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  1. Once had a guy eating some kind of yogurt bar. he kept getting sticky yogurt crap on the mat. I swear he would get stuff on his hands on purpose so I would not fly in certain areas. He would also rub his hand on the mat to try to get the stuff off his hand. I asked him to clean it and he told me that if he left the table I was going to cheat, so he refused to clean his mess. I called over the TO, because he was getting yogurt on the mat and making everything sticky. The store owner told him to clean it up or quit. He started yelling at me was the only way I could win was to get him disqualified, so he quit and threw all his X-wing stuff into a plastic bag and stormed off.
  2. My local game store just called and their distributor says they are not coming anytime soon.
  3. But how about "Fast Track" - Title, YT 2400 only. Ship gains boost and one bomb slot. 4 points.
  4. Also when in doubt, I bring a handful of 6 sided dice also. That way if I need more tokens I just throw a die onto of the token.
  5. Just found some new tokens. They are metal and the shield tokens stack. You can buy tokens based on which faction you fly or just get the standard version. And they are tournament legal. I really like them and will be picking some up soon. http://slingpaint.storenvy.com/
  6. If a Proton Torpedo, could easily take out an AT-AT, why wouldn't Luke or Wedge or someone hope in an X-Wing and go blow one up? Instead they flew those Speeders in and used blasters. They had X-wings there, and they were available.
  7. I thought the 4 Jumpmasters would be a fun list. But there was no way I was going to spend that much on a.... What? It is all on sale? How much? Nevermind, maybe I can run that list.
  8. Easy, if you are running turrets or cannons that you need for you list to work, run the NEW DAMAGE DECK. If you do not have any turrets or cannons, run the old damage deck.
  9. I love the Star Viper. The ship gets ignored all the time and I like to throw something with tractor beams with it to help it out. Prince Xizor — StarViper 31 Adaptability 0 Fire-Control System 2 Inertial Dampeners 1 Guidance Chips 0 Virago 1 Ship Total: 35 4-LOM — G-1A Starfighter 27 Adaptability 0 Zuckuss 1 Tractor Beam 1 Mist Hunter 0 Ship Total: 29 Tel Trevura — JumpMaster 5000 30 Adaptability 0 Dengar 3 R4 Agromech 2 Inertial Dampeners 1 Ship Total: 36
  10. I always put Engine Upgrade on mine when I dust it off. You need that extra movement.
  11. You crazy, friendo. Slave 1 will at least enable you to take Long Range Scanners on a firespray for free. Most useless title? ST-321. Would you ever take that when you can spend those 3 valuable points on crew and systems upgrades? Nah. EDIT: Honorable mentions for uselessness go out to the "Hounds Tooth" and the "Heavy Scyk" (you know, for being attached to a Scyk). I love the Scyk title. 5 M3-A all with manglers is nasty. First or second round just focus fire on anything and you are probably going to take it down. First game using this I focused on a Decimator and left it with 5 hull points, after on round of firing.
  12. I like to keep my dials along my edge of the map, next to their cards. I have grabbed the wrong dial before so now I like to keep them near me. But, no one should be touching their dials after the first reveal. Once the first player reveals the first dial, all touching is done. I like to ask if the other person is good before the first flip, especially because I usually have low pilot skill ships.
  13. YT2400 is a great ship. I really like flying it even now. Leebo is a great one use, free boost. As the Ion does not affect you if there is only one. You can even use it a second time to boost into position if your opponent is pointing in the wrong direction and will not have a shot on you next round. Proton rockets are really fun as they fill your donut and most people forget that you can take them. And 4 shots at range one is nice. Use Dash to crash into a rock, than barrel roll off of it. You can really set yourself up into a really nice position.
  14. I predict that the U-Wing and the Tie Striker from Rogue One will be coming soon. not the next wave, but the one after it.
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