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  1. I take redline with plasma torps, cluster missiles, extra munitions, and fire control, the plasma give a nice solid range three shot for only three points, then follow up at closer range with the cluster which with his power and fire control makes him a bear. He can go down to fire though but nine hits to kill is one more then four tlt can put out. if I have the points I'll do A.T. Or the twin ions. Usualy AT won't save you, ive had it go either way, the stress managment of the twin ions is nice, but the point might be better spent somewhere else on the list.
  2. Wow this typic has three pages of people who have left 40k or have drastically reduced their play in the past two years, and just in about nine hours, that should tell you something. Me I have no idea how many x-wing games I've played this year, or last year but in that same time I've played four 40k games, and I really have no desire to play anymore.
  3. I'm curently fielding, "redline" the 40 point version -AT, vessery +VI, and the Omega ace+ PTL + Steleth d. And I like it there is almost always a TL for Vess and having the Omega ace in your face makes someone think about shotting redline and the steleth device helps protect him sometimes, either way they are not shoting at redline who will be shoting at them. I'd like to keep AT on redline but I've found other uses for those points that play better. I've taken redline about twenty times now and I like him/her but it needs help and distractions with other ships.
  4. Yep you should feel bad. He should have looked better that's true but he thought you had a hit. I understand wacc but come on.
  5. Are you taking ID with a ship that has a 0 speed maneuver becuase you want to be able to have a choice? I don't like something that makes stress when I want an action like marksmanship.
  6. I think you should be mad... Mad at yourself for placing the red maneuver. As to what he did that's his call casual or not.
  7. I've been taking the level three with weapon guidance, howlrunner+swarm+steleth, and a decked out redline, and I'm really liking it. The tie/fo doesn't cost too much, shoots before all the swarms, and between howl and the guidance system you have consistent shots on people. I too forgot the shield in my first game and you would not think it would make much difference, but it does. I'm thinking taking the level four with weapon guidance and either Add rush, or wired, I'd love to do ptl but I don't think it's a good idea to invest two more points into it.
  8. I've fought aginst him four times won two lost two, I took new ties, howl, and a decked out redline. The t70 that was taken was Poe with the r5p9 which I found to be very defensive. The way to beat it was to overwhelm him make him use his focus to surive, then he's not regenerating his shield. He's hard to pin down though, and there's still the other ships with him. I found killing the other ships with him to be the better option and then make him expose himself if he wanted to catch up on points. I do think the Poe version with the bb-88 and ptl is like a pre-nerf phantom but I haven't faced it yet so can't say much but I'd be willing to bet its a sold build. I think it's a nice addtion maybe a point or two undercossed but hay nothing's perfect.
  9. Bad damage rolls and bad damage flips go both ways, and basicaly sometimes your the windshield and sometimes your the bug. For me when the nearly impossable happens I just say well that was ment to be, nothing was stopping that lighting bolt.
  10. It's really a moot point FFG said for orgnized play you need the new deck as of Jan 1, 2016, guess anyone who wants to stay with the old deck is only playing casual. Personally I like everything in the new core set and am willing to support a product that I enjoy, if that makes me a sucker I guess I am, but I'm a sucker playing in orgnized play in 2016.
  11. I've always been taught you're not playing the game, you're playing your oponent. In a competition the games begin and are won weeks ahead of time, with planing, research and practice. At the event you keep your eyes open listen to what people say and do, and find ways to counter their plans. Placing obstacles to mess with someone's plan is no diferent then deciding you are going to k-turn behind them rather then block them. I commend your move and have done similar things myself.
  12. I understand the first two conditions but the third condition he's talking about I want to wrap my brain around. Bolded the answer.Does this mean if a ship is ionized and passes over a Connor net, it has no ion effect, you just take damage and skip action phase? That's interesting
  13. I was at this event and it went excataly as droz69 said it did, me and the TO even talked about it when it occured, and I agreed he needed both templates. In getting ready for this very game I considered a list with conner nets but I didn't take that list because I didn't have two Conner net templates. I understand only keeping one bomb template if that bomb is going off at the end of the activation phase, since one ship can only drop one bomb, unless a second ships has that bomb, then it needs a template as well, but a bomb that requires movement to detonate, that has to stay there until it goes off. I know it sucks that we have to buy everything but at non casual events you need the right cards, right templates, everything, and it's that way in every non-casual event I've ever been to, in any game.
  14. I thnk it's kind of a cool idea since they are so much better then peole without the force. Might be something ghtey can add in the future.
  15. I've lost games because I forgot to place my cloak token, its why i keep it in my hand after using it. It needs to be on the table because in the chaos of a game we really cant go by what is said. In a casual game not a problem you cloaked, offical game, your not cloaked. I see it like this, and Im a Phantom player, there is a complexity to the play, a number of steps you have to remember if you want to get the results, if you forget something it costs you. Your oponent may take something simple, without a lot of steps because they know they are never going to remember all those steps, thats their choice, their tatical choice that matches their play style. You take a phantom and you have to accept the added complexity that comes with it. However i do agree the guy was trying to get that result, but thats just part of the head game.
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