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  1. Your description is identical to my area and I feel the Force is telling me I've played against that repainted Phantom in a tourney/championship before at the store you frequented. I played Scum and if I recall correctly I ran a Talonbane list against you. I haven't played there in about seven months I'd say but the last event I attended was a store championship and there were like 40 people crammed in there. I hadn't realized most of them were siphoned away. It is an unfortunate reality of business. I know most of the other days have scheduled gaming but in this kind of situation its probably best to consider changing the X-Wing day to something else so they no longer coincide. Comely's comment jives with my area too. I can add that the store he described which has the lowest prices does not have a gaming area and is pure retail. Do you happen to be a fellow Canuck? That's pretty much the only verification I need, eh?
  2. I have a feeling that the moulds used for the bases wear out considerably faster than the ships as they use them for all the small/large models. They probably started using a fresh mould for wave 7/8 so it may be worthwhile to check wave 8 against some of the wave 1 stuff as they would have been from a fresh(er) mould too.
  3. I'd leave it out laying flat for a few days and see where it's at before trying to iron it. I've heard this has helped people who've stored their mats vertically resulting in ridges.
  4. I recently used a Tensarii Point Veteran equipped with VI, Heavy Scyk, and Tractor Beam to harrowing effect. It was against a list with low-mid PS K-Wings & B-Wings and an X-Wing in it and he really messed the game up in the most gleefully reckless way imaginable. First round of engagement he pulled the only enemy in firing range onto a rock which he then had to fly off of next turn. He also managed to pull ships into the range 1 sweet spot on more than one occasion [with reduced agility to boot]. I kited him through the asteroid field as much as possible to maximize the tractor beams potential. He was a little dismayed at how commanding the tractor beam was on the table and I think this nimble and relatively cheap platform helped to only exacerbate that. He knew I was taking it beforehand but having now flown against it, I'm not so sure he's going to give me nearly as many free opportunities to use it next time. One things for sure though - the Scyk "fix" can't get here soon enough. This little guys hopefully going to get really mean.
  5. I will second what others have said in regards to super Dash and Corran, Most Wanted and a Firespray or a new core set/Rebel Aces and a YT-1300. Any of those options are going to give you some viable and more importantly fun lists to play.
  6. Yeah I haven't bought one yet and will wait to hear what the actual ruling is before deciding one way or the other. Kind of disappointed that they seem to not even know what they meant for it to do.
  7. Here's some info [pretty much]confirming the EPVII X-Wing set due in a couple weeks on Force friday. The Force Awakens X-Wing They've got pics but they aren't going to spoil it. These guys are legit
  8. You can get the extra cards through any number of online channels for a reasonable price. This is a problem that has had a third party solution for as long as I can remember. As others have said, FFG will never undermine their core product by selling a supplement. I think it cost me $11 to get all of the cards that only had 2/3 in the core set.
  9. Anything Zahn as other have mentioned but my shortlist is: Shadows of the Empire: A great example of a well executed multi-media project. The game, graphic novel and novelization are all really good. The Force Unleashed tried to recreate this idea but ultimately fell short in my opinion. Outbound Flight: A standalone Zahn book set in the prequel era. I couldn't put this one down. Legacy of the Force Series: This is 9 books written by three authors (Karen Traviss among them) and is basically the last great epic of the legacy EU. I see a lot of inspiration being pulled from this series in TFA [based on lots of speculation of course]. Its a tragic story and many main characters suffer cruel fates. Death Star: Another standalone book. Interesting tale on the lives of some everyday crew members during the construction of the Death Star leading right up to the Battle of Yavin Honourable Mentions: Darth Plagueis: I haven't actually read this one myself but I have only heard good things about it. It seems they've re-canonized some details from this story and I am curious to see if he ends up making an appearance in the sequel trilogy. One of the cooler mysteries of the prequel trilogy for sure. New Star Wars Marvel Comics: I know someone else mentioned Marvel unlimited and I know you asked for legacy content but the new comics have been very good. Star Wars does a good job of capturing the essence of the main characters, Darth Vader is a serious badass in his series, Princess Leia provides some context to the immediate aftermath of Ep IV and Kanan is the surprise of the lot - an original story [quite tragic so far] and probably my favourite of all of them.
  10. This is crystal clear in the rules once you've carefully studied the wording for each entry. I will bold relevant terms. "Effect Use and Timing [p 5] Each effect in the game has a timing during which it can resolve. This timing is usually specified within the effect, though some effects use the more specific timing described in this section. - A “while” effect can be resolved during the specified event and cannot occur again during that instance of the event. - A “when” effect occurs at the moment that the specified event occurs and cannot occur again for that instance of the event. - An “after” effect occurs immediately after the specified event and cannot occur again for that instance of the event. - If two or more of a player’s effects have the same timing, that player can resolve those effects in any order." "Commands [p 3] A ship can resolve the effect of a command by spending a command dial or command token with the matching icon at the appropriate time. The effect of the command is based on which component was spent: - Squadron: Resolve after revealing the ship’s command dial. - Dial: Activate a number of friendly squadrons up to the ship’s squadron value that are at close–medium range of the ship. Each squadron activated in this way can attack and move in either order. The squadrons are chosen and activated one at a time. - Token: Activate one squadron as described above." "Command Tokens [p 3] When a ship’s command dial is revealed, that dial can be spent to assign the corresponding command token to that ship." "Engagement [p 6] While a squadron is at distance 1 of one or more enemy squadrons, it is engaged with all of those enemy squadrons. - An engaged squadron cannot move - Squadrons do not engage other squadrons while moving even if a portion of the range ruler is at distance 1 of an enemy squadron. Only the starting and final positions matter for engagement." --- 1. While the engagement entry never explicitly states the word "effect", the effect entry specifies the term "while" as an effect. The engagement entry begins with "while" so it is indeed an effect. 2. All of these effects have different timings as I've shown above. As such, they will never interfere with each other and there is no reason to select the order in which they resolve. 3. The "while" effect, in regards to engagement, is resolved during the specified event [a squadron at distance 1] or in more specific terms: The instant you or your enemy places a squadron in its final position within distance 1 of an opposing squadron. 4. The "after" effect, in regards to using squadron command, occurs immediately after the specified event [revealing the dial]. The "when" effect, in regards to using the token, occurs at the moment the specified event [spending the token] occurs. These in no way interfere with the "while" effect [engagement] that has already resolved and cannot occur again until a new instance of the effect is initiated. This can only happen when there are no enemy squadrons within distance 1 of the squadron you wish to activate. 5. If a new enemy squadron ends movement within distance 1 of a friendly squadron that is already engaged, nothing changes for the friendly squadron. They maintain the same instance of engagement as the condition for the first instance is still met [there is at least one enemy squadron at distance 1] ---- The rules are written precisely for these kinds of situations. All of the text related to this subject essentially boils down to this: - When a squadron ends it movement within distance 1 of an enemy squadron they are engaged - A squadron is engaged until there are no enemy squadrons within distance 1 of it - An engaged squadron cannot move That's it. Anything otherwise really doesn't make sense in context to the rules as written. Plus, the new "grit" ability would hold little to no merit if your interpretation of the rules were to be true. Your stumbling point seems to have been the lack of the literal term "effect" in the engagement entry. I believe I have sufficiently proven that engagement is indeed an effect. I hope this has helped clear it up.
  11. My group and I just finished our campaign with this mission last night. I was the Imperial player and up until that point I had only won two missions -- the story mission where the Rebels are trying to rescue the captive and Han Solo's side mission. The Rebels were composed of Diala, Fenn and Mak with the heroic titles. I saved a handful of cheap agendas [increase threat by threat level, focus two models when a hero is wounded, deal a strain, bleed and stun to a hero just damaged by a probe droid] and chose elite Stormtroopers and Trandoshan hunters as my open groups. The rebels elected to bring the saboteurs along as they've proven to be effective, especially since they won an early side mission which gave them a card which shaved 2 points off the deployment cost. I immediately used the threat agenda at the end of round 1 allowing me to deploy both open groups. I kept the heat on and nearly wounded Fenn by round two but he survived with a couple HP and was able to rest up after dealing some gnarly damage to the elite Stormies [with combat veteran attachment]. The rebels pushed forward, slowly but surely, until they reached the first door by the end of round 4. They were really feeling the pressure by this point and they wanted to keep the momentum going so Mak opened the first door as his second action. He was immediately shot at by a probe droid with sustained attack and show of force who then used the agenda card to strain, stun and cause bleeding. He spent his next activation trying to heal but it wasn't enough as he couldn't shake all the conditions and remained stunned. The next turn the probe droid finished the job and Mak was wounded. At this point the Rebels are crammed into the tight corridor leading to the entrance of the hanger. Diala is whirlwinding all around, slashing anyone in sight and spreading lots of damage around. Mak is still trying to shake his conditions and Fenn's keeping a safe distance to try and get some blast shots off. I turn my attention to the Jedi who takes a couple turns to wound with the help of some Trandoshans [she likes to run the Jedi hot on strain which always works to my advantage ] The rebels are really starting to panic, fearing what may lie behind door number 2 [their bets are on an AT-ST]. They manage to clear out the room and position themselves in front of the door for next round [i think they're on round 8 by this point]. I deploy Stormies with combat veterans and assault armour to basically where they're standing. Diala takes a few swings with little effect and the Stormies unload point blank into Fenn. He takes some damage but nothing too serious. Mak tries in vain to open the door with his reduced tech skill, rolling no surges and unable to utilize Diala's reroll ability. The lone saboteur is able to kill a Stormie. Fenn uses his first activation and finishes off the remaining stormtroopers before using his second to move up and open the door successfully. Now he is faced with an onslaught of fire from the newly deployed stormtroopers and probe droid. Using sustained attack and show of force I was able to get him down to 1HP which the officer was able to remove with the last activation of the round. Needless to say, Vader wasn't even necessary for this mission. We went out for a smoke break about halfway through and the general vibe from the Rebels was "We're screwed", a sentiment I shared with them. All in all, the campaign was a blast to play with a lot of games coming down to a single activation. The rebels thought that their rather grim ending was actually pretty cool in terms of the overall narrative. We're already talking about what we're going to do for our second playthrough. Four heroes regardless of PC count is a must. We're also really looking forward to adding in some of the extra content from the Luke, Vader & hopefully the other expansions.
  12. Just print it double sided or print two and put them in the same sleeve
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