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  1. I don't know about any groups in Denver, but Petrie's Family Games in northern Colorado Springs has a few players.
  2. I should caution that cardgamedb can (not guaranteeing they will) have problems when it comes to registering new users. There have been a lot of complaints of users having to try registering though several different email accounts before they could finally get it to work. I've gone through three different emails, and none of them have worked
  3. There's been a discussion, but no clear ruling, on cardgamedb about whether or not Gustaf's force response works when he himself leaves play. Since I have a store championship coming up and this is a relevant part of my deck I thought I would ask: If I have Gustaf Johansen and two other Cultists in play and active the Plague Stone, would I still get the card draw(s) from Gustaf's effect?
  4. Thank you both for responding. I did end up buying a third core, and have tweeked my deck. I haven't had much opportunity to play since I got the third core, but hopefully it'll go better now.
  5. I've been playing for about 2 months, and am still having trouble with this game. This is my current deck. I went with Dark Eldar since they seem to fit my play style best. The control/"choke" aspect seems to work well enough, but the deck feels like it's lacking the push it needs to win. Warlord: Packmaster Kith Army: 2x Murder of Razorwings 3x Sslyth Mercenary 3x Rogue Trader 2x Coliseum Fighters 2x Incubus Warrior 2x Biel-Tan Warp Spiders 2x Eldar Survivalist 3x Warlock Destructor 4x Kith's Khymeramasters 2x Baleful Mandrake 2x Syren Zythlex 3x Klaivex Warleader Events: 2x Raid 3x Foretell 2x Superiority 2x Pact of the Haemonculi 3x Power from Pain 2x Doom Attachments: 1x Agonizer of Bren 2x Suffering Support: 1x Khymera Den 2x Archon's Palace My card pool consists of 2 core sets and the three current warpacks. I most likely won't be getting a third core, so I want to get the most out of the cards that I do have. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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