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  1. Yeah maybe a mix of receiving items/inspiration and threat reduction I love these videos, thanks The Battlecast. I have already enjoyed the preview videos, I am slowly watching the game play sessions, Shhhh Spoilers!
  2. So out of the box characters I would be interested in seeing Grima Wormtongue: He could take extra actions causing you to raise you threat, or he could have powerful abilitys that cause threat Nob, The hobbit Or an Eagle hero
  3. Hey Biggs, Thanks for the great article, I have been a big fan of your Armada stuff. As a massive star wars and lord of the rings fan, it's been great to have this game to help fill the gap of the great Armada slow down
  4. Yeah it was no really clear till I read the rules reference, under enemy activation. paragraph 30.6 see attached
  5. Mirkwood and Moria would add some interesting terrain to the game. Dead Marshes could be fun, swamp terrain could slow you down, or have a skill test to stop you sinking or being tricked into a watery grave. Interesting tiles, mechanics and more undead spirits.
  6. Epic Journeys of middle earth , maybe on the journey boards
  7. Yes and I really enjoyed that quest, we just need a good range of enemies to keep the game interesting and I think they could have some interesting mechanics.
  8. What are peoples thoughts on the mats....I am concerned that it looks confusing with the map tiles on them?
  9. Are they from the Barrow-wrights the Barrow Downs are in Eriador right?
  10. Has anyone found any great card combos?
  11. @Sorastro Thank you for your awesome painting tutorials, I have learnt so much watching these and your imperial assault videos.. I can't wait to see what you do with the Troll
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