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  1. I agree with you OP. They killed off a game with a dedicated fan base, just like GW did with Warhammer Fantasy. And the thing is, Runewars was a game that a lot of those WFB players picked up to get that rank and file military strategy fix. To be let down like that again... well, it can turn people away from the hobby altogether. I was an avid Runewars collector and Star Wars Armada player, and I bought at least one of everything Elves and every SWA release, but stopped shortly after they dropped Runewars. So I don't blame you.
  2. Hi there, I'm the other person in Portland who put a pin down. My friend and I started collecting pretty much when this whole thing started, but neither of us have yet to play a game. They're selling in the stores, but I haven't heard a lick about people actually playing this game in Portland. We've been meaning to play, but we keep playing other games (too many games to play!!!). I got in touch with Coletite a while back, and joined his Runewars Portland FB group, but nothing really came out of it (I was preoccupied with other games at the time, so I didn't really push for it). My friend and I are currently playing KillTeam, but I'd be willing to play some Runewars.
  3. Ataque al gordo antes de que nos coma a todos.
  4. I just read this entire thread now; what a rollercoaster of emotion! On a side response, regardless of RAW vs RAI, I always treat the ruleset of a game as a permissive ruleset (other than D&D). That means if it doesn't say I can, then I can't. For whatever that's worth...
  5. I've already mentioned this in a previous thread I started, but a Phoenix Nest title for the Quasar, making it usable by Rebels. Along with the previous idea, some people mentioned in the thread of a Lothal Campaign box, that include special missions where rebels can steal imp ships, or imps can steal ships to infiltrate rebel cells. Entire galaxy campaign like the old Rebellion computer game. Online campaign where people can post victories and defeats which change the status of the map and narrative, much like Infinity and 40k online campaigns. This would be great for people who play occasionally, who are not organized enough to play a full on Corellian Campaign. Someone already mentioned ships from the newer movies. I'd like to see the MG-100 StarFortress SF-17 heavy bombers. Maybe just a homebrew idea, but a change in points/percentage for squadrons could be in order. A lot of rebel cells had only a few small frigates, and had more fighters to make up for it. I don't know how much this would change the pace of the game though. Personally, I dislike the navigation tool. It takes forever to maneuver the ships, and you always have to think about which side of the ****ing thing to use, and when you lay it down, it nudges everything in the way to the side. I'd like to see something similar to the x-wing or runewars tools; just simple straight, curved, or turn templates of varying length to denote speed and maneuverability.
  6. Do people use alternative models for this game? I pretty much bought two of everything available for Latari Elves, but just can't get into the aesthetic of this game. Love the fluff. and I think the rules are some of the best in tabletop. I was thinking about using my old WHFB high elf models as proxies. Probably can't use them in official tourneys. But I was wondering if other people use alternative models. I also noticed that there are third party companies making trays for RWMG that fit models with square bases so you could use WHFB models.
  7. I don't post nearly as often as most of you, so I have no illusion that what I say will be as impactful. I'm normally someone who tries to stay positive in the light of gaming news, releases, rumors, and forum posts. However, I can't help but sympathize with those who are worried about the lull in development. While I am excited by this game, and have bought TONS of models for it already, there isn't much of a scene where I live, so I can relate. On top of that, I sympathize because I was part of the enormous population that got effed when Warhammer Fantasy Battles blew up. I invested years and a lot of money into it, and then one day it was gone. That kind of thing makes people very guarded. I like the fact that Fantasy Flight decided to offer a pseudo replacement for rank&file fantasy gamers. There aren't many games out there with the backing of a solid company. As far as I can tell, the ruleset is solid, probably one of the best I've found in scouring for another game post End Times (blowing up WFB) and I've tried a lot of them. But it took me a while to trust in another company after GW effed people in the A. They stopped supporting a $15 million/year revenue game so they could create something else. With FFG releasing so many new games within just this past year alone, I can understand how some people could be worried that one of the games could be left in the dust. I don't feel like I'm one of the people who are generally negative on the forums (except when it comes to GW). I don't even feel very worried about the lull in production/development with runewars. I've like FFG for over a decade, so I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt, give them a little slack when it comes to a slow down in prod/dev. But I understand and sympathize, and I think it is healthy to be able to voice concerns. I don't think it's right to spawn negative rants, holding the forums hostage, so to speak, until FFG gives us an update. But I understand. The posts I've read haven't been too negative (though I haven't read nearly that many to know for sure), so I think it should be considered healthy to be able to voice opinions that might not necessarily agree with everyone. We can all use a little patience in our lives. And I believe we can give FFG a little leeway when it comes to the slowdown in news. They covered Runewars a ton when it was new. It should make sense that they would do the same with another new game they're launching. But I understand the worry, and that voice shouldn't have to be silenced.
  8. I love how you managed to blend the individuality of each model with unit cohesion. Each model is unique, yet they all fit together as a unit so well. Nice job!
  9. 2 boxes of Latari assembled! Anyone in Portland playing?
  10. I can confirm previous posters on a release date of 8/17 as well. My FLGS stated distributors won't have them until later this week, and that my FLGS will get them on the 15th/16th, ready to release on 17th.
  11. You make a good point about the possibility Season 8 might not drop until 2019, as it was stated by the showrunner. But that is still up in the air. When you analyze data, you check trends. And while it is important to note any rumors that might change the future of your plans, it is irresponsible to plan solely around that. Of course, that also assumes CMON even did a statistical analysis for the campaign in the first place, bahahaha! And just to play the Devil's Advocate here, while the weather point might make initial sense, it doesn't deny the fact that there are places with snow even in the summer. And making the assumption (albeit huge) that existing 'winterized' sets won't be needed much longer (ie Castle Black) as initial action is supposedly taking place at Eastwatch-by-the-Sea (IIRC, though I could be wrong about this), that means they can use new locations for winter battles. But then again, you could very well be right anticipating July 2019. All the scripts for Season 8 are already written, filming begins this fall, and there is a shorter overall run-time for Season 8. Of course there are also the time considerations for significantly more CGI work that needs to be done if they are showing way more battle scenes, white walkers, and dragon action, but that can all be done without winter sets. But it will take time to put together, and I know the showrunners want to do this right. Regardless, the timeline for the release of the game is just fine. Looking at the popularity of the show as it stands now, the ratings are the highest they've ever been. Whether Season 8 comes out April '18 or July '19 isn't going to diminish the fact that GoT is a popular show with an increasing trend line for ratings, with a fanbase that loves games based on the books and show (over a dozen board games, card games, and video games). Kickstarters are supposed to get the product off the ground, so that it can be sold commercially in the long run with greater profits post-campaign. IMO, they're right on track.
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