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  1. Im gonna start this forum so people can come in and report how their lists go. Tomorrow im gonna try Kenobi, Anakin, and Wolffe and see how that goes!
  2. Hey guys. I am running a quick build event this weekend at my game store. I was just wondering for score purposes how would you calculate MoV? Or do you even? Thanks. Any other tips for how I should run it woukd be great
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    Yeah now that you say it no clue why I put the bowcaster on. Double moving as much as I can with then and triggering charge would be the way to go.
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    Heres the missing second picture
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    Hey was just wondering what people think of this list. Pretty much get the wookies to charge in and kill lots of stuff while the rebels capture objectives. The 1.4 FD (which is supposed to have barrage generator whoops) will deploy behind the wookies to give them cover fire PS. I have been told chewie will cost more than what it says here, but just for now ignore that I can always take a bowcaster off the wookies. I just want to know if this would work to begin with.thanks!
  6. Recently I picked up an old copy of Tide of Iron, a WWII strategy game like memoir 44 from FFG, I realized that the system would be perfect for a star wars theme. As well we have legion which is bigger scale than IA, but then the next step up is Rebellion, so it seems there is a niche for scale that can be filled here. Let me know what you guys think (also it would work for clone wars especially, but OT would work too)
  7. So I guess the turret direction indicator won't work with the ghost. Since it has a massive stand... I can use something else but that's kinda a piss off
  8. In the near future will we see 1.0 expansions on sale to sell out all the inventory?
  9. It feels sorta sacreligious to throw out 100's of dollars worth of stuff... any point to keeping it?
  10. So I just started reading A game of thrones not too long ago and am halfway through it. I haven't watched the show at all and I am loving the book. Of course since i like card games this game has peaked my interest as well. So how much do I have to read and know about the game of thrones universe before I start playing either the card game or Game of thrones board game?
  11. Just as a unit by itself it may not be the best. But if you can pair it with another or even a group of 4 I think it could become insane. Especially if the runes go in your favour (if you have a lot of stable runes) for me right now I keep the rune golem on the outside but when I get 4 unstable tunes charge in with a speed 4 charge. To me it seems pretty valuable
  12. Hey just wondering for the green what colour and type of paint did you use? It's the first green colour scheme I could find
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