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  1. I´ve noticed that both his own saber and Quicksilver baton could translate into extra dice. As he´s better than anyone else in finding and deploying the right upgrades I think this could be useful. E.g. supposing he has a red partner Round - find and play Quicksilver -> +1 die Round - find and play his Sabre, overwrite Quicksilver, play Equip and move Saber to another char -> +1 die Round - roll out the other char, PA back his saber, roll Mace out -> +1 die There´s alot of vaule that´s easy to come by.
  2. I wonder if card draw wouldn´'t be a thing when trying to fill out the "extra space" as it is basically deck thinning. Insight and Foresight are things coming to mind. Now you can find that Royal Starship or Mace sabre more effective. Also to find your rebate supports faster and thus ramp more effective.
  3. Partly true imo since it´'s almost always good to hinder their control. That doesn't mean you should resolve every Disrupt that shows up, but it´'s an art. As @PeoplesChampion says will most players do a round based calculation with the resource pool they have and if you mess with it they get flustered. Use with caution.
  4. Mace is weird. His ability suggests you could have fewer upgrades in deck as you´ll have an easier time finding them, but you´ll not have more resources, so you end up trying to fill the "bonus slots" with zero cost cards. Not the easiest thing.
  5. Totally agree with you @tunewalker. I noticed this when I started to play Beckett and has been developing the strategy ever since. The gist of it is that the games "income types" per round is 5 cards and 2 resources. Reasoning and experience says that players expect to have all their resource income available while playing about half their cards drawn during a game. As resources are fewer it´'s easier to hit that income type while at the same time it hurts them more as they expect to use 100% of it. Thus the beauty of the strategy is that it hits all comers. As an example, if they play 1 card for 1 resource they have 4 cards left and 1 resource. Which would be worse for them, to be Disrupted for 1 or Discarded for 1? Well, if you Discard a 1 card they´'ll just play another, but if you Disrupt their last resouce, they´'ll more likely be almost out of options. The counter argument is that resources are easier to come by, which is true. But once they start to look for resource sides on their dice you have delayed their game plan which is a success for the strategy. Another counter argument is that if they have tempo they´'ll just spend the 2 resouces on something before you can hit them. This is also fine since this means there´'s neglible control coming from them this round. Finally there´s an art in having a disruptive die side laying in wait for them to resolve resources. The loss aversion that kicks in usually means they wont unless they´re desperate, meaning you'll have full control over their resouces this round. My favourite pair at the moment is Beckett/Han. They have 3 native Disruptive sides, meaning you are threatening their resources from start. Other tools I like with them is: Becketts Rifle (Disrupting 1 just for playing it is awesome) Donderbus (Redeploy with Disruptside) Unscrupulous (cheap, perfect to just have waiting for their resource resolve and to overwrite) Fickle Mercenaries (dead cheap, also disrupts, hits hard and will rarely be stolen due to the strategy) Entourage (cheap, hits hard and disrupts) Shakedown (mentioned by Tunewalker as a great zero cost removal) I ended up 6/28 at a Regional the first attempt I did with a more untuned variant this pair, so I think there's a lot of merit in the strategy.
  6. Can´t say that Destiny is losing sales anywhere I´ve noticed. Keyforge had a month spike of interest and petered out.
  7. Maybe the issue is the card designation 😉 Instead of Battleground it could be called something neutral like Location. When there´s a mill deck imvolved it aestetichally feels wrong to call it a battleground. I imagine one side brandishes guns whereas the other is fast talking, confusing and diverting their attention.
  8. Padme is a good candidate. I could imagine a red or yellow version to run aside a (blue) clone war Anakin. Villain side could be a Darth Maul and Viceroy for some cool nefarious scheming alongside light sabre violence. Or a new Jango, but he has no natural partner.
  9. Agree. It jus does what Heros are supposed to do when Villains damage storm has receded. Meta is so much better.
  10. Agree with the gist of the post, but just want to add that Kanan has a sterling pairing in Leia imo. You get a very fast deck with 4 dice, Defensive Position, Dug In, Force Misdirection and the great red guns.
  11. /agree @Stu35 Yoda lacks damage sides, which makes all the pressure go onto his partner. In practise this turns into a ~11HP deck that´'s weak to control. That is not a good starting proposition. He looks more like a mid-range or mill guy over aggro as he needs more dice out to really shine. I´m more impressed by Secura. Her, red guns and Baze for four threatening dice from start with the focus option on top. The problem is speed. Kanan's tempo ability is just so good by allowing you to play the various "...if you have the BG" control cards, utilize claim abilities and with focus too. A sleeper no one talks about is Lobot from Rivals. That special is Lure of Power which is very versatile and marries well into his die. The vanilla scenario is him turning that random Resource side into three. Without losing tempo. Or one Shield into three (Qui-Gon approves!), one Focus into three. How about three Discard? That smorgosboard of choices looks looks real nice to me.
  12. Chirrut That rerolling ability is so good. The problem is that it´'s not flashy, thus people only see his blue sides and goes 'Nah, suxx0rz'. Good call on Voices. I always look at it and think that this actually feels good...
  13. Not to derail your plans here, but the old Jango/Veers deck gained a lot with We Have Them Now and Bait and Switch imo (Flame Thrower got a new life with BaS too). As it´s blistering fast you can most often outclaim most decks. I'm playing it at sparring nights and it does well.
  14. It´s quite good with Obis native 2 Focus and My Ally imho. Better odds of geting that 2x3 damage in one card action than foe Luke. Drawback is the 1 Melee vs Lukes 2.
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