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  1. RolfSoldaat

    Fate Point recovery

    I just assumed this meant you can't use this ability while you have critical damage.
  2. RolfSoldaat

    Gene-stealer cults

    Thanks for the amazing input guys. Those links are especially useful. I'll keep this idea in mind until my players are a bit more advanced.
  3. RolfSoldaat

    Gene-stealer cults

    I was reading trough 40k lore and stumbled upon Gene-stealer cults. Uncovering and destroying one of these seems like an excellent set-up for a Dark Heresy story arc. However, I've got no idea how challenging such a mission would be. Is it even feasible for a couple of acolytes to take on a Gene-stealer cult?
  4. In my opinion, random ability score generation is the worst game mechanic to be blindly propagated from early RPGs. If you're worried about players min-maxing their ability scores too much, then discourage the practice by making sure every stat is important, rather than outright taking the control away from the player. Anyway, I'm glad to see a point-buy option in 2e, though it seems a little poorly thought out.
  5. RolfSoldaat

    Possible Fix for Aptitudes

    Instead of messing around with the aptitudes, why not just adjust the advancement cost tables? The real issue here is the large disparity in xp cost of the different aptitude categories, correct?
  6. The rule for wielding basic weapons in one hand seems a bit lenient to me, considering how cheap and available the "extra grip" modification is. It also seems to render the hand flamer obsolete, since the penalty to BS has no effect on flame weapons. I feel like there should be a limit on how heavy a weapon you can wield one handed based on your SB or something. As a side note: The entry for extra grip lists the weight modification as x1/3, implying that it somehow reduces the weapon's weight to a third. I assume this is either a mistake or I'm reading it wrong.
  7. RolfSoldaat

    Hit location effects

    Alright, thanks for the feedback. I'll just keep it vanilla.
  8. RolfSoldaat

    Hit location effects

    But as it stands, the only real purpose of making called shots is avoiding armor, correct? I was looking for a way to make location-specific hits more significant and also to provide a way for ranged attackers to reliably apply debuffs. To tweak the damage adjustments (replacing the damage multipliers): Head: do not apply toughness bonus to damage reduction. limbs: double toughness bonus for purpose of damage reduction.
  9. RolfSoldaat

    Hit location effects

    Hello, I'm interested in playing Dark Heresy and I am currently looking into the rules and have a question: Does hitting a particular location have any effect other than the listed critical damage effects? I can't really find any rules about this. Personally I would houserule something like the following: Body hit: normal damage Leg hit: half damage, target must succeed on a test (probably agility or strength) or fall prone. Arm hit: half damage, target must succeed on a test (probably agility or strength) or drop any item held in the affected arm. Head hit: double damage. The damage modifiers may be too extreme, but I wanted to keep it simple. Thanks for reading.