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    Let's not make assumptions 
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    Thanks for continuing to share this step by step.  The products you're showing are amazing.  I'm kind of at the "throw down a map and some cardboard tokens" level of gaming (Armada, X-wing) so the terrain products are really enticing but intimidating at the same time.  Between them and the effort (and cost) required to get into the game I'm undecided if I'll commit to Legion or not.
    Could you share your underlying strategy for building the table? Where are you going?  Some of the questions I have:
    - Modular board.  Is that to make it easier to move, or will you do different terrain on each one so you can change the board by mixing and matching modules?
    - How much terrain will end up being fixed to the board, and how much is separate on stands that you move around?
    - Do you have to do different boards for each type of terrain (Tatooine, Endor, Hoth, etc) or are there ways to have the underlying table/board work for multiple environments?
    - You end up with a 6x4 product, right? 6x3 for the game board, 6" border for game supplies like dice, tokens, etc (I play Armada -- same concept). Those modules look like they might be heavy when built up with terrain so I see the need for the board underneath, but then that adds weight, too -- so what is your table support and how portable is that?
    - Where should a noob start to get something usable without getting overcommitted and overwhelmed?
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    Let's not make assumptions 
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    Would there be a special High Ground rule on that playmat?
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    The thing that disappoints me about Cannon, is that there are never any actual bloody cannons!
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    Keep in mind this is just me having some fun. I enjoy Theory-Crafting quite a bit. Feel free to leave your thoughts below about these random ideas.
    Scum And Villainy
    I think this will be the third, and most likely final faction. I don't see them expanding into the Clone Wars despite how much I'd love that. (I'm a huge Clone Wars fan, although I'm not fond of the actual prequel Trilogy) Sucm And Villainy has alot to work with while still remaining iconic, and if they add a 'Unique' keyword that just states, "you may only have 1 of this unit in a list." then I think Scum would be perfect for it. Basically, if they had a Unique keyword they'd be able to make Scum And Villainy have tons of iconic characters. Infact, I'll list some thoughts on possible units below this.

    Leader Ideas
    Boba Fett: Boba Fett is a pretty obvious "Introduction" Leader. I think if we get Scum and Villainy, he'll definitely be the first leader to appear. I think he'd be able to utilize alot of abilities, and if we got a Unique keyword then I think he'd have some benefit while attacking them. (Since he's a famous Bounty Hunter I personally think it'd be interesting if he got a benefit from attacking Unique characters, however, if the Unique keyword isn't made, which I doubt it will, he could always get a buff when attacking opposing Leaders.)

    Jabba The Hutt: I know you guys must think I'm insane, but hear me out here. I think Jabba would be great as a leader for Scum and Villainy because, despite being useless in combat, he could have an ability that makes all his have a higher Morale and perhaps have him be accompanied by two Gamorrean Guards, who would be treated as members of Jabba's squad. But, besides that I'd say he'd be low in HP and would also be beyond bad in combat, however Jabba isn't exactly meant to charge into combat. (Well, I don't recall Jabba trying to tango with Luke in a 1 on 1 duel.)
    Bounty Hunter: So I'm sorta hoping that Empire and Rebels each get a vanilla customizable Leader option (Such as Stormtrooper Commander and Rebel Commando) and the Bounty Hunter would be the Scum&Villainy version of that.
    Mercenaries: I'd say 60 points for a squad of 4, with an upgrade to add in 1 more for 15 points would be about right for a group of Mercenaries, which would make them the priciest 'basic' units so far. I think they'd be decent in both ranged and melee, and their models would all be different scum/scoundrels of different races and such.
    Tusken Raiders: A ranged unit that'd be terrible close up. Not much else to say here.
    Jawas: A 'swarmy' unit. Like, 8 models for 40 points, with a card to allow 2 more for 10 points. (meaning they'd be like 5 points a model.) Yes, they'd be terrible, but also decent since there'd be so many of them. 
    Special Forces
    IG-88s: This would be a Unique Unit. So, they'd work similarly to how they do in X-Wing. It'd be a 2 Man Squad, and you'd have to pick between 2 of the 4 IG-88s. (IG-88A, IG-88B, IG-88C, and IG-88D) Each one would have a different keyword/ability, and they'd share their keywords/abilities with their partner.
    Gamorrean Guards: A squad of 3. They'd be big tank dudes that are basically just to soak up damage. They'd have no ranged attack, but they'd be decent in Close Combat.

    Still not entirely sure what counts as a support. I'm assuming small vehicles.
    Tusken Bantha Raider: A Tusken Raider riding a Bantha. They'd be kinda slow, and i'm not quite sure how the unit would work besides being good in range and decent close up and having quite a few health points, but I think they'd be a good support.
    Heavy Units
    Slave I: This would be a Unique Unit. It'd have heavy fire power and would be able to remain stationary in the air. (I say this since we clearly see it remaining stationary in Episode II.)
    Skiff: I feel like a Skiff is an obvious Heavy Unit for the Scum faction. Its really Iconic and it'd look great on the board, and I think they'd be quite fast with alot of firing points, and they'd be able to transport up to 1 Squad.
    Rancor And Handler: So the Rancor would be pretty frightening, and would have tons of HP and would be devastating at close combat. However, it'd also have 1 huge weakness, in my eyes. I think the Rancor would need ot be accompanied by its Handler, and the Handler would be a bit fragile so you'd have to try to defend it. Anyways, if the Handler were to be killed, that would be when the Rancor's glaring weakness would start to trigger. Basically, it'd have some sort of "Rampage" ability that would take place when its Handler went down, and Rampage would be 'This unit must move toward and attack the nearest unit at all times, regardless of if it is friend or foe.' Basically, it'd constantly just charge at the nearest unit regardless of if its allied or not. (so yes you'd be forced to fight yourself.) The strategy with the Rancor would be to set it up as far from your other forces as possible, and to try to charge it deep into enemy territory so that when(I say when, not if, cause I doubt a handler would stay alive for more than 1 - 3 turns) your Rancor becomes enraged, it would still target enemy units.

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    colinw94 reacted to LordBlades in Will there be generic characters?   
    Phasma? She'll almost certainly be in game sooner or later.
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    colinw94 reacted to freebird285 in Star Wars wargame tables   
    Who's gonna be the first awesome person to make a table that features a Sarlaac pit?
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    What about a mandalorian army?
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    colinw94 reacted to Extropia in Tiers of lore be damned?   
    It gets better after Season 1 tbh. I struggled badly, but it picks up later on.
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    colinw94 reacted to Force Majeure in Johnny's Legion Terrain: More Imperial Terrain   
    The details are what really bring it to life:
    - the flared bottom of the arch
    - the Star Wars style door (is that modeled off of something or your own take?)
    - the door mechanism.
    - the pipes and chimney
    - the broken plaster
    - the red stripes that run across the top of the building
    - and the buttresses of course.
    Thanks for showing us how simple it really can be if you just break it down to basics!
    Now I want to see you tackle an antenna array, radar dish or relay station.     ...if you want to 
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    colinw94 reacted to kurttkrueger in Tiers of lore be damned?   
    Maybe so, but Rebels isn't solely aimed at children, which was the dismissive point Kappa was making. 
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    colinw94 reacted to kurttkrueger in Tiers of lore be damned?   
    Thanks for your recent postings @Kappa Smith. 
    I now know to ignore everything you post on this forum because of your massive ego and overinflated opinion of yourself. 
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    colinw94 reacted to Admiral Deathrain in Tiers of lore be damned?   
    So something that contradicts your assumptions is a contradiction? The claims you make in that thread are not supported by the movie material - yes there are only men, but that is how movies were made at the time and can be purely coincidental within universe. Only the now outdated EU spelled these aspects of the empire out, in an overdone cartoon-villain-like way. The nu-canon still has an element of sexism (Sloane was stuck on a backwater posting mostly because of her gender after all), but it isn't anywhere near as extreme and has capable women rise to their places, as is alot more believable with Palpatine.
    BTW IQ is a very weak measurement for any type of intelligence other than the mathematical/logical (as in propositional logic) intelligence. There are many cases of people with high IQ that are not capable of understanding simple everyday tasks like tieing their shoes - would you call these truly intelligent? Overstating the meaningfulness of IQ is one of those things that just annoys the heck out of me.
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    colinw94 got a reaction from Admiral Deathrain in Tiers of lore be damned?   
    This is really simple, Kappa enjoys the old system where everything contradicted itself and there were 37 emperor clones over the new one where almost nothing contradicts itself and you occasionally have to ask for clarification from the story group. 
    Kappa is entitled to that opinion, kappa can be wrong it's ok. But none of us are allowed to disagree with kappa, kappa is lord of us all. Just ask kappa. 
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    colinw94 reacted to OddballE8 in Tiers of lore be damned?   
    @Kappa Smith
    Well, if an unintelligent peasant like me can be allowed to post its thoughts on the matter, I'll endeavor to do so.

    If you happen to find a contradiction in the current canon (I won't go into what is and isn't canon, as that's already been spoken of here), I suppose you'll have to take it up with Leland Chee.
    I hear that he often responds to Twitter questions about Star Wars canon, and he is the "manager of the holocron" (official title, I kid you not) and responsible for keeping track of everything in Star Wars canon. 
    (a job I bet has become a lot easier now that Disney has taken over).

    Now, if you refuse to do so because it's beneath you, or whatever, I suppose you'll have to decide for yourself which part of the contradiction to ignore.

    Finally, I'd like to quote one of my favorite non Star Wars characters, Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy: "I too am extraordinarily humble"
    Seems to fit with your personality, really.
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    colinw94 reacted to JohnnyTrash in Johnny's Legion Terrain: More Imperial Terrain   
    It's time to step up the terrain-building game. Next in line: Buildings
    Since there are already lots of people complaining about the prospect of having to build terrain, I just wanted to give you an idea how to build simple terrain pieces without having to buy tons of equipment and studying architecture...
    May I present: A simple Jedha-building made from a cardboard box.

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    Let's not make assumptions 
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    Hello again, another thread here this time about exile within the Jedi Order. Hope everyone has their beverage before we start, don't worry I'll wait.
    Exile is used by many cultures in the Star Wars galaxy, its often a form of punishment. Exile in the Jedi Order was usually a case of being expelled from the order for a wrong doing, typically going against the Jedi council or their ways. An extreme example would be turning to the dark side of the force. Master Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi went into exile by choice after the birth of the Galactic Empire, however this was a case of going into hiding, this was not any form of punishment other than their own failures. Other Jedi such as Ashoka Tano were expelled from the Jedi order, subsequently leading to her exile. We are unsure if exile was a common occurrence however knowing that this practice existed gives enough leeway for speculation in the possibility for there to be unknown former Jedi in the time of the first Galactic Empire. This is essentialy one of the few explanations for you to create your own Jedi whiles still being as 'lore friendly' as possible.
    Short and sweet, thanks for reading
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    colinw94 reacted to Alino in Alino's Terrain Workshop   
    Heyo! So I figured I'd start this up for all my Star Wars Legion stuff.

    Anyways, to start this off, here's a few pics of a gameboard I made awhile back. (originally for runewars but it works for both.)

    Game Board

    Crashed & Overgrown Jedi Starfighter
    (IDK why these pics are upside down. lol)

    (I've got alot more pics and such on this thing over in the Legion discord channel - https://discord.gg/YBfCmja
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    I'll be creating a sullust board and if I can pull it off I want LED lit lava
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    I hear his music every time I close my eyes...  it's highly disturbing 
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    Let's not make assumptions 
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    I hear his music every time I close my eyes...  it's highly disturbing 
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