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  1. Just what the title says. Any SWRPG players in the KalAmazon Michigan area? I was a DnD DM for years but took a long break after the disappointment of 3ed hit the shelves. Now I found SWRPG and I love it. But, having a hard time tracking down active players in my area. Thanks.
  2. Like I said, we play Sundays. We usually start around 2 in the afternoon. If you want in let me know and I'll pm you our info. Look forward to flying with/against you.
  3. We usually play at my brothers apartment near Drake and West Main. Where do you guys set up?
  4. A couple of friends and I have recently started playing. We are looking for more players in the Kalamazoo area. We generally play Sunday afternoons. Anybody interested? If you have an established group and want new blood that works too.
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