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  1. Maybe just try to fix strike teams to get the same results? Seems that a lot of issues can be traced back to strike teams with how they pad out activation and have such good value.
  2. What an interesting take on the matter. Never really thought about the fact that the meta may be already set for the next two months if you don't play TTS. Listen to any of the podcast and everything is solved and they are ready for the next wave. Hiding points may work.............. or you know never putting points on cards since they may change in the future!!!!! As for upgrade cards I really thought about throwing that in there as a positive, but I do not remember if X-wing did it first lol. For the life of me I will never understand their thought process on points and their reluctance to do any adjustments. The 6 months for Xwing 2.0 just seems right. And I am not saying huge changes every time, just a few points on one or two units would do wonders. The poor Airspeeder comes to mind and the horror show of the tauntaun/shores................. rr maybe the crazy power keep is what keeping those units in check lol. The pdf points change also feels like a real rush job to fix an issue they never thought they would have? I know FFG hates their app, but I feel like a middle ground could have been found (I mean the points are online now anyway)? Maybe support the community sites like Tabletop Admiral? Pretty sure almost everyone uses sites like that anyway, FFG should show them some love. Just worrying to not see Legion get support it deserves and looking closer to Armada or X-wing 1.0.
  3. Very interesting to see the amount of dislike for TTS. I would never play on it since you know miniature game, but I cannot seen now it is not helpful to the community covid or no. I come from weeb background so I guess I have a different point of view. Anything to expand the fanbase is good, no matter how shite it is. I have games that I will never play the sequel to (**** I am still waiting for like 3 Fire Emblems!!). So if TTS can keep this game growing I will take that devil's bargain every time. Preach! The problem with Legion is that a lot of the Xwing 1.0 issues seemed to have been with the game at start (with others creeping in). Putting points on the cards and refusing to have frequent updates are the original sins of the game. Throw in some crazy power creep and troubling meta signs and it really does feel like Legion will just make every mistake X-wing has done until they have to reboot. Is it fair to continue to compare this game to X-wing? Properly not. But man is it hard not complain about Legion when all of these issues feel like they should have easily been avoided.
  4. The most consistent (or believable) rumors I have seen (taken with a huge grain of salt) is that we are getting a sequel to Rebels that takes place in the unknown regions. Or more precisely in Chiss space as our heroes fight the powerful Vong Grysk. This works out in a few ways (combination of rumors and speculation: Allows Sabine, Ezra, Ahsoka, Rex, and Thrawn to continue to be major players in a huge war without messing with the New Republic. Also allows characters/stories to jump around as need be between the series. Makes the Zahn's book make more sense since they were all about setting up both the Chiss/Grysk conflict and showing how major of a threat this new unknown power is. Mando season 2 rumors (seems super confirmed this part) that Rex, Ahsoka, and Sabine are passing thought in an episode. Which lines up with how the new series would start with those three l. Greatly opens up a new part of Star Wars that is not touched by the PT or the ST hate. (Of course this is the Star Wars fandom and a lot of people really hate how Gary Stu Thrawn is) Now all of this could easily be fake and just bad management by Disney as well. Thrawn books could be so restricted by Disney afraid to mess up canon. As well as Ahsoka and the rest being left to hang for Obi-wan and Cassian shows. As much as I would like to move on from the sequels, this whole time travelling reeks of star trek. Is good on star trek, not so on star wars. Yaaaaaaaaaa those rumors came from from an untrustworthy site and the video was angry YouTube clickbate....................... I am impressed that they still are going for the Star Wars fans when The Last of Us 2 has just come out, but money is money. The idea personally sounds like a PR nightmare with how convoluted they are. Hidden scenes in 9 that Abrams may not know about (killing the movie within the movie), the final episodes of Rebels plot, a reboot movie franchise, and Kennedy finally thrown out of power. Who would risk that? Maybe they "save the franchise" or maybe they just piss off literally everyone?
  5. IF (big if) the rumors on what they plan on doing with Thrawn and several other characters is true then I can forgive them for not including him in major major politics/war. Makes all the books being so limited make sense as well and even offer two new factions as well!
  6. This right here. Iden is good and should be a concern, but when GAR is destroying (at least by TTS for what that is worth) the way it is it is really scary................. Also made worse by the fact that Imperials are probably the worse faction at the moment. Makes Iden look like she is not OP enough since she cannot carry a whole faction like Luke can.
  7. See that is the thing about Legion right now with Iden/Boba comparison a good example. Something is a bit off with the units with either some being under costed or over costed (not sure which). And there is nothing wrong with a bit of power creep since the game is still not that old and they continue to get in the groove of things. I know TTS is not the best judge of Legion since it on the computer, but it can at least offer some insight into what the meta will look like when we can play again in person..................... and things look a bit imbalanced. https://www.invaderleague.com/league/season-5/season-5-single-elimination The thing is they need to address the issue instead of leaving us hanging. Because right now Legion seems to be repeating every mistake made by X-wing 1.0.........
  8. Oh crap you are right about the vid!! It will be interesting to see where Disney will go next with Star Wars since they don't really seem to have that much we know about (covid could be the cause of that). I have been hearing a lot of rumors about the sequel to Rebels and Mando season 2, but besides that not much. The High Republic stuff also is targeting a younger audience (iirc) so it will be interesting to see how much we will get out of that era. I also fear that you are correct and they are running away from the ST....... As for units I think they have a decent amount of options (love that you put Black Squadron in there!) , but it is hard to say since the game is still relatively new. Would think a few other factions may have some issues in the future as well, but FFG have been allowed to crate a few things already so who knows???? A few I thought up or found: Commander/Operative: Janna Lando maybe Zorii depends on how much Scum they want to mix in Corps: Like the Craite defender since they really make a point that used everybody for that battle. Figure that could be a crap unit that could repair since the mechanics fought on the front line? Company 77 or First Order defectors from 9 . Go well with Janna and Orbak riders. 9 got Resistance jungle troopers......... which only look a bit different from 7 and 8 lol Special Forces: Inferno/Dross squadron from battlefront 2/Rise of the Resistance book with Shriv, Zay, and DIO Would really think something with spies/droids would fit in here since so many plots and Resistance heroes involve espionage. 3PO is the Resistance spymaster and has an entire droid network (got his own comic to explain that and his Punished Snake arm) Colossus Resistance Cell??? Need to go and re watch the show since I skipped a lot of episodes and do not remember the security forces on the ship (think it was droids tho?). Support: V-232 artillery from Craite which based off of Battlefront 2 is not that big............ may still be a better heavy. Unnamed Resistance turret in Battlefront 2 that looks like an upgraded FD turrent Rey's speeder or generic Resistance speeder from 7 visual guide Heavy: Skimmers from 9 would be cool since they would be full of custom options and give Resistance an open transport unit Think the V-120 from Criate is way too big even for a heavy.
  9. They said they had originally planned to release sequel faction fairly soon after CW factions, but eventually changed the plan. Everyone just assumes it will happen eventually. They've also been given tons of creative freedom to create stuff in the past, so I don't see making stuff up for sequel factions being an issue Holy crap!! I do remember something like that. Only because they had some trolls going around saying they cancelled the ST for Legion since FFG thought nobody would buy them or something like that. Dang..... As for units I don't think that would be a problem anymore. Between the three movies, battlefront 2, and other media they have a good chunk of both factions. Especially compared to Rebels who get a lot of their units from other souces. Core troopers, wookies, atrt, and landspeeder ands come from just the games.
  10. Personally, I think CW factions should be at least in a similar state to GCW factions when CW was announced before any new faction announcements. So iirc, around 5 leaders, 2 operatives, 3 corps, 3.5 special forces (strike team I'm counting as half), 3 support, and 2 heavy per faction. Right now, including announcements and leaks, CW has: 3 leaders, 1 operative, 2 corps, 1.5 Special Forces, 2 support, and 1 heavy. That's a fair ways to go still when you account for GCW releases slowing things down. It is possibly FFG could bring out another faction sooner, but personally I doubt it. Ya there was a solid year and a half of GWC stuff before they released the CW. https://starwarslegion.fandom.com/wiki/Products#Q1_2018. Of course now they are doing a solid 6 units a quarter (not counting the two for GCW) when before they rotated between 6 and 4. So pre-covid the new faction(s) could most likely fit anywhere between Q2 to Q4 of next year......................... Of course that does not count FFG mistakes, strange releases (will never understand trooper expansion after CW core), or what Disney commands. That is what makes the reveal at the end of the month so important for Legion (as well to a lesser extent for Armada and X-wing): Did we lose a quarter to covid or will they try to squeeze everything in a single month? Will they follow the release patter like they been doing or will the switch it up? This pretty much would allow us to predict every wave at least by unit type. How much will FFG reuse the same sculpts across faction? Wookies, Papa Palp, Maul, mandos, and several bounty hunters can all be reused in Scum and the ST. As for what comes next? I really think that is a complete unknown. At best I think Scum would offer more flexibility with releases and would be better if FFG wants to rush another faction out. While ST would be better if FFG wants to keep the same formula while reusing a lot of their sculpts.
  11. The fact that it is a repeat would be part of the point. FFG already has approval for the sculpts of the melee Wookies, has already developed stats, and worked out the points. Switch the symbol on the melee card to Republic, done. Significantly less work, and now the unit can be sold to Republic players and Rebel players. The thing that would "set them apart" is being supported by Clones, or synergy with another Republic only unit (like rifle armed Wookies, or a Commander). Wookiee Warriors could even be set apart by being allowed access to new Heavy options, but only in the Republic list that they share with the ranged Wookies. Warrior Wookies with a Detonate heavy weapon could be interesting. To allow for Wookiee Warriors to be used in both armies, they could put the Republic card in a separate Wookiee unit box, release a Wookiee upgrade box, or just let Republic players use their Rebel card until that unit gets redone in hard plastic, and then put both cards in the new box. I also wasn't trying to say that Gungans would never come, just that I would think Wookies are more likely to be released/announced first. I could see Gungans as an official subfaction later, whereas Wookiee would just be something that is able to be run, but plays best when included with Clones as opposed to run on their own. I would say the next wave or two will be the big test for how much FFG will repeat units cross faction. Especially since we should be getting FO, Resistance, and Scum which would really cause some overlap. Can easily see four factions with some type of wookie and five with Mandos. I also think Gungans will come later rather then sooner. Think it would be hard to make a theme when pumping out 6 units for CW to try and let those factions catch up. Seems like theme waves would be something needed after a few factions run out of clear options for units. Of course they may just switch to theme waves for the lulz. Knowing FFG we will not know for while, but either way it will be interesting.
  12. Since I have been keeping up with all Star Wars canon Luke did fly in the simulator and crashed in the first 10 seconds in it since he did not know the controls lol. Then Wedge showed him how to fly and he was able to get the top score betting out everyone else on his second try. Funny enough the man that Luke replaced was the one that said "it is impossible even for a computer". This one is a mixed bag with the best explanation I can come up with was that different Rebel cells have different ships and that the Rebels were a lot less organized. The Rebels cartoon shows that Phoenix Cell only ship for a few seasons is the A-wing and that they have to even steal the Y-wings (which are then transferred to Dodonn'a Cell). Of course Rouge One implies that most of the Rebel fleet................... but I guess there is some wiggle room??
  13. The thing that got me was that they picked Luke for the X-wing yet they had dozen of pilots just stuck there. Their one and only shot to save the galaxy and they give one of their few ships left to a farmboy who has never even flown in combat before lol.
  14. I do think at least some of the hate (overall) was really just because she is a female. Some weird people just don't like female action heroes, period. I do have some complaints about her character, but it's just that, particularly in TFA, she is ridiculously good at literally everything with no reason given for a lot of it, which is just lazy/pandering writing to me. In Rey's defense she lived on a brutal world that showed why fighting, piloting, and mechanics were a matter of life and death. If anything the biggest issue I had with her was that she knew Shyriiwook lol. They could have easily made Unkar Plutt a wookie or just one in the background a lot!!!!! But nooooooooo The fact that a lot of hate comes from her being female is still baffling to me coming from the Star Wars franchise. I mean has anyone seen ANH? Leia is an unstoppable beast that outsmarts Tarkin and Vader! I guess the PT less so, but Padme does some work in 1? Think the Star Wars adventures explains it best lol. ................. OH FFS!!! The like/dislike bar killed me a bit inside. This is why we can't have nice things people!! It is funny that I agree that story wise it should have been been different, but man do love how they handle that scene and all the set up to allow her to win. The power of the bowcaster, Finn getting that lucky hit in because Kylo was trolling him, and then finally Kylo being so distressed that he killed his dad (think that they could have implied it more in the movie.... guess they do in TLJ) that he can't even force pull the saber the first attempt. Great scene, fun fight, and it really screwed up Kylo as intimidating if a person did not see the movie 4 times in theaters lol.
  15. The proof of the movie is in the watching. With great CGI comes great responsibility lol. TPM does use some practical effects and surprisingly holds up in some areas like the pod race. On the other hand, the gungan battle looks bad once the fighting starts. AotC doubled down on all the bad CGI and really made that an ugly movie (RotS is a mixed bag like TPM). The added CGI in the OT looks really really bad and just makes all the practical effects look even better by comparison. And the worse part in the changes and PT is that a lot of bad CGI could have easily been practical effects! They have the models right there!
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