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  1. A question. Did the configs on the pathfinders work out for you? Did you use them a lot, at what range, shirt or long? I personally would not use them with pathfinders but don't own them yet so it is only speculation so far. Love to hear your option on them.
  2. landoro

    Hero Armies?

    I have also a similar thought, would love to use 4 heroes in rebel army. My idea was Han, Leia, Sabine, Chewie and son rebel troopers to get to 9 activations. Perhaps I should take out on Corp unit to make room for more upgrades on my units though. I think you need to maximise your command cards to get big attacks, double attacks, double activations etc when you use heroes in that way. Using Leia aggressively for example with her awesome gun.
  3. So, wanted to try a 4 character list, this is one of the versions I thought of. How does it look? 794/800 Leia Organa [90](100) Improvised Orders [10] Han Solo [120](133) Esteemed Leader [5] Emergency Stims [8] Fleet Troopers [44](78) Scatter Gun Trooper [23] Fleet Trooper [11] Rebel Troopers [40](62) Z-6 Trooper [22] Rebel Troopers [40](62) Z-6 Trooper [22] Rebel Troopers [40](62) Z-6 Trooper [22] Rebel Troopers [40](40) Chewbacca [110](114) Tenacity [4] Sabine Wren [125](143) Emergency Stims [8] Personal Combat Shield [10] Commands: Standing Orders Explosions! Coordinated Bombardment Brains and Brawn Reckless Diversion Legacy of Mandalore Somebody Has to Save Our Skins
  4. I wonder how the game and the army build would change if the points and up to 1000p, assuming the force org charts stays the same. It is a focus on unit counts in the meta right now and if they inceease the points you might be able to bring in multiple stronger units to counter this which would be great in my opinion. But not sure if it would change some thing at all. May be you just chase even more avtivations.
  5. Hello all. Is there any reason to use the new named Imperial pilot who gives tactical 1 instead of the generic who gives surge converts to hits? If there ever is a vecichle that already has surge converts to hits then I would say yes but otherwise I dont see it at all. Am I missing something? A pilot with tactical 1 would have been great for the rebels though, both veichles would have too speed through the map to gain that aim token since they both have cumpolsory moves too.
  6. So initial reaction is just outrage at the clear biased towards the imperials. 18 and 14 points vs 38 and 34(?) For the hardpoints weapons! Add to that much better pilots and the landspeeder won't see any more play than the airspeeder. What am I missing, why do the fixed weapons on the landspeeder cost so much and why are the tanks so cheap? Really bumped out, not really sure I wanna support this kind of trend so might skip this one. P.s Thanks for the pictures though, awesome of you!
  7. So dont play Imperial but Krennic seems like he would not fit my play style, reallyl ove the model though. His 1-pip is good, not super awsome but good, really good, I like it. The 2-pip is meant for death troopers so they get their aim token to start with. Standby is to easily played around, avoided or attack the unit, but in the right circumstance it can be great if you have set it up right, perhaps you use it on units that cover the same unit, shoot at one and get shot by the other etc, but hard to set up I think. 3- pip is a card I think is hard to get the max out of and does not fit my playstyle, I dont like cards or playstyle where I pay for stuff to do stuff, I always make the wrong choice. What actions do you forsee yourself doing with Krennic, move of course to put him in the best postion for Compel. But what then? He does not have a rule like spotter, he oly has range 2 so perhaps not many attacks, just dodge in the back? I have no idea personally how to play him.
  8. Yeah, but you can instead roll 10 white with surge, for no extra cost. It's not bad of course, sounded a little to grumpy in my post perhaps. But in my opinion the effects is not worth the cost. Of course, once you see it in the field I might change mind. We just don't use recover that much in this game so I think in most instances we pay only for 1 of the weapons and I think the 2 white for range 1-3 is good enough.
  9. Not really impressed by either the A300 config or the named characters. Probably going to run them with Pao, duck and cover and nothing else. Can you inspire yourself?
  10. So one thing I took away was that new corps units are on their way? He said he played with Krennic, deathtroopers E-webs and 6 units he can't say what they are so I am assuming they are corps? I think we need that in the game now that everything else has gotten fleshed out.
  11. I agree with bllaws suggestion, have some plan for reckless diversion, something you want ot protect, a squad of wookies or some sabotuers strike team could be exctly that. List looks good otherwise, personally not 100% convinced Rebels should not take the 6:trooper in their squads. I always use them and think it works great.
  12. This is the part from the RRG that makes me think it should work. Marked the part which I am basing my interpretation on. "When an attacking unit forms multiple attack pools, resolving each attack pool is treated as an attack for all gameplay effects and abilities, however the unit is still considered to have performed only one single attack or attack action."
  13. So with covering fire, do I understand it correctly that if I split fire, Z-6 against one unit and the A-280s against another, I can issue 2 dodge tokens to other units since I performed 2 attacks? And if one member in the unit would throw a grenade as well, then I perform 3 attacks thus being able to issue 3 dodge token from 1 unit? Have fun Landoro
  14. You can reoll a reroll!! Wow, that is crazy, not questioning it but where can I find that? Never mind, found it in the aim section.
  15. Just a question in this regard, but you cant reroll a reroll right? A dice that gets rerolled cant be reolled again. So even with 17+ aim tokens a stormtrooper unit for example can only use 4 tokens as a maximum, 7 shots = 8 rerolls. Still a strong card and awsome of course but just want a clarification. Have fun. Landoro
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