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  1. It does feel like she will have infiltrate, but I wonder if she will get probe droids or Inferno Squad (maybe both)? They both should have infiltrate, but with Dio as her companion there should be a repair feature. As for Inferno Squad I wonder if they will be the first batch of all unique units. Figure the Ghost crew would also work for Rebels in the same way. As for Cassian/K2S0 I bet we will finally get those Jyn command to really shine.
  2. My take from this article is that the main Resistance force will be T-70s, buuuuuuuuuut it leaves room for this ship to appear in either the movie, comics or books in small numbers. As for the final battle we got at least 30 fighters in the trailer, hints in the comics that the Mon Cal will join the Resistance or get wiped out (stupid Quarren), a Mon Cal character seen in costume test (Ackbar's son most like), and the leaks (many dubious, but all say massive space battle). As for stats itself this does a lot for X-wing to work with: better engines, can barrel roll/turn around better, stronger blasters, and that large nose is a sensor slot. Will be very interesting to see what way they go with this ship.
  3. This right here. I listened to the Q&A part twice and they pretty much blame the Vader/Luke release as the mouse telling them to do it. Listening to that part felt very wierd and almost felt like a very passive agressive jap at the company??? But the other releases make little sense on FFG's part.....unless I am missing something. And I maybe am, maybe somebody can explain a good reason for their order? October: Luke/Vader. Should have been Rex/Dooku, but we know the switch up from the sku number and them telling us. I like Rex, but maybe CIS should have gotten a cheap commander as well? November: All faction infantry xpack at least covers the Clone Wars, but does this really add a different feel to the factions? I don't really know how much impact it will add to these factions (and it may)? December: A terrian piece that is nice, but pricy and does not really work for Clone Wars. The escape pod helps GAR, but CIS don't get a operative for 4 months after the fact? Q1: The tanks are nice, but I question more infantry. I mean wouldn't special forces have been better to give more options? Just feels....wierd. Q2: Hopefully by then they will switch how they do releases and we will get a large wave and 8 products. Which would still have issues (end of the quarter releases means two months of nothing), but more product is always good. I really do enjoy this game and will still buy this stuff, but these release order sort of sucks. If they really want to challenge the big boys with this game then they at least need to get a consistent release date or more balanced order. Nobody wants Armada 2.0....
  4. Clone Wars should of been done in December. I will forever wonder why FFG would screw up the hype train by throwing in GCW commanders, operatives, and terrain in the middle of what should be back to back CW. I know the mouse played a little part in the order, but that bunker should not come before more options for GAR/CIS.................right? I know I should not hope, but I like to think they changed the dates of Rex/Dooku to earlier (they did get shipments in South America) or that their new release timeline is grouped up (like X-wing) and earlier in the year. If Kassian/Iden is Q2 next year that would mean they are sticking to 6 a quarter for at least the Gen Con stuff. That would suck since CIS or GAR would not get their second commander and/or trooper until next February?!?!?!
  5. So more leaks for these two? So either this is FFG worse kept secret or a massive troll job.... Should be interesting units, but why hide these at all?? Then throw in the wierd thing going on with Rex/dooku and legion has got wierd.
  6. So what are going odds right now for this mishap? And what are the odds FFG explains nothing? (It's high, it's really high) Casue people having boxes of stuff is weird. Throw in the fact that these two commanders should have come out next year and everything is just........wierd.
  7. You misspelled droids.😉 On a serious note they should be next week right? FFG use to like to do a announcement a week for Legion, at least for a bit they did. I would also say that sets up unit expansions for November and bunker and pod (maybe??) for December. Conspiracy theory time!!!: With them doing everything for Empire and Rebels in just one article does that help push the theory that they are hiding something? They have revealed almost everything for the bunker, escape pod, and now grouping up the unit pack in mid October. That is a lot of time to go without articles and they are still missing two SKUs. I mean sure they can start revealing stuff set for next year, but I don't know how to feel about their articles being months ahead of release..................
  8. I would be shocked if we did not get any sometime next year. Based off of everything we got before the Clone Wars release we will get 5 commanders, 2-3 operatives, 3 troopers, 3 special forces, 3 supports, and 2 heavies. So my money is on either the ARC troopers or Republic Commandos making it in sooner rather then later. They may reuse the Wookies and have to throw in snipers soooooo maybe not both will make it in, but the commandos have a very similar ability to the rebel pathfinders weapon swap (and FFG has shown that they really like to have similar units in Legion).
  9. I think a lot of the stuff in these two packs are meh??? I mean exhaust cards are questionable at best and the weapons at best are more lateral movements then something that we must have (FFG really value their surge to crits). If I had to say the best of the pack is the DLT-A for Rebels? It may not be better then the Z-6, but at least it offers a clear role in why you would want it over other weapons. Maybe next week we will get the Clone Wars ones and they will have more stand out stuff (poison droid shotguns). ..........................IDK it really feel like this is a tournament expansion and we will have to wait until the pros get their hands on them to see if anything can shine brighter then the power of Z-6s and DLTs. If anything the real value of these packs are the alt models for Rebels. Gonna have a lot of fun cutting off heads and diversifying the units.
  10. Oh snap never thought of that and yet it is still just steals the idea from X-wing. The First Order will have a special slot on their units that could make them more high tech then the rest. Not a bad idea either. Really the two main things about the First Order is the brainwashing and the advance looking tech/weapons. Their size and their skill are never really seen in the comics/movies/books. At least Legion wise I think they set it up that Clones are the best of the best while Empire is the middle ground of all units.
  11. Maybe?????? So far they are still sticking to their release one or two things every month at the end of the month. Sounds like they plan to change that format, but no new info on that yet. September: Was suppose to be the Clone Wars, but that got pushed back into this month (hopefully). October: Think we should get Luke/Vader by the end of the month so we still got a few weeks left. I would not hold my breath they can make it, but there is still hope. November and December: The four unit expansions and the two terrain pieces. Or so they said in the Q&A, the article for the pod still says 2020. Feels a little skimpy since a lot of stuff listed has already be revealed in articles. I guess each unit pack could be split in two, but I guess the Clone Wars took a lot out the company and they will have to slow down for a bit (my best guess)..........
  12. Mind blown! Never thought of them doing just one faction at a time. I figure they are going to change how they release products (hinted at with them going from 6 to 8 and will still do Scum first, but man I can see them doing one faction at a time. Would really help with their Clone Wars problems that have risen up recently. Its crazy how the First Order got at least 3 commanders, two heavies, 3 infantry, 2 special forces, and a few supports. Really they only need help in their operative spot. As for Resistance they got the V-4X and a quick check on the wook......... 1 speeder lol. At least they got a lot of commanders and operatives. Maybe go the same route as X-wing Resistance? All of their junk is just named heroes in different roles with special abilities. Black Squadron does a lot of leg work, a Vi special forces unit, Zay Versio with Dio and Shriv, and maybe use that skiff from 9 as a heavy that we could switch out the heroes on it?
  13. The sequel materiel is really throwing stuff out there now. We get a look at IX ships, snowtroopers, First Order bombers, and the hint of the future Resistance fleet. Real big boons for both X-wing and Armada. If it was not for the lack of ground forces for the Resistance the sequel troopers would be ready to go. Does make me wonder if we are getting Scum first or First Order/Resistance? My money was on scum, but I am not sure now.
  14. Only a Rebel player here as well so can only help with one faction, but if you got two core you are off to a good start. Luke and AT-RTs are some of the best Rebel options you can run. Both are also fun to play, not as complex as other units, and can counter some of the big things in the meta right now. Rts have two really good options that got better with the recent points change. Luke is going to get even better after his operative version of him drops and you will have 6 command cards for him to use. As for impact unit I would say Liea is a big player since she is cheap, but is very supportive of the rest of the army. She may not be the easiest or the most fun to play (I really like Han/Chewie), but she gets stuff done every time. As for units in the last year the Rebel Veterans and tauntauns are very very important/good. Tauntauns are so good and versatile that they should be first on any Rebel buyers guide. Veterans offer two infantry in the box that offer an interesting combo with token control and fire support. For heavies the landspeeder is probably a safer choice over the airspeeder, but they are both find just not first round buying (I may be bias since I have little luck with both options). Special forces your millage may very, but wookies and pathfinders are fine. They are more situational then the other listed options since they will often win you the game as often as they fall over to a stiff breeze. I got a soft spot for them both (as well as Jyn), but cannot recommend them that a first round buy without a lot of warnings.
  15. Thanks, with all the research I was still not sure if they were better at range or melee. I know they get the 7 actions and about going in and out of melee at will casue of creature, but I was not sure where all the killing came from lol.
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