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  1. What's with NetRunner overlap in MPLS/St Paul? I would go but I go to Mead Hall for NetRunner Thursdays. Tower Games and Fantasy Flight Game Center have NetRunner Mondays while Mead Hall and Level Up do it Thursdays.
  2. I second all of Feesh's points. I played one match with a friend's set and I was just completely taken by how we were playing the same game with the same general goal but such different means of accomplishing that goal (getting Agenda points.) I was particularly sold to buy more cards because of it being a LCG. I can't imagine getting into something like Magic nowadays because I don't want to put in that kind of time/money investment. As you said "The Netrunner community has a reputation for being particularly awesome and helpful." I've played it at two of my local game stores and each time the group was more than welcoming and always happy to help a new player figure out what's going on. You'll learn the hard way through losing at first but you pick it up fast. Almost any player will have some extra built decks, or even just the basic ones, and play a match with you to show you how it goes. The more the merrier!
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