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  1. Yea that is allready the rumor going around except everyone thinks iden will get dio or whatever her droid was called That is what I have heard as well. With R2 and CPO drop today, tomorrow will be showing off the other two new counterpart units. The fact that they do not even have what factions are being played I think is a good sign that it will be a surprise drop.................. Or not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Cassian will go great with Jyn and I bet make her cards a lot better. Her 2 pip trust goes both ways is the big red flag that she wants somebody their to share tokens with. K-2S0 will most likely be the combat option to add on. Iden will be the infiltrate option for the Empire. That was the whole Inferno Squadron shtick in the game and her book. Dio I am not sure about, but could go two ways? He could do repair for Viper droids or maybe give out calculate for the rest of Inferno Squadron if they come out.
  2. The Levers of Power. It is a short story that has jumped around a lot on where you can find it........................ Looks like it is now part of The Rise of the Empire collection. Shame it is hard to find, I really like that one.
  3. I understand, but it’s all but confirmed that those 2 commanders are coming to Legion so I think it would make sense to spoil them during the FFG live right before releasing the article. But I admit that I’m also a little bit hopeful because I can’t wait to get Iden Versio and paint her! They set up that each wave we will be getting 8 units now instead of 6. The best guess is that we will get 6 units of GAR/CIS and two for Rebel/Empire. Many think we will have Iden/Cassien so that would fill the spot for those two GCW units. With the new R2/3P0 article today it really does seem like they will do a GCW battle tomorrow and show off the new counterpart ability for all 3 (6?) units.
  4. I sort of have a feeling that Empire will be getting a crap ton of force users in the next year. Will be interesting to see if FFG starts doing unique special forces or supports since Inquisitors are all unique. ...................... Also I wonder if Vader/the Senate will be able to heal by killing them. 6 inquisitors have died to the dark side, and the Grand Inquisitor pretty much kills himself for fear of failure............ so 6 and a half? I would love to see him in the game as well, but so far I think they have avoided any fleet officer so far. Same for political leaders like Mon Mothma. Will be interesting going forward to see how they deal with those two areas.
  5. I thought Durge was okay in the cartoon. It was in the Clone Wars comic that I fell in love with him. In the comics, he didn't die in the cartoon. It was actually really interesting to see what they ended up doing with an unkillable character. That first Clone Wars show feels like it was made for Youtube. It has a ton of great scenes, but also a lot of bad scenes that people hate. Youtube a few scenes and you are good. For example: pretty much anything with Grievous is great to watch, but some Ani episodes just really suck. I was in the camp that thought Durge was fine and his fight scenes pretty cool. The comics did have him do some crazy stuff that was really dark iirc. For me I truly hated how OP some of the Jedi were like Mace Windu when he took on an entire army without a lightsaber.
  6. Its almost as if they took ISDs, pulled them all apart, and then built a better ship out of the components, eh? LOL! I also really like how if you look long enough you can find the different parts of the Star Destroyers all over that ship. Also just to drive it home they have the picture showing all the pieces they took from the ship in the background lol.
  7. I really really enjoyed that short story. Pretty much explained the entire Battle of Endor from the Imperial side. The fact that they set up the entire Rebel fleet was blasting away at it nonstop and how both Ackbar and Sloane knew it was the center piece of the battle really give the ship some much needed credibility. Also helps that in RotJ you can see around 10 Mon Cal cursiers around the SSD before and after the A-wing takes it out.
  8. Since they will most likley go with a X-wing model and get a Scum faction we got a few choices: the mando himself IG-11 who I think will come back blurrg riders that emplacement gun Jawas and maybe the Mudhorn if they go with a a beast master Trandoshans and the warlord Moff Gideon with his imperial leftovers. A few good choices in there for units. Figure they will keep away from all the other factions taking mercenaries. Keeps the game decently balanced and cleaner.
  9. Wish I would have been more active with Star Wars when George Lucas did the 2008 Clone Wars. That show straight up destroyed dozen of books, comics, video games, and even the 2003 TV show. My friend did not take it well and still despises Lucas for that move. I think it was made even worse when the Clone Wars eventually got good AND it was the only thing that became part of the Disney canon.
  10. All this here. Shore troopers/Death troopers make a rebel gunline a waste of time and points. I played a game the other day against a suppression list and was shocked how I lost a sniper unit, two trooper units, and got 5 suppression on a tauntan all at range 4 with heavy cover on turn 1. If not for Luke and another unit of tauntans I would have had no chance. It is a crazy abusive cycle with the meta right now. It feels like shores counter most other rebel list, but tauntans counter shores hard. So Rebel players just counter Empire list or try to counter tauntans with AT-RTs. Both could use a small nurf (or big) to see if that would allow room for the options.
  11. The 2003 Clone Wars is very strange animal. They have parts I really like and parts I really do not like. If you even seen Samurai Jack you know what it will be like. The one thing I found in the show that always annoyed me were the power levels. Jedi could fight entire droid armies with their bare hands. Grievous was great thought especially with how Lucas treated him in the movie and 2008 TV show. 2008 Clone Wars starts off slow, but man by the end it was one of the best thing Star Wars you could find. Rex, Ahsoka, Hando, and Cad Bane all became some of my favorite Star Wars peeps. Rebels is good. The first season sort of sucks, but it really picks up once they leave that **** planet. By the end it is a good show, but I found it worrying that Hondo, Ahsoka, Rex, and Thrawn were the best parts of this series. Hera and Sabine grew on me tho. Resistance is a......thing. I am waiting for the series to finish before I make a judgment call. It may do so major stuff for the lore, but I think it was just a test to see if they could get away with a kid show with no real big canon events. At least they hint that the Colossus will be in 9 (the Ghost from Rebels is right there in the trailer as well!). The Mandorlain seems like its off to a good start and people seem to like the first two episodes. Will be intersting to see where it takes us with both the story and future TV shows. OH! fun fact Dooku 1 pip is stright up from the 2003 show! I know it is not canon, but I can you can imply it happened since Dooku did train Grievous. This is a pretty good scene as well.
  12. I get that your upset that the EU was killed, but to say the old system was any better is not clear cut as that. I loved the old EU and collecting Boba Fett comics/books as a kid was my jam, but I truly hated the system. As a kid (and still even now) I found it a confusing thing and always thought there could be a better way. My friend (the biggest EU fan I have ever met and still gives me lectures on events) quit being a Star Wars fan after the 2008 Clone Wars TV show (don't worry he came back). That show came out and made dozen of books (my friend still gushes on how much he loves Labyrinth of Evil), comics, and even the 2003 Clone Wars TV not canon. Or maybe all those things were never canon I do not know............ And I could be wrong about all of this and there was a clear sign that certain books were not canon. I truly did not ever know and apparently I was wrong about all of it even today. I just picked the ones I liked and figured that was good enough. Here is also the wook link to the hierarchy and a nice little picture to show that I may be wrong, but not crazy: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Canon Could the reboot be better? **** ya! Was it step in the right direction? I would argue yes. I now at least know that everything i read or play should be canon. Will they do stupid things that contradict one another? Ha, somebody has that long list somewhere already. But at least I will not get into a fights anymore if Anakin had an apprentice and can now enjoy a decent video game, watch another episode of the Mando, and know it is all canon. Which somehow makes it better for me, I don't know why.
  13. I am just not convinced that no Star Wars is better then bad Star Wars. I got into X-wing/Legion because of the soft reboot and I love the option not to go see the movies. And I bring up the PT so much since people came around to those movies and now say they are the best ones. I would not bet against that happening with the ST as well. I would like everyone to appreciate how brilliant and stupid this scene is now. George finally figured out a way to get Han to shoot first AND get to call it self defense. Greedo now just shouts "DIE" or something and Han gets to claim self defense. He could remove the crazy head twitch, Greedo missing, and admit that he wanted the scene changed. INSTEAD he doubles down on Han's uncanny luck, throws in a random word, and most likely gets Han to shoot first in order to kill the saying. And the end result is that the internet gets to one again make fun of the poor guy who will quit while he is ahead........................... It's almost like poetry. It rhymes.
  14. YOU FOOL!!! The rules of internet are clear!! Don't talk about religion, politics, or Star Wars!! You have doomed us all. I guess, but I figure there is a lot more on the bright side now? Seems like a good time to be a Star Wars fan anyway I look at it. I remember when being a Star Wars fan meant greeting each other with "who shot first?". Or watching the many shows based on making fun of how bad Star Wars was (robot chicken, Family Guy, South Park, Simpsons, etc). The hate for the ST is there, but no where near the lowest point just a few years ago. It may get there, but I do not see it happening or changing anything.
  15. Figured as much. And I know I am no better, every time some bring up TLJ I just hop on so I can trash AotC and Lucas. Figure I might as well derail the talk further, it is not like it going anywhere positive. Might as well start talking about how much I hate sand. Also AotC is the easiest movie to go after (a lot more fun then going after TLJ). I also got that soft spot for TPM and I would never ever say something bad about RotS online (I am not brave enough for politics).
  16. This right here. I do wish I was more active in the past thought to see people's reactions for the early Clone Wars stuff and the change for PT. When I first told my friend about Ahsoka he lost his **** on how it destroyed so many comics/books. Now he wants her for Legion and thinks she carried the Rebels TV show lol. How about jokes about TJL, Solo, ANH, and the Mandalorian. The George Lucas joke is the best one BTW.
  17. I am still in shock for the love of the PT nowadays so give it a few years and see where the fandom is at. Star Wars fans are weird so I am now in the camp of just enjoy it all.
  18. You shut your mouth about Battlefield Earth that movie was a comedy and everyone misunderstood that greatness they were giving us. Now go back to finding some gold or you won't get you share of rats for dinner. How dare you people!!!! Philistines all of you!! If the TLJ is the worse film you seen in your life I am not sure if I should feel bad for the person or envy them. It is pretty good as long as you are not a fan of anything of the old EU Clone Wars books/comics. It starts off bad, but it turns into some of the best Star Wars stuff you can find. Hando, Ahsoka, and Rex are some of my favorite Star Wars characters now. Even made Jar Jar better by the end. Not Padme tho..........................She will always be bad.
  19. I do wonder if following the same release order as the OT hurts Dooku. It feels like he would rather have three special forces squads or some magaguards to back him up. Maybe Nute should have been next since I could see running the tank and some B2s with a cheap CIS commander. Dooku seems really good, but does the army options really help him out?
  20. "Unfortunately for Fett, it was at this point that his memory came back due to Leia shouting Han's name repeatedly. Fett fired on the unarmed Solo before he managed to free him from the sandcrawler, causing Solo to jump onto the sand. The sandcrawler, with Fett still in it, crashed into the mouth of the Sarlacc, trapping Fett once more. Solo once more thought that Fett was dead." - The wook Think its a comic, but Legends now and I was super far behind with all of them. Somebody in this forum reminded me about that stupid story. I was always with the belief that the old Eu contradicted each other and fans just picked their favorite stories. Like a good old fashion fairy tale. I would think old EU would have mix feelings on George Lucas selling Star Wars. Sure no new stories, but no longer would Lucas come in steal the best ideas from the books and comics and throw them into his work (Korriban into Moraband). I always hated the old canon hierarchy. I swear that Lucas changed his mind on Boba Fett living or dying several times over the years, but his relationship with the fandom was not the best.
  21. Let me start this off with saying everyone can enjoy whatever they want and everyone has a right to their own opinion. So if you like the prequels and hate the sequels good for u buddy, keep on trucking! I got lucky and enjoy almost everything Star Wars (bad Star Wars is better then no Star Wars!). Buuut I still will pick ST over PT any day: I was born in 1990 and the first movie I remember seeing in theaters is the TMP. I have a soft spot for that movie and re watched all of them with my friend when we glued together 3 Clone Wars box sets. I found TMP to be a really bad movie that is really hard to watch (I do not even mind Jar Jar who is not in the movie that much). The acting is super weird, but I finally realized that nobody could act with the lines that were given to them. I sort of dislike the movie more now since someone pointed out recently that AoTC sort of reboots everything that happens in the TPM...... I can't get that one out of my head every time I see it now......... AoTC is a trash fire that cannot keep you warm at night. The "romance" is horrifying and I will be honest I am still not sure about the plot (was it all part of the Senate's plan or does Jango really suck?). The arena battle is also really bad if you watch the background, like funny bad. I would throw hands with anybody who said this movie was better then any of the others. I think I like the holiday special better since at least that one got wookies watching VR porn (still less creepy then little Ani). RoTS is meh. Ian McDiarmid steals the show..................... He is so good.......... like is just having the time of his life. I am in the camp that George keeps on adding effect to the OT to make them look as bad as the PT. Pod race holds up and most of RoTS tho. LOL!! The funny part of all of this is that I now think that hating on anything Star Wars is now just a waste of time/energy. The hate for 7 & 8 is bad, but is it really as bad as it was bad then with Jar Jar, midichlorians, and Han shot first?? I truly cannot tell anymore, but I have seen entire movies on making fun of the PT and seen Han shot first t shirts. So I find it hard to believe that these new movies will not be just as loved and defended as Disney laughs their way to the bank in a decade or two. If I have learned anything from all this that Star Wars fans truly hate Star Wars the most.
  22. That's fair, though if that is the case that'll make even more fans mad who have concluded Ilumn isn't Starkiller because of the trees like I have. It won't ruin too much for me but still... That'd be an idiotic mistake. I do wonder how it will play out in the long run thought. Old EU pretty much went by each story doing whatever they wanted. As a hardcore Boba Fett fan it was crazy how some stuff had him stay dead, some had him live, and one had him get out of the pit and ride a sandcrawller back into it lol. Most of my friends had their own story of how Leia got hold of the Death Star plans (one insist that Han Solo got the plans from Boba Fett lol). So I wonder how canon will now hold up now that every comic, tv show, book, and video game now goes by the same rules and world. Also find it strange how they let so many mistake thought when they straight up got a guy whos whole job is to make sure everything jives. Most likley this. They got almost 40 years to fix that error and Star Wars plays fast and loose with logic.
  23. What a strange timeline we live in which the prequels are now the good ones and people want George Lucas back to make the movies.................Of course with him changing who shot first again it appears that no matter what timeline George will be George.
  24. Oh also if anybody is wondering where his 3 pip comes from it is from the Clone Wars.
  25. *pulls Luke very first pool* Joking aside I agree dookus 2 pip can be used to great effect if used properly. I can bet money this will happen way more then it ever should lol. I knew it was good, but when you think of how bad you can just screw some of the best pips in the game it really is a good card. I just wonder how good he will be in a meta that looks like they rather 10 units and more support commanders.
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