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  1. Wasn't aware of TTS before people mentioned it here. This is the TableTop Simulator on Steam? Would all my players have to buy it also? It is intriguing.
  2. I'm pining for a suitable replacement - sure, there are other rollers, but none that fit this niche. Yes, no more EotE dice in Hangouts. No more applications in Hangouts at all, for that matter. What are other people looking at using? Roll20? I've heard there's some good EotE stuff in Roll20, although I think the use the Roll20 API, which means you need a Pro account. I might be able to port the roller over to being a standalone web app, but it would take some work and would have to be hosted.
  3. OK, not sure what exactly Google changed, but I tweaked a few things to make it match how the beta version is set up, and the main version works for me now. Let me know if you still have issues. The icons for the main version were also broken for me, and I fixed that as well.
  4. Sgt Engee, I found the same thing last night: the main version of the roller gives me that error, but the beta still works. I'll look into what's going on. Yeah, I've been a little concerned for the roller ever since they launched the new version of Hangouts, which doesn't have any support for third-party apps. if they ever drop the classic Hangouts, it will leave users of the roller high and dry, assuming Google has no plans to add third-party functionality into the new Hangouts.
  5. So they made the new version of Google Hangouts worse and left us with a poor product and then decided to make an entirely new video app without fixing Hangouts? Typical. :/ I've used this app for gaming groups in the past in conjunction with roll20. Great app, and thanks for making it. The only problem I had was that I couldn't save the dice roll results efficiently for the group and they weren't embedded with the rest of the chat comments like the chat window is in roll20. I like being able to look back at the chat comments and dice rolls in roll20 to write up session summaries and pull notes off of. We switched back to using the API compatible sheets in roll20 and I love the new versions of those sheets and the EotE Dice Roller API on that site. Do you work on either of those projects at all as well? If they ever start having issues again on roll20 though, I will likely fall back on Hangouts and use this app again as it is very good. I am sure the app doesn't work with Duo. My (limited) understanding of Duo is that it's focused on one-on-one video calls and doesn't support video conferencing. I've heard good things about the Roll20 API stuff for EotE but I've never used them and I'm not involved with those projects.
  6. So everything works fine for the rest of your group except this player? Just to confirm, not only does it not appear in the left-hand sidebar, but it also doesn't appear under Recent Apps? If someone else starts running the app, does he get the notification that someone is running the app?
  7. I don't believe that Hangouts on Android supports apps, though I don't have an Android device to confirm.
  8. By Apple touch pad, do you mean an iPad? I don't think the Hangouts app on iPad supports apps like the dice roller. I'm not sure if it ever did, but definitely doesn't now. Kind of like new Google+ on iPad doesn't support Events, and there's no way to go back to the old version like there is on desktop. Unless anyone else out there has tips for running Hangouts on iPad with apps?
  9. To each his own. The old roller has a skeuomorphic design where the dice look like actual dice, but I decided to do a flat design for mine. Partly because I like that look, partly because it was easier for me to create the graphics that way.
  10. How are you launching Hangouts? If you launch from an event, I know you get the old version directly. But for me at least, if I just start a video call from Hangouts, I get the new version and have to tell it to send me to the old version instead. So I go to your link above, otherwise I can't seem to find it. I was using the video call as you suggest previously and yeah, it wasn't available. However, when I click your link I get a browser window with everything available. I figured it was me doing something wrong, not a version issue. Good to know! Being able to use the version of Hangouts with apps is a huge boon for me and my group. Oh yeah, my link also always launches the old Hangouts. Probably because the URL explicitly references the app, which wouldn't work in the new version. Or maybe the method I'm using to create the button would always be the old version anyways. Not sure.
  11. No, right now there is no way to handle that in the roller. The player would probably have to look at a physical die and say how it affects the results. I don't actually have the books that introduce those talents. If someone can post the descriptions of the talents, I can add it to the to-do list. No promises on timeline, though.
  12. Reeeeeally? Perhaps I'll have to pick your brain sometime. For a while, lots of people were having issues with the roller locking up. Seemed like it was possibly related to also having Roll20 open in Hangouts. Not sure if people are still having that problem. If anyone is, let me know!
  13. You're welcome! I do find adding the symbols up front makes it easier for everyone to know what's going on.
  14. Can you let them know how much it blows that the new version of Hangouts doesn't support apps like the dice roller or Roll20? Because it blows hella hard. Wait what? I just used this a week ago. I'm missing something here. [edit: I just tried it a minute ago and it worked. Am I a wizard?] How are you launching Hangouts? If you launch from an event, I know you get the old version directly. But for me at least, if I just start a video call from Hangouts, I get the new version and have to tell it to send me to the old version instead.
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