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  1. Yes, and Santa Claus really does come down the chimney ! Play against better players, guy
  2. What you say is may be true but is much more unstable than playing a bait and switch. There's a lot of setup to do what you describe here. Bait and switch is only one card, not a combo of multiple cards
  3. That's why I wrote "aside from considering infinite combos Logos or Dis/U¨ntamed can create". There are may be more but my reasoning is in a game with very good decks (not broken ones).
  4. I really feel "bait and switch" is a much too powerful card. It is by far the best card in the game and it turns some games so easily that I feel there is a bad design here. Can anyone tell us how many games were lost because, just after forging a key (first or second one), you opponent played bait and switch ? Instead of being 1 key 0 aember to 0 key 5 aember for example, it is now 1 key 3 aembers to 0 key 2 aembers... GG ! This card should have give CHAINS to the player who plays it... For sure. And I think at least 2 or 3 ! Why does effervescent principle give you a chain when it's much worse than bait and switch ??? Ok ok, I know, there are house's identities but I don't really think it's a satisfying answer. Balance should be the most important thing and I think that FFG forget this sometimes... (Unicorn in L5R first cycle anyone ? Phasma2 Destiny anyone ? And there are many others examples). It's a pity, because as I always repeat it, they make tremendous games and Keyforge is no exception ! This card should really be errated. Give either 2 or 3 chains or have a gametext like "not playable just after you forged a key" to avoid the situations I described. I know some people will answer that you can play around but I will answer them that most of the times, you just really can't ! Most of the time, it's unavoidable... (and even more if your opponent plays well). This game is so much fun but such a card ruins sometimes an entire game... So FFG please consider to errate this. A lot of good players think Shadows is THE BEST HOUSE in the game and I think it is true... unfortunatly (aside from considering infinite combos Logos or Dis/U¨ntamed can create). And this card a big reason for such a statement.
  5. In opening more boxes with friends, we noticed again that there tend to be some rares in multiple occurences in a same display. For example, a guy just opened a half display and got 3 horsemen deck... Ok ok, everything's fine, it's totally random ! To add to this, in watching some decks that are put on the single market, I noticed the same thing (some shops add decks 12 by 12 in opening one display at a time). So I'm sure the algorithm isn't totally random... Can FFG explain us how they wrote a recursive algorithm that considers N-10 previous decks ? A lot of people noticed what I'm explaining here and it would be nice to have an official answer. Something like "We are aware of the problem and we'll fix it as soon as possible".
  6. Hi all ! I'm pretty sure I'm not the only to open lots of displays. At the moment I've opened 4 (that's 48 decks) and I've seen that there are things that are not random in opening the boosters. In a same display, there are often 3 or 4 times the same rares ! And I've noticed that the common/uncommon pattern is very similar from decks to decks (in the same display). For example, yesterday, I've opened 5 deck in a row that contained library access. In those 5 decks, 4 had the time traveller ! The same with bait and switch pattern... I knew before opening the pack that my deck would have bait and switch because the previous one had it... It's an example but I've noticed this in all my display so far and I'm very disappointed with that ! What are your explanations FFG ? How do your algorithm work to do that ? It's not very customer friendly I think because with this behaviour, I don't think it's worth buying displays if you want diversity... You said, each deck was random but I see it's not totally the case... In 48 decks, there are rare cards that I own more copies of than some uncommons (for example only 2 zookeepers in 48 decks and 4 times the time traveller) Have some people noticed the same things ?
  7. Come on FFG... Why do you make such a BAD ruling on biomatrix backup ???? This card is very far from overpowered so why nerf it SO much one day after the launch ???? Each time I open it in a deck, I think this is pure garbage... Please change your mind and make a real ruling (errata on the card, remove the word "may"...) ! We buy lots of decks and our pleasure is wasted because of such a bad ruling... Apart of this point, this game is so much fun that we want it to be perfect. It would be so easy to errata the card correctly so we can use it the way Richard Garfield designed it. Thanks in advance for doing something clever :) !
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