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  1. That's some very useful tables there. Excellent job! It probably wouldn't take too much work to adapt them to the other three books.
  2. I remember one that we did back in the late 80s at Grafenwoehr as a NATO exercise where the invading aggressor force was labeled "Atlantians." Really wish I'd kept some of those maps.
  3. I can think of a reason. It will be just like Star Wars, you will be buying the same book over and over except each one has different monsters. You won't even have a few different classes because your group is still playing themselves in each one. Well, there is also the five scenarios in each book. But the part of each book that is system and character creation would be a repeat. I'd personally be happy if they would strip out the system and character creation part and bundle all 20 of the various scenarios into a single book/pdf.
  4. Yeah, that's the media. Let us remember that these are the folks who refer to ANY ship that has guns as a "battleship, and any armored vehicle with treads as a "tank." Lucky for me, one member of my gaming group has a Masters in Pre-Columbian studies, so info on Mayan, Incan, and Aztec stuff is easily available, especially pronounciation. I remember that, and you are very right. At least GURPS Y2K covered so much more than the Y2K bug and did come out before the "incident." That book would be well worth getting a copy of as a resource for other PA games.
  5. It might look something like this www.youtube.com/watch?v=Op5AFmIyOmc I counted three "Wraith," an "Alien Invasion," and a "Machine" scenerio in there in addition to others. The only thing missing is a zombie hoard and it would hit all four. If one of my players went for a Silverado and box of Twinkies, I would give them some kind of bonus. ;-)
  6. I was actually making a joke about the (in)accuracy of the Mayan calander. And I don't consider it a obsolete book or scenario, not sure where you got that. Yeah, Revelation could be a good one. Luckily there are lots of varied sources out there for inspiration, from movies to novels.
  7. These are the four that the company in Spain did and that's what FFG is basing their line off of. Nuclear Winter is possibly the most used apocalypse in gaming as far as published games and scenarios goes so why do something that has really been done to death (no pun intended). I know the same could be said for zombies, but they are still seriously popular currently. Any halfway competent GM could easily take the system and tone of the line and do up a Nuclear Winter set of scenarios with little trouble and do it in not a lot of time. A Road Warrior scenario could be easily done also, though it might take a bit more work. As I stated at length in one thread in the ZA sub-forum, Wraith of the Gods is one of those sets of scenarios that has had little work done as far as published games and scenarios (with the exception of Cthulhu). If you don't like the idea of Wraith of the Gods, then don't buy it. I saw little reason to buy Zombie Apocalypse, so I didn't. But Wraith is something I would like to see how they manage, even though I don't like the system and think that the character creation is really poor. I will not use the system, but I believe that FFG has done good work on the scenarios (at least I hope so) and I can easily adapt their ideas to a system my group would use.
  8. Looks like they've got five interesting scenarios for Wrath of the Gods. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/2/24/wrath-of-the-gods/ Mayan Apocalypse (guess 2012 was a little off), Ragnarok, Book of Revelations, Cthulhu, and Nature's Uprising. Out of these the only one I'm not really interested in is Cthulhu. Chaosium still has that sewn up. but the rest could be a lot of fun.
  9. Good possibility of the last book sometime in 2016. Wrath of the Gods is scheduled for 2nd quarter 2015 and I'm going to guess that they will hold with one book every two quarters. So that should put Alien invasion in 4th quarter 2015 and Machines in 2nd quarter 2016. That would not be a bad release schedule. This from the News section https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/2/24/wrath-of-the-gods/
  10. Bornite


    That looks like a pretty good way to handle it in this system. Something you may want to add is an increasing difficulty as time goes on.
  11. I'll admit, I didn't get Zombie Apocalypse, but I plan on getting Gods and Alien Invasion if I've got the spare $80. Might get Machines, but not sure there.
  12. Couple of thoughts - The other three books are at least partially written, at least the game mechanics section is. A chunk of the work should be translation and adaptation of the fluff and some mechanics that may have changed from the originals. Of course if the folks working on this line have other projects, then things could take longer. If it goes like with this book, we might be able to expect the next books about 3 - 4 months after their respective subforums open. I'm going to hazard a guess that they opened this subforum right around the time they sent the book to the printer in China.
  13. Yeah, one a year is way too slow. People will forget about the others. One book a quarter would be the best.
  14. No, Phoenix Command was by someone else. but Twillight:2000 (T2K) by GDW did have Weapons Cards with a fair amount of info on them (not actually physical cards, but the listings in the rules books were designed for photo-copying and pasting onto a 5x7 index card). This was primariy for Version 2.0 and 2.2. Great game. Now, another that is still out there and easily available is the product titled "Gun, Gun, Gun" by Greg Porter of BTRC, and the second volume "More Gun, Gun, Guns." Both are excellent works that are very usable in many RPGs. You could also take a look at any of several different GURPS books.
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