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  1. Maybe they don't want to drop an expansion that could upset the meta of a largely popular game while Regionals are still going on worldwide? Also... wave 8 didn't come out that long ago.


    Other than that, you only get one chance to release a product. FFG makes a ton of games, including other games with expansion.

    If they release everything at once some of the news will get lost. 


    BTW: X-Wing miniatures are molded in multiple pieces, glued together and painted. Small IA figures are a single soft plastic piece. Guess which one of those is easier to manufacture.

    yes that is true about manufacturing. however we were manly talking about the BOAT here. the getting it done with IA is just another part of the flaw. managed to get TFA stuff on time with a hard release date well ahead of time. yet other things are constantly held back. I still think it would make more business sense to have a release date announced then have fake updates.

  2. I just realized.... The Imperial Veterans went on the boat in March.  


    Imperial Assault's Bespin Gambit, plus 4 blister expansions were ANNOUNCED in March.  And I picked up my copies yesterday.  They have gone through EVERY phase of development since March.



    Imperial Veterans is STILL on the boat. 

    and this is the real problem that is what makes customers mad. it shows they can get it done. and regardless of what some people want to keep defending it as uncontrollable the truth is its a choice by ffg. whether it makes sense to hold back product or not they do it.

  3. I was looking to get into a Hangar bay event coming up and i wondered if anyone here had and what they thought? Did you like it? how was the player turnout? etc. etc. Sorry if this is somewhere else i tried  a search and didn't find one

  4. I belive wave 9 is all in rouge one. so they cant announce it it'll be a suprise like core set 2.0. that somehow ff managed to get on time for once because they made no promises to the customer.

  5. We had a first last night. i was actually smack in the middle of a tie reinforcement deployment vector. We just moved the deplyoment to the edge of my ship. (then they proceeded to shoot me down lost ept and took 1/2 xp for mission net effect the mish cost me 1 xp) Wasnt sure if that was the right move or not. i couldnt find it in the book.

  6. We beat capture officer on the first go around. either we have been doing something wrong or we just got lucky. We hammered the shuttle first turn hard did enough damage to make it go on flee which screwed up the flight pattern of the ties and made them run into each other and we picked them off and then swung back on the shuttle. then focused on the tie adv elite. as he was the last one left we finished end of round 7.



    Currently this is at the printers and I am super excited.


    Friday will be some light testing between sessions of Dragon Age, and introduction for games night on the first saturday where I can.


    Might try to integrate this with some Imperial assault when I get that.

    Now there is an expansion I can get behind.

    Mission: blast your way into a base, dock, run a 6 round IA mission (gotta hurry or ties will blast your ride out). Steal something and shoot your way out just as more ties arrive on scene.

    Ugh, this would be incredible (and complicated as all hell) but, incredible.

    You could even throw armada fleet engagements in 1 day. That's probably too much of a mess but a Star Wars nerd can dream!



    I have been, since the day I first heard of it's inception trying hard to work out how to integrate armada and X-wing together.



    I just gave up.


    Only thing I can figure is Armada is main line and X-wing is spec ops, but really the Rebel Alliance for the most part avoided Armada-esque large engagements and focused on x-wing esque guerrilla warfare.


    Trying to intertwine co-op/players vs DM with Assaults campaign though. That would need some doing, would be a bit complicated but would be glorious.


    This sounds like it would be perfect for running some kind of convention event.




    Planned for Gencon 2016 by S01ks with permission that is




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