 Victories slow roll arcs forward. I lean towards Contested Station, but I don't know what else to pick. Suggestions on objectives and/or the list?
  5. And since green dice sides are shaped like triangles...! The new Falcon will have a TRIANGLE radar dish!
  6. It hurts me to no end that I haven't been able to make a solid list only using "Rebels" characters. Something like: Chopper with Hera and Zeb in the Ghost / Ezra and Kanan in the Phantom / Sabine in the TIE Sprinkle in a Phoenix Squadron A-Wing for flavor
  7. I think the problem is there are 3 categories for upcoming ships: what we want, what we need, and what we actually get. What I want is the N1 (a chance to fly Bravo Squad and Leia), the Otana, and a RogueOne X-wing/Y-wing update. What the game needs is another ship utilizing the stealth mechanics and a solid Rebel arc dodger with teeth. What we are going to get are Ep8 tie-in's, and possibly a 3rd Falcon release =(
  8. Let us not forget the Scum Epic. Though not in the game (yet): The Phantom 2 (a modified separatist shuttle), the Gauntlet (larger Fang fighter), and the B-Wing prototype I'd also be excited for a few ships from the 'better-than-it-should-be' Freemaker Adventures, like the Eclipse Fighter, the Arrowhead, and maybe a 'Tracker' title for the Tie Phantom.
  9. So here is what I have settled on and why. Please let me know if any of my thinking is misplaced: Imperial II - Vader / Gunnery Teams / ECM / Avenger Victory II - Yularen Gladiator I - Demolisher / Ordinance Experts / ACM Howlrunner / TIEs x5 I subbed Gunnery Teams on the Vic2 with Yularen because I only had 1 Gunnery Teams card. I figured if nothing else, it would give me 1 shield regen a turn as I recycle a engineering token. I keep bouncing between ACM and APT for the GladI, and my reasoning with ACM is that the Glad's main task is to get in quick and soften up a target allowing the big guns behind it to lay in the crits. OR, should I take APT and get the crits in early and under the shields? For objectives I've decided on: Most Wanted, Contested Outpost & Dangerous Territory Most Wanted was the hardest pick. My thought was to pick the GladI only giving up 56 points, and picking something more expensive on the other side to lay all my guns into. Thoughts?
  10. I don't think we will see any changes to cards or cardboard unless it is 1. included in another release (i.e. Heavy Scyk reprint in epic release) or 2. as a store-kit prize card. The undeniable fact is that these changes mostly affect competitive players who already know the FAQs, and does not represent enough of a cost/benefit for reprinting new cards. What I COULD see would be the creation of an official FFG squad-builder app (for both web and mobile) that has constantly updated costs and abilities. This solves the nightmare of reprinting and distributing new cards, and creates one centrally moderated location for the newest updates. Extra points if they can tie it into Tome so players can save and upload their competition lists directly to the event, or at least offer a print-out option.
  11. Thanks! This is exactly what I was hoping for. I realize the cards at less than optimal on this build, so if I were to pick up 1 more thing that might have better cards to reinforce this build, what would you all suggest? I noticed that the MC30 has good things for the Gladiator.
  12. My first thought is to buy a ISD to run a ISD, Victory, Gladiator list. Any rebel suggestions?
  13. I am a X-wing player who has just started in on his "Armada Problem." I love the game and hoped to slowly ease into it over the next year. As it happens though, there is a local store championship in 3 weeks and I think I have the bug and want to play. The problem is, I don't have a lot yet. Only the Core Set, a Gladiator and a Pelta. I figured that gave me enough to putz around with on the kitchen table - but not nearly enough to field a full 400. So... what would your suggestions be? What is the fewest I need to buy to field something playable? Will lack of cards and squadrons (not sure I can find any ATM) be a huge problem? Keep in mind I understand I won't be super meta, I just want to go and get some experience playing against others =)
  14. In epic play, the Raider is king. The single cannon on the Gonzanti tends to feel like a slightly bigger Decimator.
  15. Super thanks for fixing that 32-bit bug! I know it sounds other-worldly, but I won't get rid of a perfectly good $500 IPhone4. Having apps that still work on older phones makes me smile =)
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