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  1. Awsome list and cool write up. Will we see an article on the blog soon? Really wanna read about your games.
  2. So, for the other factions thw way to deal with armour is with your own armour. Rebels however do not have any competitive armour that can go up against the tanks of the other factions. Rt:s are good but melts against the heavies. So what are our options? Ion, tauntauns, lucky crits, Luke? Do we just ignore it?
  3. Than is for the advice. Both of you. The only problem is that I don't own Leia, or any other character actually. Something I really need to fix. Just not sure which character I want. I really love Luke, my favourite character in the game so have not bothered with a secondary character. Might change one of the naked troopers for the generic commander to at least get some support in the back field...
  4. Hi all. Going to my second tournament and this is maybe the list. There are some units that I personally really like and that I really want to use, for example Luke, the full Commandos and the Fleets so they are most likely staying. I basicly only have more Rebel Troopers, the T-47 and the upgrade pack if people wanna suggest changes, dont have more Tauntauns for example. Wanted to try something more like the meta so using all supports I own and skipping some of the upgrades I really like using like astromech, medic droid in favour of naked rebel troopers and activation count. Luke Skywalker (160 + 25 = 185)--Hope (3), Force Reflexes (10), Emergency Stims (12)Rebel Veterans (48 + 38 = 86)--CM-O93 Trooper (26), Rebel Veteran (12)Mark II Medium Blaster Trooper (38 + 0 = 38)Rebel Troopers (40 + 0 = 40)Rebel Troopers (40 + 0 = 40)Fleet Troopers (44 + 34 = 78)--Scatter Gun Trooper (23), Fleet Trooper (11)Rebel Commandos (60 + 28 = 88)--DH-447 Sniper (28)Tauntaun Riders (90 + 4 = 94)--Tenacity (4)AT-RT (55 + 20 = 75)--AT-RT Flame Thrower (20)AT-RT (55 + 20 = 75)--AT-RT Rotary Blaster (20)
  5. Would have loved to see the personel upgrades being able to be taken by Fleets and Veterans just like the others, even the heavy weapons whoud have been good to have been able to be taken by all corps units. It does feel like the other factions benefit more from their respecitve upgrade pack, both with the personel but especelly the weapons. I also think the gear upgrade one feels weird, you hardly take gear on a unit like this now, why would you need to take 2? have fun landoro
  6. The reason I use a full squad is so I can take full advantage of the combo sharpshooter and pierce at a range 3. 5 black, 1 white is not the most impressive dice pool perhaps but with those 2 keywords you will get just and wounds through cover and rolls. It does not bother me to much that I lose high velocity since it does not come into play often.
  7. With this thought process, should they not use droids stuff instead? Clones became stormtroopers and their equipment did not get abandoned anywhere, droids stuff however... There could be hidden caches the republic/empire never found?
  8. As already said, suppression does stack, so duck and cover can be a good upgrade. I usually play the commandos as a full squad and they are very often the stars. They have 2 of the best keywords for range units, sharpshooter and Pierce. They are a bit pricey but so worth it in my opinion.
  9. Personally really like it. It is close to an army I personally would like to use and similar to an experimental list i thought of, but I used 3 commandos with sniper, Leia, one TaunTaun and a flamer RT for distractions. Having both smokegrenade and duck an cover is to much though, you only need one of them due to low profile, my opinion.
  10. Wont play droids but if I ever get my hands on a Grevious, this is how he will be painted, black with red lightsabers. I would also like to own the Dooku model just because I like Christopher Lee, and the I would paint him in Jedi colors with blue lightsaber.
  11. About Dookus 2pip. Imagine "Son of Skywalker", pretty easy card to predict, put Luke back in the bag with the other 9 to 10 activations and see how long it takes for him to be drawn. It is a strong card indeed.
  12. Why was this not in THE MOVIES!!! Oh yeah, cause they have no idea what they were doing with them and are trying to repair it as well as possible. Sorry about the rant...
  13. They are awesome! Always include my full unit of commandos with a sniper in almost every list. Sharpshooter with pierce is really deadly. My brother has serious respect for them. They will be a target since they have the same defence as normal troopers but are more dangerous and cost more points. They usually.are at the back of my army, laying down cover fire in some cover. I also always give them duck and cover in case I wanna run them in the open late game to get to an objective.
  14. So in an attempt to try the new upgrades I tried to do a list with some heavy upgraded Rebel core troops, I got all of them in even and I decied I had to use the "extra slots" provided by the captain and specialist. Pretty happy to try out this list in a friendly game with proxies. What do you think? 796/800 Leia Organa (90 + 5 = 95) --Esteemed Leader (5) Rebel Veterans (48 + 51 = 99) --CM-O93 Trooper (26), Rebel Comms Technician (9), Offensive Push (4), Recon Intel (2), HQ Uplink (10) Mark II Medium Blaster Trooper (38 + 0 = 38) Fleet Troopers (44 + 42 = 86) --Scatter Gun Trooper (23), Rebel Officer Upgrade (19) Rebel Troopers (40 + 44 = 84) --SX-21 Trooper (20), Rebel Trooper Specialist (14), Recon Intel (2), Fragmentation Grenades (5), Environmental Gear (3) Tried to make it a close and personal squad, looked at the gear stuff and this was the most obvious use of combining gear that I could see. Rebel Troopers (40 + 44 = 84) --Z-6 Trooper (22), Rebel Trooper Captain (14), Targeting Scopes (4), Offensive Push (4) Hang back and aim shoot with this squad is the idea... Rebel Troopers (40 + 40 = 80) --Z-6 Trooper (22), 2-1B Medical Droid (18) Rebel Commandos (60 + 32 = 92) --DH-447 Sniper (28), Duck and Cover (4) Favourite unit of mine, always try to include them Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) (20 + 28 = 48) --DH-447 Sniper (28) Might replace it with an officer? Tauntaun Riders (90 + 0 = 90) Its tauntauns...
  15. I like the wookie one for fun but the other might be more competetive
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