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  1. I'm not sure what brought about this hostility? All I did was lay out arguments and counterarguments. My first two posts weren't even replies to you. I didn't want to do an actual ranking yet since I haven't played with Yokuni or Kisada, but I did want to discuss the Kisada card. Maybe I should have done that in the overall Crab thread. Here's how I would rank them with that caveat: I do think Kisada is the worst so far, because I think he has the lowest floor of any of them. I see more scenarios where he has a low impact on the board, and I think he clashes with the clan's mechanics more than the other champs do. In the Lion/Crane games I've played, the value of a single action isn't really that high. It's possible this is different in other matchups. Hotaru/Toturi are the same card, so it's hard to separate them. An argument can be made that Hotaru is better because Crane emphasizes swarm less. An argument can be made Toturi is better because of upside with Sashimono and the Spiritcaller. To actually separate them I think we need to see what the overall balance of MIL/POL is once all the clans are revealed. If I had to choose right now I would say Hotaru is a little better because Lion kind of has a proxy "champion" in Honored General that is worth a little more than Toturi in the Crane matchup thanks to coming in Honored (protecting from Shameful Display/Art of Peace and making Voice of Honor hard to play). Yokuni is the best because even when he is blank (which I think will happen more often than people think) he has the best numbers, and he has the highest upside.
  2. Except you can draw up to 5 cards a turn plus other effects, so wasting actions isn't as much of a cost. It does give Crab a possible dishonor approach along with some of their other cards, but who knows how well that will work? Maybe it's a thing. Raw stats slugfest actually seems like a fine position against Crab. Crab gets value from sac'ing their bowed guys for MIL skill and/or cards. They don't really have great printed stats for the most part. If you're just dropping attachments on your guys rather than bowing theirs, they aren't getting maximum value out of sac'ing anyone but Eager Scout. This line of play seems pretty good, and makes me think Dragon in particular might be pretty rough for Crab to deal with. Kisada himself is hard to out raw in MIL, but that's what POL is for. Using your stronghold to eat up Kisada means you made Kisada's ability worth about 2 skill. That seems like a lower value than the other champ abilities. It only starts adding up to more over multiple conflicts, but Crab doesn't really seem like they are actually all that much better than other clans at defending (especially in POL) so Kisada's trait is probably only active in multiple conflicts if Crab went first, which puts him in a similar boat as the Crane/Lion champs. For example, Lion with a Venerable Historian can attack POL, use the box, use the Historian, and Crab is going to have a hard time winning that conflict with a similar investment of resources. Yeah, the Lion has X amount of skill less for their later MIL conflict, but that's pretty well balanced by getting their selected ring and turning off Kisada. Kisada has very little value in such a turn. Staging Ground has plenty of turns where you don't need to use it, so it then becomes available to throw away. Same with stuff like Nerishma or City of Lies. You don't do it if the flip is more valuable than the action you use to eat up Kisada. It's just an option you sometimes have. I don't have the option to occasionally nullify Yokuni or Hotaru by doing nothing. I do against Kisada. Kisada does little to stop these. If you have the card, you use your box and then play the event. You wasted around 2 skill to remove 7, an option that is available less often against the other champions.
  3. I actually think he clashes with the clan mechanics a little. Like any champ, he's going to eat up most if not all of your fate for a turn, so he's really only going to be out there with guys left over from the previous turn, barring an Eager Scout. Leftover guys like the Stoic Gunso or Vengeful Berserker, who are not all that valuable with Kisada out. Crab seems to want a lot of guys out even more than Lion, otherwise their guys spend a lot of time blank.
  4. Since there aren't many kill or send-home effects and bowing cards doesn't prevent using abilities, the tempo his trait provides is nowhere near as valuable as it would be in the old game. Most clans can eat his trait up using their strongholds and very little value is lost. Heck, I'm pretty sure Lion can use Staging Ground to eat it up. All it takes is one throw away action and then winning the battle and he's done for the turn, and everybody always has their stronghold. Since he only prevents action abilities from cards, he has no impact if the opponent is gaining skill by playing attachments and conflict guys. The 0 glory is nice against dishonor, but it's going to be a nightmare against Mirumoto's Fury and Strength in Numbers.
  5. Let Go and Tattooed Wanderer are very strong cards for Influence.
  6. I really like the design direction of the clan. Very interesting. They definitely seem to be all-in on building voltron, and then gaining an advantage through readying effects and their holding. I'm a little concerned at a possible split in focus. While the overall focus is attachments, the individual cards have trait requirements so in the early days of the game they may run into situations where they have mismatched cards. Similarly, Yokuni is a powerful card that is hurt a bit by the voltron focus reducing the available targets. They have several effects that discard fate from the opponent's characters, but they also increase the fate available to the opponent with all of the spend to an unclaimed ring costs. Definitely less straightforward than the other two clans. I think it may take a while for the Dragon to get figured out or get a properly focused card pool.
  7. The only mention about it in the latest video is during the mulligan discussion.
  8. I think swarm is actually kind of a red herring for Lion. I've had my most success putting resources into big dudes and POL dudes and just letting the swarm guys fill out turns. Obstinate Recruit is great because free, but I would rate Toturi/General/Brawler over the other cheap MIL guys. As with any of the power characters so far, Brawler/Hotaru/Doji Challenger, he's more effective going first. I think that will hold true for most everyone, since choosing that first ring is so important. Toturi going first paired with one or more Brawlers creates blow out turns. Toturi + Sashimono is probably the scariest thing available right now. It seems like it would warp any match against military-first clans, even going second. That's a blow out waiting to happen if a MIL clan walks into Toturi + Sashimono (+ Way of the Lion). It even dominates Crane barring a Noble Sacrifice combo, and that can be played around with stuff like Steward of Law or Reprieve. Essentially, I think Crane is probably the worst match-up for Toturi and he's still pretty good. If it turns out Shameful Display can't be played with Art of Peace, that would dramatically reduce Crane's ability to deal with him. I haven't played mirror matches but he seems like he would just be terrifying between Sashimono and the difficulty hitting him with Brawler. Matsu Beiona is the Lion card that has been most useless to me. I only like her if I get her free with Eiji.
  9. I think she's a 0/2. From the showcase image, the MIL is definitely a 0, and the POL is too blurry to read but it looks more like the 2 from Lion's Pride Brawler than the 1 for Honored General.
  10. Night Raid is great for the stronghold, assuming your opponent doesn't have a chance to scout it out first. On a normal province, it probably is only taking 2 cards which isn't that big of a deal. Pilgrimage and Shameful Display are the two best. Which one is better is basically down to circumstance. Shameful Display's value might vary if other factions have lower glory than Lion/Crane, while I think Pilgrimage's is pretty consistent. Both are a little weaker in MIL challenges where there are more boosts to overcome them. Elemental Fury is pretty good, though the one-time nature of it makes it worse than the other two. It messes up plans pretty well. Things might go downhill if it gives the attacker the fate on the ring you switch to. Air is the usual switch and sometimes it's sitting there with several fate on it. I think The Art of War has a lower ceiling than The Art of Peace, but a higher floor. Both are good. I'm curious as to what Shameful Display's ring will end up being, since it has such a similar effect to The Art of Peace (Air) but the effect seems like it should be Fire. If Crane don't actually get to run both it is a little bit of a letdown for them. Display would be the one to keep.
  11. The real thing you learn by playing games is that having to defend SUCKS, but you have to do it A lot of the most effective tricks are offense only, so defending you get MIL pumps, For Shame, the occasional Duelist Training (difficult in MIL challenges, awesome in POL) and that's basically it. Sometimes even good 2-way cards like Voice of Honor are occasionally dead, as it would have been here with the presence of the Historian preventing it. If Historian isn't in play and Crane plays Voice of Honor on Banzai, everything plays out differently. It's why province effects are such a big deal. They are the best defensive cards and some of them are just disheartening for the attacker.
  12. Yeah, I misread you. Water use to unbow has basically never happened yet in my games so it didn't occur to me. That would have worked against Lion passing. Still, Lion got to 7 MIL in the real conflict so it would have won without breaking the province, Lion wins the ring and nothing happens with it *. Crane didn't have MIL pumps, otherwise it could have been used in the real conflict to force the Master of the Spears ability (which would have let the Gift Giver defend against the Historian). EDIT The actual path in this case is probably Banzai on the bowed LPB to make it 7, bow Hotaru, then the Master wins 3 to 0 and takes the province and has the Historian left against an bowed-out board.
  13. Remember, Lion had Ready for Battle for one of the bow effects. It's the reason a solo attack into a Gift Giver is possible at all. It obviously saves it for the Hotaru Ring use since it's getting what it wants out of the initial battle anyway (bowed out opponent).
  14. Remember that defenders bow as well now. So if the Crane defends with the Gift Giver and Hotaru, the Brawler bows the Challenger and voluntarily loses the conflict without playing anything, everybody bows, then the Crane has nothing to do while the Historian waltzes over and crushes the province.
  15. Lion had an honored Historian left over from the previous turn. Hotaru had a fate on her (Crane play for the turn was Hotaru at 6, Gift Giver at printed, 1 fate left), so the hypothetical Toturi play would have been Fire for double dishonor rather than Water, I mis-typed. The Lion deck has Jade Tetsubo in it, so defending with Hotaru runs the risk of Tetsubo getting played which gets the Brawler 6 MIL to bow her and a pump on top of that would mean losing Hotaru's fate as well. Either Way of the Lion or Banzai also pumps enough to bow Hotaru. Hotaru is probably screwed no matter what. Defending with Gift Giver at least gives Crane the possibility of winning the battle with the multiple bow effects and having Challenger left to do a MIL challenge and bow Historian.
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