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  1. I retract that then as I was under a totally different impression. It´s most likely the biggest event yet for the game indeed. Which is very nice to hear in these odd times.
  2. Mostly that point values are imagined in many cases and that it´s a small crowd. Personally I find TTS great for solo testing specific questions. On topic and it´s a great way to try out different boards where you can infiltrate Padme and still get good benefit of Authorative. Or e.g. how hard it´s to get an alpha shot of with an infiltrator and jump back into total cover? Say I Inflitrate Jyn with her rifle and recons out for a T1 shot, how likely is it that I actually have that shot? Say I get it, am I in a terrible position despite the cover or can I reach the objective(s) and cut of lines of approach for the opponent? Stuff like that.
  3. Alla amazing stuff. Well done 👌
  4. Jedi delivery system:
  5. Rebels is one and Clones the other is my meaning 😃
  6. Hi all. I am working on 2 armies in parallell. Both of good guys. The Rebels are standard Endor themed. Forest fatigues. Clones are 41st Legion led by Luminara Unduli (my fav jedi, the somber War Nun! 😃) as shown in the Battle of Kashyyk. The interesting thing about those Clones is that that are in camouflage, looking like real military.
  7. This keeps surprising me too. Clones and Empire are 4+, Rebels 5+ and B1´s 6+. Yet there´s a massive groupthink going on saying the first two are Terminators whilst Rebels are running around in flimsy shirts. Not so. I could even argue that much of the killing going on in the game is by various Commanders and Ops that have Pierce. Contrary to Corps killing stuff. Thus would it be a bad investment to bet on armour.
  8. Someone told me they´re using Padme on Standby with Obi by first moving twice, then Force Pushing the enemy into 1 of him, thus triggering the Standby on Padme which she can give him, Obi moving and then Charge. End result massacre. Legal? Sure, but feels iffy imho (as in gamey & dull). At times like that Legion feels a typical fighty-fighty game like 40k or warmachine when I´d want it to be more level/tactical/morale-related as say ASL, but that´s me.
  9. Is there a date on a new RRG? On the orginal question I guess it depends alot on your Command Hand as there´s quite a bunch of free stuff there which aligns with C-3P0's ability.
  10. I´m glad CiS gets more models, but I can´t say I ever liked that Lee Van Cleef lookalike. He sort of always has a plan to a point where it gets silly to me. Give me Dengar please.
  11. I can only concur. It´s totally different from the originals. A warmovie instead of a Hero´'s Journey, but with the exact right heroic and emotional nerve. Godspeed rebels.
  12. Real good writeup. Thanks for the quality work 👍
  13. Made me take a second look at it too. As @Brekekekiwi says a format like this is how it should've been from the start. The clunky behemoth that´s stronghold was a major putoff.
  14. Coming from Infinity into Legion this is my conclusion too. All to often the game boards look like for 40k and thus you get a sniper meta. This game rewards tactical movement, but that supposes there´´s terrain to use.
  15. I agree with weebaer. The game looks like a fighting game a'la 40k where you chase deadly synergies, but I feel it´s more about positioning. There´s something of group think going on saying you need to "killém all asap or lose!". The result is gunlines facing each other when preserving your troops by denying the opponent shots and advancing through cover would better your chances of solving the objective.
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