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  1. To me, "equal strength" characters takes a lot of the fun out of things. Not everyone is equal to each other. I would not say for a GM to not use a point buy system to make the characters, but I would say to not use an equal number of points for everyone.
  2. While Wraith of the isn't out yet, I remembered a series of books that I've looked over at the bookstore whose general premise might just provide some inspiration and ideas. The Pantheon series by James Lovegrove - each one seems to be a standalone where a certain pantheon/diety has come back and now controls the world. 1) Age of Ra 2) Age of Zeus 3) Age of Odin 4) Age of Aztec 5) Age of Voodoo 6) Age of Godpunk 7) Age of Shiva Age of Godpunk is a set of three novellas collected in one volume (Anansi, Satan, Gaia). I haven't read any of them, just looked over them in the bookstore (too many books, not enough money ).
  3. For those looking for a very different take I would suggest John Ringo's Black Tide Rising series (1-Under a Graveyard Sky, 2-To Sail a Darkling Sea, 3-Islands of Rage and Hope). A good series of books so far. It won't be for everyone's taste, the "zombies" are more 28 Days Later type, everything's not all hopeless like in most zombie media, and there is organization left (sort of).
  4. Have you seen the dawn of the dead 2004 remake, or Zombi 2? People in those movies had sailboats... It didn't save them While as a GM you should of course challenge the players, you shouldn't necessarily try to find ways to overcome them when they have a real good idea. In this case, being fairly familiar with sailboats capable of transoceanic travel I can say that the majority of them should have little trouble with zombies unless the folks onboard are just plain stupid. The writers of the movies did things because that's what they wanted to happen and it was better for their narrative. Plus quite honestly, most of them really don't do any research anyway. Keep in mind there could also come attacks from the sky, by zombie birds. Night of the seaguls anyone? Yeah, those could certainly ruin your day, but if you have animal zombies, then it's pretty much game over for the characters very quickly anyway.
  5. Good points there, but a lot will depend on where your gaming group meets. Mine meets at the various members houses (on a rotating basis) so depending on which house it could go from being well armed to very lightly armed.
  6. For me it is Alien Invasion quickly followed by Wraith of the Gods. Revolt of the Machines will depend on how it's done. Zombies are a distant fourth, but as it's the first I suppose I'll get it just to see how the character creation works out.
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