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  1. This is really simple, Kappa enjoys the old system where everything contradicted itself and there were 37 emperor clones over the new one where almost nothing contradicts itself and you occasionally have to ask for clarification from the story group. Kappa is entitled to that opinion, kappa can be wrong it's ok. But none of us are allowed to disagree with kappa, kappa is lord of us all. Just ask kappa.
  2. Sure, but ffg has had this IP for a long time and they have never done something like this. They have done things like design their own canon ships, but never anything like what you are suggesting. Think of how easy it would have been to do customized pilots in x-wing and they never did. I'll be happy if I'm wrong but I wouldn't get your hopes up.
  3. My only comment is that this really only gives two people the ability to make their own Jedi. Ffg and role playing GM's. they won't let us create our own Jedi in legion for gameplay reasons, but it does free them up to get a little creative assuming Lucasfilm lets them
  4. I'll be creating a sullust board and if I can pull it off I want LED lit lava
  5. I hear his music every time I close my eyes... it's highly disturbing
  6. In my experience there are two types of gamers type one is the most common. It is in their interest to grow the community of gamers as much as possible so they will be able to play more often. These people are some of the kindest and inclusive people I've ever met. The second type don't want their community to change ever so they don't have to meet new people and they can just spend time in their clique alone. These people are jerks to everyone. Women are fake fans to them, guys just don't play the right way. Younger people don't "mesh with the group" and people new to the hobby aren't "worth the time. I think it's important to remember that the real problem is jerks not "sexists" in our community. Guys who have never chucked dice get shunned the same as women. The remarks are usually about something other than their breasts but shunned nonetheless. We wont scare women away if we stop acting like they are being targeted every time someone insults them. If one of these miscreants insults a woman and the response is "how dare you treat a woman that way" the woman will assume she has been singled out and attacked. The appropriate response is " don't let him bother you, he is a d-bag to everyone " This lets the woman know she is valued by the rest of the group and let's the d-bag know he has behaved inappropriately
  7. What do we know about climbing? I hadn't seen that yet
  8. Let's not make assumptions
  9. I also have some confusion on how high height one actually is. In the team covenant video it seemed they measured with the movement template but people here keep saying it's "range 1"
  10. Do we know what effects height will have in the game? Elevation advantages for example? Fall damage? LOS advantages? id like to start work on a table that has many changes in elevation and want to know the gameplay effects before I get too far.
  11. In Star Wars a small minority of rebel fighters were women. It doesn't make sense to me to act like they should be over represented in this game. Id like some female sculpts, I have no problem with that whatsoever, but I'm not sure they need to be in the core set. Besides, ffg is a business, they know we want them and it benefits them to sell them in an expansion to motivate us to buy them.
  12. Thats ok, I made the post and everyone in a while I click on it in disgust to see who else thinks they have a new insight that means scum and villainy will show up at their house tomorrow... Then I realize I made this satirical post...
  13. I have consulted with the stars, a psychic and the dice gods and have determined that S&V will be released sometime between tomorrow and December 2024, with a margin of error of almost all numbers. You're welcome.
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