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  1. I find it quite sad, that there is no information about the future of the 40k line. My group and me like the setting and the work FFG published. I could imagine that it is still a niche product and has a hard time to find enough customers to validate future development. Nonetheless I would really appreciate it (and I guess many more readers), if there would be some kind of announcement to the planned future of the line. If it is on a temporary hold, it is ended or there are supplements being developed. I can't imagine that any kind of news about the line might hurt. Any kind of press statement and / or advertisement can only produce attention.
  2. The gallow solution - a now common term in our group for screwing up whatever I (the GM) has planned for the group. It originated from an adventure with the goal to break out a crucial informant from an arbites camp. While preparing the mission they obtained 3 super detailed maps from the interiors. To add some pressure the informant should be hanged publicly in front of the camp to set an example in three days. Of course players are smart and I did not thought about it, as in my head it was obvious that if I went through all the work of crafting these maps that the main plot should take place inside the camp. With some really important plot twists. But as you now likely can imagine, my players simply wanted to crash the execution and free the informant in front of the camp...shooting him from the gallow so to say.
  3. In any case, if anyone feels he has a good campaign idea and/or wants to try it, I would try to persuade my players to give it a try
  4. Well, I for my part sometimes use satellite pictures from cities. Especially those with huge old buildings like the forbidden city in peking are quite usable. Then I take out all color so I have a nice black and white image and start circling certain areas as points of interest.
  5. It would be a very nice feature for the game. But I don't think something official will be done about it any time soon. You always could try to do it in a private manner, but it would be a lot of work and you would need a good campaign. Can you do polls in this forum? Maybe this would be a possibility to find out, if people would be interested in a live campaign and if it would need to be an official one...
  6. It's no problem for me. I always hoped, that I would not do this thread alone. As we had to see, I stopped translating my campaign a while ago, so maybe this will revive the thread.
  7. Maybe they will add the schola progenium with a supplement. It was introduced in DH1 in the inquistor's handbook. I liked the background a lot as it gave quite a deep and good impression on how the Imperium works. I liked the mind cleansed one, too. The later might work quite nicely with the penitent role...^^
  8. I started a thread for exactly that... https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/121517-campaings-for-share/ There you also find the first parts of my campaign.
  9. Well, classical answer of a lawyer...it depends on the individual case If the Admech commited a crime against the Mechanicus they might handle that internally. If he tried to idk blow up the Administratum ministery the Arbites would step in. All in all it stays a question of your own interpretation of the 40k lore and even what kind of planet that is. If it is a small world where there is only one suffering marshall doing his duty, he is all in one and will judge and execute everyone he finds guilty. If there is a giant hive with a with something like a hall of justice, the judges might not be too happy if they are passed over too often. After all in 40k the people of might are greedy and power hungry. This might become a little confusing...maybe it could go like that Regular crimes (Theft, assault, murder (normal^^)) - investigated by local police authorities - judged by local judges Extremer crimes & crimes against the Imperium - investigated by the Arbites - judged by Arbites judges or supreme tribunals Crimes against the Ekklesarchie/church - investigated by Arbites / Inquisition - judged by inquisition (inquisitor or inquistorial tribunal) Crimes against the Ommnissah (ill treatment of machines etc) - investigated by Mechanicus - judged by Magos But this is just an idea or concept...
  10. I handle it like it is done today. Arbites are like federal police forces, investigating the bigger crimes or special cases. While local police forces do the usuals stuff. I also like to defuse the over teh top 40k stereotypes. Not every criminal heretic is shot at sight. The goal is it to capture them and give them a trial. The reasons for that are different from ours. It has nothing to do with the personal rights of an individum, but more it is used to scare the population and keep the fassade of a functioning jurisdiction upward. Maybe you want to read the Eisenhorn trilogy, it partially deals with social life and in one book there is a bigger purge where many accused heretics are trialed by inquisitorial tribunals. To answer your question: I would say he is captured if possible and trialed.
  11. Maybe their inquisitor foresaw such a possibility and granted them some extra medicae equipment, like a special sort or extra powerful version of stimm, that let's the characters fight on...could of course lead to an addiction. If your inq. or players are radical maybe they have some powerful but tainted stimm, no addiction but gain of corruption.
  12. As many things in the civil area of 40k it is up to your own interpretation of the universe. As for a lore basis there is something called noosphere. It is something the Mechanicus uses to interact between each other and with machines and some sort or super WLAN. Sources: Lexicanum and novels 'priests of mars' & 'gods of mars'. The techpriests are able to access all databases connected via the sphere, which in the novels is a giant (even in 40k terms giant...there is a trainings area where several titans can practice on board) space ship, an arc. Anyways that seems to be a mechanicus equivalent to internet. In my games the Adepta have big networks to exchange data internally as well as between the adepta. At least on developed worlds this can happen electronically. As the Imperium is usualy reigned like a dictatorship the access to information is a privilege, but nothing works without the big trade houses and nobles. Ergo they can access these networks, too. Likely they are monitored while doing so, but nonetheless they will need access to such information like the development on the stock exchanges or actual news to adjust their goods and prices. Also I go from the perspective that the internet is not so attractive for the normal people, as it is actually used to exchange information and not for entertainment or social media...you know, no inquisitorial selfies will be uploaded to the Emperor's facebook. Then of course this opens up room for criminal elements, too.
  13. I am glad I can help. Slower times are hopefully ahead, so I might take this project back on. Although I must say, I hoped that someone else might join in. As I am looking for inspiration, too
  14. I would say this only depends on the GM's style. You can play DH quite character driven e.g. in extensive investigation adventures. But you can also implement your dungeon crawls, e.g. boarding a space hulk. I am not sure what kind of tools you are expecting from the system to help you create such an adventure and my DnD days are far behind me, so I don't remember anything in these books being specific about this topic. I can't think of any special tools in the DH rulebooks. Maybe the list of possible antagonists? You might want to look in the DH1 creatures anathema source book or the short adventure band purge the unclean, which includes an adventure on board a space hulk. Otherwise you might be able to copy tools from DnD. If you would list them, I am sure people would find creative ways to adept them.
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