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  1. That said, it probably isn't out of the question for the inquisition to deal with whatever issue pops up in their given space, regardless of threat type. Yes some branches specialize in fighting certain enemies, but no inquisitor turns a blind eye to any credible threat to the imperium, even if its outside of his or her specialty. Combine that with the overall inquisition presence in some sectors (like askellon) is low to non-existent, who ever is there will have to deal with anything and everything that pops up, and make the call if reinforcements are needed, or if a planet cannot be saved.
  2. It was a really wonderful moment early on in my campaign when my most loot-happy player finally 'got' the Influence system and stopped trying to take every friggin' thing that wasn't bolted down (and a few that were). I understand that many people don't like the system and I'm aware that it has its shortcomings, but I'm really glad that FFG decided to go in that direction. Honestly, theres 3 real issues with this system that I see normally 1) getting must have items, such as ammo resupply, or basic equipment like flashlights (torches, stablights, not lasguns) and communications becomes unreliable 2) starting acquisitions are too valuable to spend on filling out said basic equipment, and instead demand focus on better weapons, armor, and specialist tools(auspex, multikey, combat vest, mechadendrites, etc). You could use starting acquisition to get more basic equipment, but you're basically hamstringing yourself as its a significantly harder roll than the flashlights, backpacks, and whatnot. 3) sacrificing influence to get gear early, but while that increases the power curve temporarily, it exacerbates problem number 1. Still, i see it banned often enough that i should add it. Scarce or better "may" have been too high of a level for starting acquisitions, but based on the expected power curve of the released campaigns so far, The devs expect GMs to ramp up the difficulty faster rather than slower like in 1st edition, with much shorter campaigns and higher experience gains. This also may have something to do with trying to cater more towards the pulpy side of 40k, considering most people can't take space orks, space elves, power armored mutant boy scouts, and space wizards/demons too seriously and see playing the infantryman who dies to everything as being utterly pointless. A lot of this is off topic though, sorry. The idea of never having standardized a currency in such a vast empire is kind of dumb, especially when you have rogue traders who go around wheeling and dealing across far edges of the empire and are supposed to somehow keep an account of profits, with no number to back it up. I feel like they should have left in a currency system, just have anything above a certain rarity not buyable with coin/gelt/whatever. It represents the heirloom status of power weapons and the restricted status of heavy armor and ordinance on most worlds i feel. You need to have influence/power to even be able to get a look at such items, much less buy them.
  3. I don't know, personally i like whirlwind attack with a warhammer, smack everyone in the face with a concussive weapon and you don't have to worry too much about dodging and parrying, it also works with a power/shock maul. Considering heirophants don't get the defense aptitude, im generally more keen on abusing concussive, either via a warhammer/powermaul or the feat that lets you gain concussive on all out attacks, combined with the ability that lets you all out attack twice, and maybe even blademaster to make sure that first strike hits. Combat master looks important if you are going to make use of whirlwind attack. Otherwise getting ganged up on will probably kill you. Then again, if your group just needs crowd control and not a melee beatstick, buy stun grenades. Seriously. Those buggers are nasty. If stun grenades don't work, you might need blind or web grenades.
  4. I think it's the tank killing thing. If it's just the tank killing, then make the extra damage of accurate not apply to vehicles. Or, if you want to allow it to damage lightly armoured vehicles, the extra damage is only rolled if the base damage roll is enough to do at least 1 point of damage. That sounds like a rather elegant solution to me. I can definitely agree with this one.
  5. Accurate applies to weapons even without a telescopic sight. i.e. no zoom. Correct, and it begs the question why accurate pistols dont give a damage bonus like their basic counter parts... Balance, I presume. And some fluff related to bullet sizes and stuff. Which pistols are accurate, by the way? I don't know of any in DH2, haven't been looking very carefully though. In DH1 there is quite a few, most of them found in Inquisitors handbook, also a melta pistol in one the adventures, think The Black Sepulchre or another in that trilogy. I am fine with the way RAW rules works (even if it is clearly a quick fix that raises as many questions as it answers), its not really a big issue in my opinion. The needle pistol has accurate. They will probably add some others in some of the other splatbooks. Or at least I hope they do. I feel the armory could either use more flavor weapons, or proper rules for making more unique weapons, or at least more weapon modifications and ammo to add special rules like maybe razor sharp, twin linked, sanctified, felling, and others. (I really like legacy weapons from black crusade >.>) But as for pistols not getting the damage bonus, even accurate pistols generally don't have the sights necessary for it. If you had a laser sight sure, but pistol ironsights are pretty terrible, and generally don't work well with alternate sights outside of a laser. They also run the risk of being used either in melee or dual wielded. That said, they could just add a line that says "accurate does not work while in melee combat or two weapon wielding," but i doubt they were thinking of that at the time. But a level 3 talent to get back one of the damage dice on a sniper rifle? yes only the dedicated sniper will go for it, but you also just push people into the "two weapon wielding is king" even more. It also means you might as well use a grenade launcher with krak grenades because the damage is the same. yes its harder to hit with, but its just as hard as getting the 3 degrees of success needed to do 2d10 damage. I feel people are still comparing the sniper rifles to autoguns and lasguns and not to flamers, grenade launchers, and scarce melee weapons, any of which could be taken from the start and do tremendous damage. Should we just ban all starting weapons other than autoguns, lasguns, and basic swords? Its a fallacious argument i know, but someone titled this thread "the agony of accuracy" when there are many weapons that are equally as agonizing when players know how to use them. There have also been arguments about flamers and grenades and melee weapons. All of these complaints seem to point back to people wanting lower power levels from starting characters, not the actual balance of weapon qualities.
  6. Aye, that sounds more like 40k, I had forgotten about that talent, thanks for the reminder And I had forgotten the average intelligence of your typical 40k soldier was none. All the more reason for them to have a ranged fighter that actually has good tech use, as currently they seem mutually exclusive, when it comes to roles.
  7. I don't like the current jamming rules to be honest. While I'm not one for realism in 40k, theres a point where things don't make sense, and losing an entire clip for a jam is ridiculous. You lose the shot sure, and you may even have to reload, but you shouldn't lose an entire clip. Lasgun's don't jam as much as they overheat, and burning up an entire clip in such a fashion in any weapon would probably destroy the gun, barring single shot weapons. This is why jams are essentially mandatory fate point usage, better to miss than have your ammo vanish into the warp. rules for backpack ammo supplies say you lose one clip as compared to the whole backpack, which still doesn't make much sense in my opinion, and considering they did not add the backpack power supply into the weapon profile on the table I would argue its a "if you were to get one standard issue instead of requisitioning it via influence." the backpack also makes no sense as it would weigh too much and require carrying around multiple backpacks. That or an actual backpack power supply is essentially mandatory as any jam would be fatal. in short RAW, this is a disaster and you hope and pray it doesn't happen, or you take a backpack power supply upgrade whenever you get a hotshot weapon so each clip doesn't weigh 10 kilos and still hope you don't jam much. Also consider the next time you try and get ammo, its as easy to get a backpack ammo supply (and its only 5 kilos heavier) as it is to get more hotshot clips, and you can roll tech-use to recharge it rather than rolling constantly for power backpacks Otherwise, try to get the GM to house rule out of it, but that generally is a last resort (one of mine abandoned the 10kg power pack).
  8. Or attempting a low profile sneak attack, because stormtroopers and arbiters tend to draw a lot of attention. Clearing heretic/xenos/mutant infested factories, mansions, warehouses, sewers, cave systems, ruins, and even the occasional military complex are common enough occurrences in the imperium, and it would be a waste for the party to never go on one of these expeditions. In the end, someone always has to clean up the garbage, and if a group wants to keep its subtlety, they will most likely have to do this themselves. Any investigation only campaign would get boring eventually, and it always helps to have climactic battle/base raid to end your adventure on planet.
  9. As BillMcDonagh noted above and as I've implied before, sniper rifles don't really scale. They're pretty good for starting weapons, but the problem is that you can't just compare them to starting weapons if you're concerned about the Accurate property. Instead, you have to compare whatever has that property to whatever doesn't - and it turns out that there are a lot of weapons which outclass nearly all* the weapons with Accurate. And several of them (lascannon, autocannon, missile launcher) are even long-range just like sniper weapons. See, what we're doing in your quote above is comparing an autogun to a sniper rifle. This isn't terribly fair not because of anything about the sniper rifle, but because the autogun (and most of other SP weapons, and most of the Las weapons) is in the scum tier** of weapons. Unless you use it for suppressive fire, the autogun is a terrible weapon that you should trade up for at the first opportunity, and even the setting represents that with its availability and flavor text. If you're concerned about taking out a target with high armor/Unnatural Toughness, then either it's above your pay grade (at which point you will be thankful to have a sniper rifle!) or it's an even match for you (by which point you should likely have a kit of heavy armaments). *I say nearly because the Exitus Rifle from DH1E's Ascension was on par with top-tier weapons by virtue of having good base damage/Pen and having special ammunition that made it even better. **I will sometimes refer to it as the "s*** tier" of weapons but I'm uncertain whether profanity is allowed here, hence "scum tier" instead. Yeah, the common lasgun and autoguns just aren't very good. If you're talking abstract levels of power, the sniper rifle is in the range with weapons like flamers, grenade launchers (or just grenades), and melee weapons which aren't any harder to get. They each have their own independent roles separate from the sniper rifle and with the exception of melee, draw a lot of controversy. I think people need to realize, that just like on tabletop, the lasgun and autogun are bad weapons, fit only for shooting unarmored thugs or suppressing fire. The issue (im hoping) wasn't overall damage, it was basically power out of the gate, as you can get a sniper rifle as a starting acquisition, where as recoil gauntlets and dual wield talents are harder to get than that. As i said though, there are other weapons in this availability tier that are equally debilitating.
  10. It does scale better, but it takes longer for it to get rolling. one of the tradeoffs of sniper rifles is they have limited scaling in exchange for reliability, especially considering a lot of talents add damage "per hit" and not "per DoS" A heavy stubber with a skilled gunner will rip people apart faster than a skilled sniper would most of the time, assuming we arent fighting space marines or tanks. Also, I still hold the right to kill dark eldar skimmers with a sniper rifle. It's their own fault for never armoring anything. Otherwise im going to snipe the pilot because its open topped. Still, if you told me an actual tank was coming at me, my first instinct isn't to shoot it with a sniper rifle, its to GTFO.
  11. Yeah this is basically my issue with it. You can join an assassins group or something, although, even that is pushing it becuase your job is inquisitorial acolyte, not assassin. You just have murder-skills. The Temple Assassins are trained from birth, so that's completely ridiculous. I guess you could receive contracts based on when you are as potential side-jobs from a guild, but I expect you'd get the old "executed for wasting Imperial Resources" thing, if anyone noticed. In this case, you are the imperial resource and you're wasting your time on other things. If you've got downtime on a planet or need to establish deep cover, I can totally see acolytes joining various local organization temporarily. However, that's really different from some wacky elite advance assassin thing with special abilities. Im just trying to come up with ideas for new sets of abilities and equipment that could be linked together to create a unique advance, and something more interesting than the "inquisitor's" "you take every skill ever and have slightly better fate point usage) Also, most elite advances require between mission downtime to make sense, as it requires outside training and equipment. Its not something you randomly decide halfway through. Minus the untouchable, which really you shouldn't be taking outside of character creation. The psycher has his own consequences, mainly massive corruption gain and plot issues of becoming an unsanctioned psycher through sorcery or forbidden lore.
  12. I think part of the problem is the crazy high chance to hit. A sniper can get so many bonuses that its impossible to miss. So add near guaranteed hit with likely lots of d10s and if any of the d10s is low it can be subbed out for the degrees of success. When combined with things like inescapable attack and either the assassin ability or eye of vengeance it can get real dumb. The other part of this is that both sniper weapons are easy to start with and blow the other starting weapons out of the water. Easily dodge as long as the firer doesn't pick up one very obvious talent (inescapable attack). This talent stacks stupidly well with the accurate rule. Unlike the full auto weapons though the sniper rifles practically can't miss they get so many Ballistic skill bonuses and have a smaller chance of jamming. If a sniper wants to pin he can just overwatch instead of suppressing. Willpower test is easier but far more likely to still hit the target and can shoot at multiple targets for still more base damage than the autoweapon. Along with talents alternate ammo types can add quite a bit to SP weapons. The las power settings also are pretty helpful. Don't forget most vehicles give a size bonus to hit as well. Add on some special ammo and/or mighty shot and/or overcharging the long las and it's at least pretty good at hurting vehicles, if not eventually killing them. Even against lots of small enemies the accurate weapons can be better. They are pretty much guaranteed to hit and do enough damage to easily kill puny enemies. Full auto weapons have a chance to get enough hits to hurt multiple targets but are also far more likely to just miss or jam and do nothing or to fail to get past a tough enemy's damage soak. Since the accurate weapons' d10s are all added together it gives a far better chance to power through high armor and toughness enemies. Suppressing fire doesn't really even things out thanks to overwatch being stupid (triggering multiple times, also causing pinning and no additional penalties to hit). 1) yeah the sniper is up there with the flamethrower and grenade launcher as far as powerful starting items go. I don't know how much of it is a hold over from first edition, when full auto and semi auto were flat out better than single shot, but back then, every weapon was absurdly powerful. 2) vehicles are really easy to hit and damage, I think some of it is just bad scaling though on the vehicles part, but i do start seeing where 3d10 damage for a rifle is a bit much when compared to light vehicle armor. 3) you lose all those aim bonuses and the bonus damage when firing from overwatch though. You're back down to 1d10+4 with however much pen, at base Ballistic skill The fundamental problem is that the extra damage from degrees of success is compounded by the high accuracy bonuses of a single shot accurate weapon. While its fine against random humanoids, It does become an issue against hardened targets like vehicles or bosses. Fog suggested straight up reducing the damage but that risks its actual idea of being that reliable single shot infantry killer it is supposed to be, which he may agree with, but i don't. I think it would be better to add to the base damage of the weapon rather than more d10s, like for every 2 degrees of success, add 4 damage (or 2 damage per extra degree, up to 8), since thats the base damage not counting overcharge on a longlas or sniper rifle. That way you can be sure it at least wont be plowing through the front or side armor of a tank anytime soon but still doing sensible damage. It runs a bit counter to the idea of "always roll dice for random damage" this game uses but i feel the randomness detracts somewhat in that the best aimed shot could either turn your rifle into an anti-tank weapon, or leave you bewildered at the enemy walking away unscathed.
  13. This game is about what you want to give it. In my games, I've had players that played bodyguard by the book. They had a very enjoyable experience. If the bodyguard does his job right, he ain't supposed to put himself betwee the protégé and the attack most of the time. It's like everything, play right, those situations won't happen. It is sure that acting bad and playing bad will be a bad experience. That's why you always have, as GM and players, the option to play well. Yeah, when i said bodyguard, i don't mean standing in the way of bullets, i mean someone who can use his reactions to move people out of the way or parry a blow aimed at someone else. Aptitudes would be along the lines of defense, toughness, willpower, although not sure of the rest.
  14. in a sense the game already has these, as no role is useful all of the time, and some are useless a large portion of the time. having both limited in combat and non-combat uses.
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