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  1. I've given this a lot of thought and had my whole gaming group take a look at it. Overall, my group is negative on the character creation process and I agree. It's way too abstract and simplistic for our tastes. Where are skills? While in more than a few groups, everyone may know each other well and know what they are capable of, but certainly not every group (I doubt the majority of groups). Another problem I see is that this, like so many other games seems to be based on the idea that everyone should start out equal. Everyone starts out with 1 point in each of six characteristic, and then has 10 points to spread amongst those six. Then you come up with a positive and a negative feature for each category (merits and flaws vastly simplified). then there is the voting by the group to possibly raise or lower each characteristic, but if there are raises then you have to either drop the positive feature or come up with another negative so everything still ends up equivilent. If you like equivalent characters and such abstraction and simplification then this game will probably work for you. But I pretty much wont be buying the Zombie Apocalypse book. Between the short page count, the high price, and lackluster character creation, it's just not for me and my group. The other books are still a possibility if the background and ideas are good enough. As an aside, I did really like the sidebar "What if I don't want to play as myself?" That should take care of the very vocal concerns and comments by some.
  2. Yes, it looks like Alice succeeded, but she still gets a mental stress since there was an unmatched 5 in the negative pool. Ovrall I'd say that the system does what they wanted it to do, but I think there are certainly some unnecessary complications to it. The apparently having to exactly match negative dice to cancel them out seems a bit wonky. And I really don't like the way that the stress "points" seem to work, especially where the player can describe the way they affect the character. Maybe things will be better explained in the actual rules. But then I was expecting to be using a rules set that my group is more comfortable with anyway.
  3. Going by this listing from a seller, December. http://www.milsims.com.au/node/132510
  4. I'm sure that most of us have a number of other activities and hobbies. Well one of the other things I'm heavily into is bicycling touring and I spotted this on one of the forums I occasionally read. http://www.bikeforums.net/touring/976639-zombie-apocalypse-cgoab.html
  5. Well, while there may be no plan to put a Atomic War suppliment, it's not like any halfway competent GM couldn't do it on his own. If you like the basic game system and character creation system for Zombie Apocalypse, then all you have to do is fill in the scenarios and there have been plenty of post nuke games done that you can cheerfully use for the setting. Anything from the more serious Twilight:2000 to a full gonzo like Gamma World.
  6. I'd heard that they were a good supplier from other gamers from down there. And yes,144 pages (if that number is correct) does seem a bit small for the price being asked ($39.95 USD). That's right at half the size of the Spanish version (280 pages) with a large increase in price over the Spanish version (19.90 euro/$25 USD).
  7. That's actually a lot. It gives us a possible date and size of the book.
  8. According to a review of the original game
  9. To me, it seemed to be a fair and even handed review, but read it for yourself and decide. Just remember it has been run through google translate. http://bit.ly/1wkgy7G
  10. While it doesn't have to be someone who's religious or an alien conspiracy fan or worried about the coming robot revolt to enjoy those apocalypses, this is basically correct. I can affirm that my gaming group (and other circles of friends) has sat around while watching certain movies or tv shows and made comments about both what the characters are doing wrong and what we would do in those situtations. Well put. I'm sure we've all had characters and seen other players have characters that are basically ourselves except for the name and some superficial changes (especially in games with modern settings). My only real concern is in the mechanics of how this game will allow us to draw "ourselves" up on paper. The only information we have on this is from a google translation of a review of the original spanish game and honestly I'm not really encouraged by what I read there. However, it was simply a review and we all know how "interesting" the results of google translate can be. I hope that FFE will soon release some definitative information (like a pdf preview).
  11. The Spanish publisher or FFE? Going by the review referenced in other threads, the original runs 280 pages and is soft cover, so I would hope that FFE has something to justify the sizable jump in price.
  12. The Spanish version is 19.90 euro (about $25). And the WH40K stuff has been overpriced for years. But then I tend to be very frugal.
  13. In the catalog section of the site it does have the "Buy Now" tab, but when you click on that and go to the shop section of the site, it says "not yet released." http://store.fantasyflightgames.com/showproducts.cfm?Step=1&FullCat=355 Of course that's subject to change at any moment. And to me the price ($39.95) is at least 25% too high.
  14. That would make sense to me, but if that's what they are shooting for then it needs to be available by the beginning of October to have time to get out there.
  15. According to the news release (http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=5027)
  16. Probably nothing quite that easy . I remember way back in the very old series Kolchak - The Night Stalker where to stop one the mouth had to be filled with salt and the lips sewn shut.
  17. I'd hope they would have at least suggestions on mix and match, but even if they don't it shouldn't be much of a problem to do so yourself. Understanding that we may not have full information from a translated review, I did notice that the first two (walkers and runners) are more about how the zombies move/act but not the origin and the last three (voodoo spell, animal blood infection, alien bacteria) give us the origin but nothing about the zombies. I really hope that FFE starts releasing more information soon.
  18. Going from a google translation of a review provided by splawn of the original Spanish game. translated review available here http://bit.ly/1wkgy7G
  19. @ splawn That's useful, very useful. Thanks for that.
  20. This one just came to mind, but some kind of major rise of sea level (say up to 6000 to 8000 ft level, but not as hokey as Waterworld of course.
  21. Could be fun, but unless the system is really fantastic you might as well play any of the multitude of other WW3/Soviet invasion games out there, some very well supported back in the day. Might not be apocalyptic in that civilization and humanity are not destroyed, but it is certainly a TEOTWAWKI scenario. In the original (haven't seen the remake) it did go nuclear. Mention is made of nukes used in the US and certainly in China.
  22. Looks like the price is going to be a bit on the high side - $39.95 list. I hope there is something to justify that price.
  23. I can think of a copule of accountants, one especially, who are not only hardcore but well armed. I think we all know or have seen some players for whom this just might be the wrong game due to them not being able to disassociate themselves from the character version of themselves. As an aside, you've really got a great descriptive going there. I really like this, great thought there. With that consideration to peoples feelings, I'd play Zombie Apocalypse if you were the GM. I do have to wonder if the original designers thought that most of the players would be single college age types with few attachments locally?
  24. I don't think it's very fair to judge a particular setting undeserved. What matters is how it is implemented. I think you misread what I wrote. I wrote underserved, not undeserved. Try cleaning off your screen or glasses.
  25. Right now, with the limited information that has been given, there is very little to distinguish it from other PA games. But lets look a little closer. Four books, each covering a different type of apocalypse (with each one having multiple variations on the type). First is Zombie Apocalypse - Great, but there are at least a half dozen other zombie games out there, some with lots of support. And there are a good number of other systems that either have a zombie apocalypse supplement or any GM could easily whip one up with little effort. Second is Wraith of the Gods - This setting isn't covered much at all out there. GURPS has a chapter in their Y2K supplement, and of course there's systems where it could be done. The Day After Ragnarok is close if my memory hasn't gone completely out. And of course there is Call of Cthulhu by Chaosium but the stars usually weren't right. So this is a relatively fresh setting. Third is Alien Invasion - Another setting that hasn't really gotten a lot of love out there and I don't understand why. It's not like there aren't plenty of novels, short stories, movies, and tv series out there covering this topic. GURPS has this in a couple of their books and there are a fair number of games and systems where it could easily be adapted and there have been a number that were worked on but never released or finished. Can anyone think of any others? So again, relatively fresh. Fourth is Revolt of the Machines - GURPS has this one and I think there were a couple of others but not a lot recently. So one of the settings has been done a lot, one has been done but not recently, but the other two are underserved. Next we can look at the system. Unfortunately, we know so little about it that we really can't talk about it. Lastly there is the other big part of the advertising, playing yourself through the apocalypse and afterward (assuming you do survive ). Here is something very different from other PA (and most other) games. In many other PA games it would be easy enough to design characters that are based on yourself, but I can't think of any that have done so. For that matter I can only come up with one other game which has playing yourself as the primary game (BTRC's Timelords). Very few have also had you play through the apocalypse instead of starting afterward. Of course several times the groups I've been in have played through the apocalypse anyway. So, in conclusion, I'd say there is a fair amount distinguishing The End of the World series from other games.
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