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  1. Cununculus

    Improving Cannons

    Intruiging topic! In our local (small casual playing group, Version1) meta. Canons see regular play. Missiles and torpedoes too. Part is to accept not everything works on every ship for everyone. One friend shines with A-wings + prockets. For me, A-wings are a deathtrap. Recently I encountered 2 cheap heavy scyks with tractor-beams. Pulling my ships on asteroids and in front of heavier armed ships. A lot doesn't work a power-creeped tournament. Don't try fixing it. FFG already tries that for years. Increasing their own difficulties with each new happy expansion. Tl;dr: Find something that works for you and have fun
  2. Cununculus

    Happy first Friday 2019

    3 ship-squads....☠️
  3. Cununculus

    Is the Rebel HWK-290 getting played much in your area?

    Sure. Mine is a small collection so the HWK adds variaty. Also: twin laser turrets...
  4. Cununculus

    Is the Italian dressing underpowered?

    Feeling like a zombie crawling to dinner. Hmmm..... pizza....
  5. Cununculus

    X-wing 1.0 Astromech Chopper question

    Nice! The same for the BTL-A4 title?
  6. I plan to use an Gold-Squadron Y-wing as a mine-layer in a casual game of X-wing. I wish to use Chopper: Action: Discard 1 other equipped Upgrade card to recover 1 shield. The other upgrades on the Y-wing are: Bomb load-out (adding bomb-slot), Extra munitions (so I can drop 2 mines), Proximity Mines. After I have placed both proximity mines; can I then use the upgrade cards of extra munitions and bomb load-out for the Action of Chopper?
  7. Cununculus

    STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion Thread!

    Just a short wait for the finale! I hope Thrawn survives. He is reminded twice about his project in competition with Krennic´ s. My guess his project is going to be scrapped. Pryce her actions have messed up his production lines and there is going to be a final battle over Lothal where he shall ruthlessly shoot the capital into cinders. Deprived of fuel and workforce and after that funding, that should be the end of the Defender project. Now just hope the Emperor sends him and Rukh to the Unknown Regions for mapping the area and/or preparing a new stronghold. I like the point of Ezra´ s family name being Bridger. If he fades towards the ´ in between times´ , he is reasonably out of the OT, without killing a kid in what still is a kids tv-series on Disney If Disney is going HBO Game of Thrones style with this, they should have killed at least 1 main character per season.... ;-)
  8. Cununculus

    Happy Friday Do we need 5-6 Primary Attks?

    I have been away from the forum for a while, but nice to see the Happy Friday tradition still continues! Well done Cubanboy! Whatching your own kid fall asleep is great As for the question; preferably no. As mentioned above, making Attack 4 the new standard means we can effectively throw our entire attack 2 and 3 ships in an incinerator and start collecting anew... Thankfully even the Phantom doesn´ t see much play around here. So we´ re still used to attack 2 ships having a value.
  9. Cununculus

    Whats your bid ?

  10. Cununculus

    Why Are You Bad At X-Wing?

    I am bad at X-wing, because.... - I play in a very small group against the same opponents who are familiar with how I fly - don´ t care about rock placement - have a plan for turn 1 and continue on feel/instinct - have a complete disregard for whatever meta exists in tournament regions - start playing better after losing ships. I fly a lot better with 1 or 2 ships compared with 3 or 4. - disregard the roles intended for particular ships; I am told I manage to play several non-flanker ships as if they are a flanker, but fly a flanker as a jouster (and naturally explode).
  11. Cununculus

    Bombs Away! Deathfire!!

    I am a great fan of Deathfire. Simply because it's fun. I prefer proximity mines, extra munitions, Light weight frame and. ... Seismic torpedoes : no more hiding behind asteroids, which turn into bombs. Maybe not tournament material, but combined with two TIE/D Defenders it's fun
  12. Cununculus

    What's Your Signature Dish?

    Finally! Though I prefer the oven these days, since I have one; Finally proof I have not been the only one torturing pizza's. Although....., real pizza's are of course created in a wood-stoked oven by an Italian who boasts of generations of experience. ..
  13. Cununculus

    What's Your Signature Dish?

    Spaghetti Bolognese and The traditional Dutch "boerenkoolstamppot", stolen from wikipedia; Kale with mashed potatoes and smoked saussage
  14. Cununculus

    Best "Iconic" Pilot?

    The unknown TIE academy pilots exploding everywhere; cheap, expendable, and available in huge nummers. This is what makes them the best. And admit it that close up of a TIE pilot is iconic.... ;-)
  15. Cununculus

    What’s your Signature List?

    I am known to favor the heavy fighters and fighterbombers. Y-wings, B-wings, ARC-170, Mist Hunter, Scum Y-Wings, TIE Bombers and TIE Defenders. Haven't delved in new expansions as I rarely play. So the majority is wave 1-4 with early scum stuff. But hoping to add the X-wing again to the list with Wave XIV