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  1. I've just finished reading my copy of Zombie Apocalypse cover-to-cover, and really enjoyed the diversity in the scenarios - I wasn't expecting such a variety! I have to admit I was a bit gutted when I first heard this series announced that there was no 'nuclear apocalypse' book, as I'd love to play a P&P RPG along the theme of the Fallout games. So it was great to finally get to the post-apocalypse scenario for 'Under the Skin' and see that they'd manage to wrangle it in all the same! It did make me think, though, that'd it'd be almost impossible to play a proper nuclear fallout style post-apocalypse game in the way this series intends, as it will inevitably be several generations of Vault-dwelling after the initial apocalypse that you'd be able to venture out onto the surface again, and by that point it'd be stretching the idea of 'playing yourself' a bit thin, several hundred years later! However - is anyone planning on playing this kind of scenario - one where humanity emerges from its bunkers generations later to a twisted & mutated pastiche of their former world? For what it's worth, too, the NPCs in 'Under the Skin' seem to pretty definitively answer a previous ambiguity that lots of people (myself included) seemed to be thrown by initially: the 'Infested Fragment' NPC has the feature 'Small': And, conversely, the Horrifying Abomination has 'Massive': So, I guess the default for all other NPCs is three tiers of three boxes for each stress track (physical, mental, social - although maybe not the latter two for zombies/-Mindless creatures). Of course, I realise it's open to whatever the GM decides - I haven't run a game yet, but I can imagine that there are times when it just makes sense to let a monster only have one tier of three boxes even if it isn't 'small' to keep the pace going.
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